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Travel Tips

Looking for the trip of a lifetime? This list of the best tour companies will get you started on your
Trying to find the lowest price on your next car rental? I created this curated list of the best car
Backpacks are popular with frequent travelers for their hands-free convenience, but is a backpack a personal item? The long answer
Google Flights offers an intuitive and handy platform to find deals and save money on airfare. If you want to
Trying to figure out if your suitcase will fit an airline’s size restrictions? I'll walk you through the process as
Not certain how to pack a suitcase for an upcoming trip? I'll help you get the most out of the
Want to get a grimy suitcase looking like new? Use this guide on how to clean luggage to wash your

This article is published in collaboration with Bitdefender. You might be one of the most well-traveled, safety-minded people in the

With so many travel websites on the market today, finding the best deals for your travels can be tedious. Thankfully,

If you're on a budget, or if you're looking for flight deals on complicated routes, knowing where to begin your
Airlines want you to spend more money. You don't. Use these eight cheap flight hacks to find cheap flights all

If you’ve ever looked into how to travel the world for free or on a budget, you’ve probably come across

Ready to enjoy the great outdoors and sleep out under a starry sky? Here's everything you need to know about
Looking for the best hotel booking websites for your next trip? This list of 17 should help you find the
When it comes to the grand Airbnb vs. hotel debate, you really have to consider what you value. Let's figure

Culture shock can sneak up on even the most experienced travelers and the feelings of disorientation, confusion, uncertainty, and even

It's not easy to learn how to get over fear of flying. But there are steps you can take to
The fear of traveling, also known as hodophobia, is very real. Try these tips to reduce your fear of travel
If you're wondering whether or not to pack your cigarettes for your next flight, here's what you need to know.

Airbnb is one of the easiest and most affordable ways for just about anyone to travel the world. Locals lease

Picking a place to stay in a new destination can be one of the trickiest (but most fun) parts of

Traveling should be an exciting and exhilarating experience, but if you have travel anxiety, it's anything but. Here are

Looking to learn more about beautiful Sweden? You’ve come to the right place! This Scandinavian country is known for its

The best travel tips I've learned after nine years on the road, traveling to 40-some countries on six continents.
These travel safety tips will help you plan ahead, stay safe on the road, and give you peace of mind

Disclaimer: This article was written in collaboration with The TEFL Academy. All experiences, opinions and outlandish claims are fully my

Using Airbnb and Vrbo to help find lodging for your next trip, you'll have plenty of options to book the
Hostels are more than places to sleep at night. They're communities where you're bound to meet friends and make unforgettable
Want to travel Asia and earn money doing it? Teaching English in China can afford you the trip (and cultural
I flew to my best friend's wedding, 30 hours away, on the other side of the world, in first class.