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New Zealand

Can you go backpacking New Zealand on a budget? It turns out, you can—but you have to be smart and

If you’re naturally of adventurous disposition but you don’t have the money to just backpack around the world, working abroad

It’s one of the most stunning places on the face of the earth. New Zealand boasts volcanoes, placid lakes, rolling

On February 22, 2011, New Zealand’s second-most populous city of Christchurch was hit with a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake, essentially

Everybody knows New Zealand is remarkable. Well, I think they do, at least. Before my last minute trip (back) across

Just a 30 minute ferry ride from Auckland, Waiheke Island is a city-goer’s paradisaical retreat. Affectionately known as “The Island of Wine,”

As I write this article, I’m sitting in the room I grew up in. I spent the first fourteen years

Seemingly walking further and further into the jungle, a vast clearing came into view, the ground covered only by rocks

Gisborne is the most easterly city in the world, meaning it’s the first city to welcome the sun every day,

Stepping onto the ledge, looking down beyond my naked body, a yellow raft eagerly awaited my descent. 43 meters below,

Crossing over the bridge and looking down at what they call a canyon, but what I would refer to as

I love Fergburger. I love the variety, the size and the taste! Oh, the taste! And the crowds–just last night