20 Best Luggage Brands of 2022

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Ah, luggage. Unless you’re a very seasoned traveler, the sheer number of luggage brands, each having their own extensive and seemingly never-ending catalog, can be extremely overwhelming. Even the most well-traveled amongst us can’t keep track of them all.

So how do you pick the right luggage from this huge plethora of brands? You rely on advice from those who’ve been there!

After 12 years of travel, I’ve learned the best luggage brands for every type traveler. Whether you’re on a budget or ready to splurge, I’m confident you’ll find the right luggage brand in this list.

1. Monos: Best Overall Luggage Brand


A relatively new brand, Monos is an up-and-coming luggage maker that burst onto the scene in 2018. It has a unique focus on designing and producing premium and minimalistic bags without the premium price tag. Though it may not be extremely cheap, the value they provide punches well above the price point. Monos is in both in the check-in and carry-on segments.

All Monos hardside models are constructed with German Makrolon polycarbonate. Not only does this give the luggage bags a lightweight feel, but it is also water-resistant and protects your valuables from hard impacts. Let’s face it, our luggage is bound to be shoved, thrown, and tossed around during our flight and on the way to the hotel.

Monos has superb build quality in their offerings and comes in many different sizes and add ons. The Carry On Pro even offers an external outside pocket which makes it extremely easy to store essentials such as passports, phones, and portable chargers—all things that travelers need easy access to.

Monos Luggage bags all come with Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels, which make pulling your Monos bags an effortless and seamless experience, be it on sidewalks or in the airport. 

For those who are environmentally conscious, Monos is the first luggage brand to ensure they have net-zero carbon emissions. Did you know that the Makrolon polycarbonate used in their hard side offerings is made from vegan materials? Additionally, Monos gives one percent of its revenue to reputable non-profit organizations that aim to combat climate change.

All of Monos’ products are durable and guaranteed to last a while, which means that you don’t have to continuously buy new luggage bags for every trip. Neat!

2. AmazonBasics: Best Budget Luggage Brand


Looking for luggage on a budget? I don’t blame you—suitcases can be expensive. AmazonBasics Hardside Carry-on Spinner Suitcase is a fan favorite. This twenty-inch bag is made of ABS hardshell and comes with four wheels, making it a fairly solid spinner carry-on. It can even expand an additional fifteen percent to cram even more stuff inside for all the souvenirs you’ll be picking up on your trip.

Do note that AmazonBasics luggage offerings do not stop at this suitcase alone! They have a great variety of other offerings that are all highly reviewed and are extremely valuable yet inexpensive. Though they may not be the most high-end luxury brand by any means, there are very few offerings that are this valuable for under a hundred dollars.

3. Away: Luggage Brand with the Best Warranty

Away Luggage

Willing to take a chance on lesser-known brands in search of great value and pricing? Away is a luggage brand that has built a cult following over the past couple of years, with its brand focus on direct-to-consumer selling to make shopping less of a hassle and provide lower prices.

For both check-in and carry-on luggage, Away Bags come in many different shapes, sizes, and color options to suit your tastes (or desire to spot your luggage at the baggage lanes). All Away luggage is hard-side and is made out of one hundred percent polycarbonate materials –– making them tough and resistant to hard knocks while also maintaining an almost weightless feel. One of the most popular Away models is its Bigger Carry On suitcase, which is a favorite for those who fly frequently.

Designed with space efficiency in mind, Away Luggage has a large interior space which significantly makes packing less of a hassle. It even comes with a removable battery that’ll save you the trouble of constantly searching for a power plug to sit next to. The good part? This battery is compliant with airline regulations, so there is no need to worry about it being flagged out. 

However, the best part for many is the Away luggage warranty policy. Away provides a one hundred day reason return policy that’s still applicable even after you’ve used it, thus showing how confident Away is in their products and customer satisfaction!

4. Osprey: Most Durable Luggage Brand

Osprey Transporter

Seeking an adventure to the lesser-traveled parts of the world? Need your luggage to not only look the part but also be able to withstand it? The selection offered by Osprey is designed to be durable and practical, and tailor-made specifically with the explorer in mind.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that only hard-side luggage is the only way to get reliable luggage! Osprey luggage offers luggage and bags in the soft-side variety –– such as their wheeled luggage options,  the Osprey Shuttle thirty-inch with bomb-proof ballistic nylon fabric, and an ABS plastic base infused with aluminum. Osprey cuts no corners with its offerings, giving you peace of mind no matter how far you intend to go off the beaten track.

Osprey also focuses on quality of life features that will be useful to any adventurer. Spacious interiors are complemented by compression straps to keep the bulk down, and plenty of external and internal storage compartments to make sorting easy and access to your important items a hassle-free experience. 

Focusing more on backpacks, Osprey has proprietary technology like its game-changing AntiGravity suspension system. This gives users supreme fit by following the contours of your body, whilst ensuring that your back and sides are well ventilated. Many of their offerings, like the Osprey Packs Atmos AG 65, also offer a built-in water bag to keep you hydrated when you’re out exploring and away from nearby water sources.

If you’re looking for a wild adventure and see sights that are not readily accessible, Osprey luggage is your perfect and hassle-free companion. You’re guaranteed to have a seamless camping experience!

5. July Luggage: Best Lightweight Luggage Brand


A pretty popular brand from the Land Down Under, July is an Australian brand that has built off its initial success and has now expanded into the US. They offer primarily hard side luggage which comes in a few different tiers, each offering slight upgrades and features from the former, but all of them meeting specific needs.

The original July Carry-On is the base model, while the Carry-On Light variant weighs in at a surprising four pounds, which is the lightest double-wheel suitcase available across the industry, making this the best lightweight luggage in all categories. The Carry-On Pro variant has a few extra features—a detachable external laptop sleeve on the suitcase, an ejectable battery with both the standard USB and the USB-C Fast-charge, a highly adjustable telescopic handle, and lastly, quality YKK zippers.

In particular, the detachable laptop sleeve is the July Carry-On Pro’s best-known product, and for good reason! It can be extremely useful for frequent fliers as it saves you the hassle of packing and unpacking your luggage to remove your computer during customs. The inside of the Pro is made of water-resistant nylon lining, and the SilentMove wheels are silent and smooth and make using it an easy and fuss-free experience.

All July models are tastefully designed and follow the industry trend for a more modern, sleek, and streamlined design that exudes minimalist luxury. A great part about July Luggage is that July provides a lifetime warranty and one hundred-day trial with free returns and free shipping in the US and Canada, meaning that it is easy to get a replacement or a refund if you decide you don’t need it.

6. Briggs & Riley: Best Hardside Luggage Brand

Brigs & Riley

A well-known American travel ware brand, Briggs & Riley is constantly recognized for its continuous innovation, performance, and dedication to travel. One of the best hardside luggage products around is the Torq Luggage, which is available in six different sizes –– two carry-on ones (21 and 22 inches) and four checked bags (27, 28, 30, and 32 inches). 

The Torq Bag is known to be one of the best hard-side powerhouses with a scratch-resistant outer case, a classic handle system made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and the iconic Outside handle design. In particular, Briggs & Riley’s handle is specially designed to not be bumpy and allow the user to have a wrinkle-free interior to work with. Though luggage of this heft is often heavy, the Torq Bag is incredibly lightweight, due to its three-layered Makrolon polycarbonate material. 

Alternatively, their Baseline Collection carries a special expansion-compression technology that allows the luggage to expand to provide 25% more space when open, yet compress back into its original size when closed. Within the luggage lid, it carries a zippered compartment and a garment bag, whilst its exterior holds several pockets for easy storage. It also has double spinner wheels which makes the long inter-terminal walks way less painful. You’ll get to choose between black or olive for this luggage.

However, it’s their durability that makes Briggs & Riley so popular amongst frequent travelers. Suitcases of this heft and size can be quite heavy, but the Torq suitcase is surprisingly lightweight. Made of a three-layer Makrolon polycarbonate, it offers ample interior space but without the bulk.

7. LEVEL8: Best Carry-On Luggage Brand


LEVEL8 takes your carry-on luggage game to the next level by introducing a range of hard-side luggage options. The most popular of its offerings are its carry-ons, which come in both Makrolon polycarbonate and aluminum exteriors. The advantages of using luggage made from polycarbonate are its durability and resilience to scratches, which can be useful when carrying electronic valuables and fragile items. However, it can be slightly more rigid and inflexible as compared to fabric suitcases.

Focusing on higher-end simplicity, LEVEL8 aims to make your experience sleek and easy –– offering no-frills and only the things you need. LEVEL8 luggage comes with options for batteries installed for those airplane boarding waits. Within this luggage are dividers to make it easy to keep things intact and neat, as well as providing bags that allow travelers to label them. 

These bags use velcro icon squares that make it easy to identify what’s inside each bag, be it make-up, chargers, or clothes. It is also really easy to bring along around the airport, as the four well-designed wheels can glide effortlessly across surfaces, and are built to last as well. The wheels are also rimmed with a rubber material to ensure any floor surfaces remain unscratched. The rigidity of the entire case will keep your belongings safe, even in the overhead cabin bins.

8. American Tourister: Best Luggage with Spinner Wheels

American Tourister

A fan-favorite among the practical traveler, American Tourister is perfect for a casual getaway when you don’t need an overly luxurious or bulky. bag. American Tourister offers a plethora of colors, shapes, and sizes and is easily available at most large retail stores.

The best part of American Tourister luggage is their wheels! It is not easy to find a quality luggage bag with four full spinner wheels at the price point that American Tourister competes in. Having durable wheels allow the luggage to move smoothly and seamlessly, whilst being scratch-resistant and long-lasting. Families, you might want to take note of this one! They are durable enough to withstand long family trips with children, yet affordable enough for you to not break the bank. Plus, they’re able to be used easily by anyone, regardless of your age. 

Though you may not get the bulky, hard-side build as some of the other options on here, the price allows the American Tourister to punch above its weight and be a decent companion for your trip. Should you need to replace anything on your luggage, American Tourister has a surprisingly robust and solid warranty offering that is very rarely seen by other competitors in this price bracket, making it a great cost-saving option.

9. RIMOWA: Best Luxury Luggage Brand


The darling of the luxury luggage world, RIMOWA offers stunning pieces of luggage that exude a sense of minimalist grandeur and opulence. Although RIMOWA only specializes in hard side luggage, they do it supremely well.

RIMOWA luggage range from polycarbonate bodies to full aluminum, which gives it a sense of durability coupled with an exclusive premium feel. Though you may be paying slightly more for one of these bags (with the cheapest offering being over $500), you do certainly get what you pay for. The German precision of its manufacturers is evident in every facet of their lineup, from their distinctive parallel lines to the quality zippers and wheels. 

RIMOWA also offers a variety of different sizes and colors to get that perfect fit for your style and your traveling needs. It’s not all about the aesthetics either, as RIMOWA builds their luggage well and will protect your belongings without you having to break a sweat. It is waterproof as well, which means that you’re able to strap it to the outside of a car and drive through a storm!

The wheels are also extremely well-designed and built to last for a long time. For frequent and practical travelers, RIMOWA is a luxury godsend as they will last as long and go wherever you go with no issue. The telescopic handle is both sturdy and easily adjustable which will ensure comfort and ease of use as you glide through the airport check-ins.

Because RIMOWA is made out of lightweight aluminum or polycarbonate, the bags are extremely light for their durability. In the unlikely event that something does break, RIMOWA offers a five-year guarantee and repair service at their stores as well as several hotel partners. From its riveted aluminum corners to its distinctive aluminum body, you’re bound to turn heads with RIMOWA’s sleek and minimalistic look. Do remember, though, that RIMOWA is considered a luxury brand and can be on the pricier side. Although they are amazingly designed luggage bags, if you’re on a budget, you certainly can get similar options performance-wise for less money.

10. Db: Best Luggage Brand for Adventure Travel

Db Luggage

An award-winning Scandinavian luggage brand, Db uses aggressive innovation and intricate design to create new and improved luggage bags. Db has a stunning collection of durable luggage that is best suited for adventurers who want to venture off the beaten track.

Db has been the choice for athletes and design experts for its game-changing hemispheric design that provides easy access for gear as well as organization. Designed for the rough and tough rather than airports and hotels, the Db duffels are designed with reinforced and sturdy shoulder straps to allow travelers to trek these bags up steep inclines. Plus, you need not worry about the bag ripping or tearing on you, as Db makes many of their bags out of heavy-duty fabric and has handles for whatever holding style you need it for. You could even put additional luggage on top of it thanks to Db’s renowned ‘Hook-Up’ system so you can lug even more things without having to jerry-rig a solution.

Db offers a range of their gear in different sizings based on your needs, but all options give a spacious interior for their respective sizings and offer a ton of options to sort your items as needed, sporting external pockets, organized compartments, and a split feature to easily put your items exactly where you want them. 

Db sent adventurers with the likes of Michelle Parker and Nikolai Schirmer up the Alps and to Alaska, and even to navigate the mountains and water bodies of Northern Norway; all to find out what works best for them. Needless to say, if they put in that much effort, you will find it an almost perfect fit for your next adventure.

11. Travelpro: Best Luggage Brand for Frequent Flyers


If you’re flying frequently, you’d want luggage that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also durable, practical, and flexible in use. Travelpro designs its luggage with these philosophies in mind, as it aims to target utilitarian, mile-chugging fliers who need something to make their around-the-world appointments easy.

Expandable storage? Storage is plentiful in the Travelpro luggage platinum elite spinner. External compartments? Big enough for you to put in a parka, scarf, passport, and any number of things you want for quick access. Durability? Travelpro makes its soft-side luggage offerings in abrasion-resistant nylon to make sure that your bag will last through the many flight hours and more. 

Travelpro is a cult favorite among flight crews for a reason. Their practical and sturdy travel luggage resonates well with frequent fliers who need a reliable companion that’ll ease their traveling process. Travelpro luggage comes with solid and durable wheels that even auto-align to ensure easy mobility and is decorated with cushioned handles to give comfort no matter how heavy it is.

Travelpro offers plenty of soft-side and hard-side luggage that comes in a range of colors –– thus helping you maintain that ‘business’ look while also maintaining some flair. Travelpro also gives a ‘Worry-free’ lifetime warranty on its luggage offerings, giving frequent fliers the exact piece of mind they need to keep using their favorite luggage. Travelpro was started by an airline pilot, and the design, durability, and utility speak for this heritage.

12. Samsonite: Best Checked Luggage Brand


Unsurprisingly, Samsonite is one of the most well-known luggage brands and almost anyone who travels knows their name. Samsonite’s catalog is extensive and spans many different styles of luggage, be it wheeled luggage or duffels, or even backpacks. There’s something for everyone! However, it may make shopping for a Samsonite a pretty daunting task for some as the number of choices can seem nearly endless.

Regardless of whether you’re budget conscious or not, there is no denying that Samsonite offers great value for money, no matter the price point. Their hundred-year experience in the industry has given them the upper hand in providing high-quality, well-built luggage that is durable and functional to provide ease of use to travelers. Be it the hard-side or soft-side, most of the luggage offerings have been met with generally good reviews, with many praising the quality of Samsonite’s luggage wheels as the de-facto industry standard. There are also various skews of collections that have additional features like battery packs, Bluetooth trackers as well as integrated weighing scales to provide that peace of mind we all need during our travels. There are a ton of features that Samsonite can provide within their lineup that other manufacturers are unable to compete with, thanks to Samsonite’s large market share and volume.

The Samsonite Freeform 28-inch Spinner is a popular pick for many, as it sports a very durable polypropylene hard side that is durable and premium-looking. It is also thoughtfully designed in the interior, as there are dividers and multi-pockets along with a compression strap to keep your clothes and belongings nice and organized. It also comes with a built-in ID tag, which is useful if you have lost your luggage and are trying to track the location down and recover your belongings.

Samsonite, being a large and reputable brand, has pretty extensive warranty and return policy plans, and their various partnerships with big-brand retailers like Macy’s and Amazon mean that they are easy and convenient to get.

13. Delsey Luggage: Most Aesthetic Luggage Brand


Delsey is an incredibly popular luggage brand. They get their popularity from producing aesthetically pleasing and solid travel gear and luggage. With a French heritage, Delsey gets much of its design cues from France and is regarded by many to be a stylish option with reputable French quality.

Delsey makes many of their hard side luggage with polycarbonate, which is stronger and more resilient than ABS or polypropylene –– so travelers looking for sturdier luggage, take note! Do take note, however, that there are some lines in the Delsey catalog, like the Delsey Lagos collection, that are made with ABS. 

However, Delsey tends to employ polyester rather than nylon for their soft-side luggage, which results in a less durable bag that may not endure long-term or continuous use. We do recommend travelers to opt for Delsey’s hard side offerings in general.

Many of Delsey’s mid-price range comes with several features that add convenience for travelers. For example, Delsey luggage comes with organizers that make packing and finding items easy as well as padded laptop compartments to ensure the safety of your electronics. Delsey also prioritizes the safety of your valuables with their proprietary ‘SECURITECH 2’ zipper system, which makes it two times more difficult to break into your bag via your zippers, keeping your items secure from thieves trying to go for a quick grab.

If you’re looking for storage capabilities, Delsey offers good sorting systems in their mid-tier price range. This is because their lower-end offerings only sport a few pockets and compression straps that are usable but certainly not as feature-laden as other competitors. In general, we believe that competitors such as Travelpro and Samsonite cannot beat Delsey’s luggage offerings, as Delsey’s luggage is known to be especially aesthetically pleasing.

14. Béis Luggage: Most Functional Luggage Brand

Béis Luggage

Béis is a luggage brand with a focus on function and utility whilst presenting it in a suave and attractive package. Being featured in many notable editorials such as Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and People Magazine, Béis also has a very strong social media following, which shows the attractiveness and appeal of their luggage lineup. Unsurprisingly, Beis is such a hit with many, as it was founded by actress Shay Mitchell –– who many may know as Emily on the show Pretty Little Liars.

Most of Béis’s catalog is made out of polyester fabric and water-resistant lining, which not only makes them lightweight and durable but also functional to keep your belongings safe and sound. Their catalog is also pretty extensive, spanning from luggage to totes, backpacks, and diaper bags, making Béis a huge hit with women and mothers. 

Béis’ check-in offerings sport quite a host of utilitarian features that scream practicality and functionality but still retain a chic and minimalist look. For example, the water-resistant Nylon zipper tape helps to keep your items dry, and their hard-side construction with the Hinomoto 360 wheels ensures your bag is long-lasting and easy to use when moving about. 

Furthermore, Béis has special additions that aim to make your travel extra comfortable, with cushioned handles, a retractable attach strap, and a side-carry handle fitted with a weight indicator so you know exactly how heavy your luggage is. Let’s face it, it’s a nightmare having to repack stuff at the airport check-in, and being able to do this seamlessly at home makes life so much easier.

15. Calpak Luggage: Luggage Brand with the Best Value


Calpak is a California brand that is focused on producing luggage for the mid-tier price range without sacrificing build quality. Aimed at the average traveler, Calpak has a host of luggage options ranging from duffels to luggage in both hard-side and soft-side. With its wide range of offerings in both sizes, styles, and colors, there is a ton to pick from to get something that fits you.

Their most stylish luggage option, the Calpak Ambeur, is offered in various sizes such as a carry-on as well as medium and large sizes, along with a two or three-piece set. Made with an ABS and polycarbonate mix, the Ambeur is made durable enough to withstand a battering or two during loading and unloading. However, you might want to note that its shiny exterior is easily scratchable, so take extra care when lugging it around.

It comes in a standard style of luggage with the main zipper that opens the luggage, but what’s neat about the CalPak Ambeur is that it can also be expanded via zipper to give an additional two inches height of storage to cram even more things inside it. 

The Calpak Trnk line is another offering that features a retro styling that makes it stand out from the crowd, and has much of the utility of the Ambeur but in a different look. It carries either two or three pieces of luggage, with standard sizes available –– a 20-inch carry-on, and larger 25 and 29-inch suitcases. Similar to most of the other lines, these Trnk suitcases have double spinner wheels, which allows for a smoother and seamless traveling experience. They also have telescopic wheel handles, corner protection, and side and top carry handles. Furthermore, this hard-side luggage is opened in a clamshell manner and has two compartments for packing –– one with elastic straps and the other with a fully zippered panel. It comes in gray, black, and nude colors, but you might want to check on their availability first before purchasing.

16. Tumi Bags: Luggage Brand with the Best Customer Service

Tumi is a renowned luxury travel and lifestyle brand that aims to provide high-end luxury offerings to the travel market and is often seen as a pseudo status symbol among travelers. Though they were taken over by Samsonite in 2016, it has not lost its company focus on providing quality items and good customer service. 

Tumi has an extensive catalog that ranges from traditional luggage to backpacks and duffels in a myriad of materials, colors, and finishes –– be it in abrasion-proof ballistic nylon, hard side of various types, and even fine leather. Tumi is known for its durability and longevity, with its luggage offerings well-loved for their long-lasting effect. Not to mention that they are also designed thoughtfully and meticulously, with some of their bags offering external storage and internal organization to keep things tidy and easily accessible. Additionally, Tumi’s lineup features the ‘Add-a-bag’ system that makes it easy to add on additional bags to the luggage, making it convenient to carry all your items on one larger roller.

The standout feature of Tumi that defines its luxury experience is its impeccable customer service support for its lineup. Tumi offers on-site repairs and luggage registration and tracking for your lost luggage, so anything that occurs to your luggage is covered and supported by Tumi.

17. Victorinox Luggage: Best Luggage Brand with Storage Capacity

Victorinox Luggage

As versatile and multifunctional as their household collection, Victorinox luggage bags offer a ton of handy additions that prove to be useful for all travelers. Victorinox bags often fly under the radar of most travelers, but those who know of them recognize the quality in the build and features that each of their products holds.

The entire catalog is extensive, which makes it easy for travelers to mix and match their bags and luggage to get the perfect travel fit –– be it for vacation or the business flight commuter. Victorinox also puts extensive testing into the durability of their offerings, putting each item through stress tests to ensure that they live up to the ruggedness they are known for. 

Peace of mind is also a huge benefit of Victorinox. They offer 11-year warranties on their travel gear and the ‘Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program’ which helps you locate your luggage if it happens to go missing during your travels.

The Spectra 2.0 is a great all-rounder that is popular for many who are looking for a hard-side luggage option. Extremely durable while being incredibly lightweight thanks to its one hundred percent polycarbonate construction, the Spectra 2.0 comes in a variety of sizes –– which means you can choose between using it as a carry-on or as checked luggage.

The Lexicon 2.0 soft-side is a great option for those in the market for soft-side luggage. It’s constructed using ballistic nylon, ensuring that it not only holds up well but also remains water-resistant for those short jaunts when it rains. The Lexicon 2.0 soft-side comes in a variety of sizes and includes both carry-on as well as several checked luggage sizes.

For the more business-oriented traveler, the Werks Traveler 6.0 Softside is a quiet and professional-looking soft-side luggage option. Built with resilient nylon that offers abrasion resistance, this is a sturdy luggage option that will faithfully zip across the world with you and look right at home doing it. The Werks Traveler 6.0 soft-side features Victorinox’s ‘Pack More’ system which allows travelers to compress and maximize their luggage space efficiently.

The biggest seller to the business-oriented traveler is the removable garment suiter, giving easy access to change from your comfy travel wear to formal wear without much hassle. It can even expand an additional 1.5 inches should you need that slight bump in storage capacity. We can’t have your important business laptop and tech devices getting damaged while on your way to your next international meeting, can we? Just all the business stuff you need!

18. Eagle Creek: Best Luggage Brand for the Outdoors

Eagle Creek Luggage

Planning a trip to the more unexplored side of the world, going from mountain to mountain or desert to desert? Eagle Creek designs and offers luggage that is steeped firmly in adventure and exploration, giving their lineup a uniquely ‘intrepid outdoors’ feel. They are designed to be rugged and durable, and not skimp on any of the functionality outdoor travelers need. 

Eagle Creek luggage boasts resilient and weather-resistant coated polyester fabric, allowing their luggage to perform where their more sleek and luxury-oriented counterparts will fail. Their rolling luggage comes with heavy-duty wheels as well as zippers that are designed to be tamper-proof, for when you’re traveling to the rougher parts of the world. 

Their duffels and luggage boast a host of external pockets as well as various internal compartments to carry all your adventure gear and clothing to keep things organized. This especially applies to those going exploring, as separate compartments will help keep your clean and dirty clothes separate! Eagle Creek has thought about everything for the adventure traveler and is coming fully equipped to help them get to where they need to go.

A popular option from Eagle Creek is the Cargo Hauler Duffel. It is affordable, lightweight, and comes with an array of storage selections that make it convenient to keep all your stuff and find them after. It also comes with backpack straps to make it easy to carry when it’s all loaded up, rather than the traditional shoulder strap seen on other duffels. The best part for the adventurous traveler? It can roll up into a rather small pouch to keep, meaning that it can be kept and then used for instantaneous ad-hoc storage whenever it is needed.

Eagle Creek is confident in its ability to provide luggage that can function like brand new even in the roughest landscapes. Eagle Creek walks its talk with a ‘No Matter What’ lifetime warranty on their luggage!

19. Bric’s Luggage: Most Sophisticated Luggage Brand

Bric's Luggage

Another luxury luggage offering, Bric’s luggage provides a more sophisticated and dapper addition to the luggage world. On Bric’s luggage, leather is a mainstay, where they offer luggage fully wrapped in Italian leather and metal fittings. Did you know that they use leather as decorative trim on non-leather luggage, and even color coordinate the color of the roller wheels to the luggage?

Bric’s attention to detail in their fit and finish is superb and is bound to be a head-turner no matter where you go. However, Bric’s luggage value is not solely determined by its aesthetics. The inside of their luggage is both spacious and thoughtfully designed, with straps and buckles to keep everything secure, even without the use of the zipper dividers. Their luggage is not only lightweight but also durable, allowing it to last for a long time whilst giving you the ease of carrying and transporting it around.

No matter the ground you put it on, the wheels of Bric’s luggage are not only durable but also roll effortlessly, even if your luggage is full to the brim. Bric’s zippers are finished extremely well and are not prone to getting stuck or breaking. Plus, they are known to provide a front-accessible compartment that protects your valuables whilst granting you easy access to them.

Bric’s is the option you want to get if you want to feel good about yourself and have people notice how stylish you are. It’s a great option to stand out from everyone else in North America as they are not a common sight! Bric’s makes it easy to match your other bags and accessories since they are designed to look well.

20. Paravel Luggage: Most Sustainable Luggage Brand

Paravel Luggage

Paravel is swinging into the luggage market by providing vintage-inspired luggage with all the 2022’s expected modern comforts that we all love. Starting in 2016, Paravel focuses on bringing sustainable, convenient, and stylish options into the market. 

Paravel makes their luggage’s hardshell bodies out of flexible recycled polycarbonate and constructs their lining from recycled plastic water bottles. They put these materials to good use, too, as their luggage is designed to be both extremely durable as well as space-efficient. The interior prioritizes organization, fitted with both a compression board, straps, and a large zipper compartment to reduce the bulk of your items. 

The telescopic handle is made out of aluminum and is comfortable to use, coupled with buttery smooth double spinner wheels that make it easy to push and pull along your travels. They also offer two different sizes for their Aviator carry-on luggage, with the standard model being able to fit in most international overhead cabins while the Plus variant fits in a majority of US airlines. 

Paravel also ensures that its shipping program is carbon neutral, as it continually works to offset its carbon emissions at all levels of its manufacturing and shipping chain. Recently, Paravel has also committed to donating ten percent of its discount sales to the Cabana Stripes Collection which aims to provide support to COVID-19 relief efforts. Not only are their luggage offerings both thoughtfully designed and competitively priced, but they also go to great lengths to provide social good through aiding causes as well as reducing their impact on the environment. It makes it easy to support this newcomer to the luggage market, right?

Paravel sells more than just rollable luggage, as they have a ton of offerings from packing cubes to weekend bags. This makes it ideal to get all your needs in one place, which saves on shipping as well as provides a cohesive matching design for your travel accessories.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Luggage


For luggage, we need to consider not only how much it costs, but also the design and features that they provide for the price. There are a ton of features that luggage brands have implemented into their luggage, from organization to offering battery packs and charging your devices while on the go. Depending on your purpose for traveling, take note of luggage features that best suit your needs. For example, if you travel frequently for leisure purposes, you might consider getting luggage with ample storage space or expandable luggages to fit your souvenirs. 


The weight limit for luggages varies across airlines. If you’re a frequent business traveler, you can afford to purchase heavier but more stylish luggage. On the other hand, if you’re an adventure traveler, function might be your priority. In this case, a lightweight luggage with good storage capacity might suit you best. Take note of the weight restrictions for different airlines and pick a luggage brand that suits the airline you frequent most.


Versatility and practicality are two features to look out for when purchasing luggage. If you prefer handheld luggages, take note of where the suitcase handles are placed. Those on the top and side of the luggage will make lifting your luggage easier. For travelers who like wheeling their luggage, we’d recommend getting spinners so that you can wheel your luggage beside you with ease.


The durability of the luggage that brands provide is important to consider. We want our luggage to be able to last us as long as possible, be it in storage or out on the go. Realizing your luggage is broken while packing or when your clothes are strewn across the road is never a fun time when you’re traveling!


I hope that this extensive luggage guide has given you some understanding of this large, diverse market. Luggage brands cater to different sectors of the market, and what luggage best fits you is largely dependent on your travel needs and frequency, as well as your individual preferences. Be it your desire to explore the further reaches of the world or explore the lesser-seen, flying frequently across the world to conduct business meetings, or just going for a simple vacation, there are luggage and bag options that will perfectly suit your needs. 

Though it is important to stick to your use case and budget, we do recommend that you consider getting something higher-quality (and thus higher-priced) the first time around. Not only will you enjoy the conveniences that higher-end luggage provides, but it also likely means that you won’t have to replace it down the road. It is better to buy something of better quality the first time around than to have to make a second purchase, no?

Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster is an adventure-junkie, gear expert and travel photographer based in Southern California. Previously nomadic, he’s been to ~50 countries and loves spending time outdoors. You can usually find him on the trail, on the road, jumping from bridges or hustling on his laptop working to produce the best travel and outdoors content today.

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