TravelFreak Press Mentions

TravelFreak has been featured in some of the world’s top publications, both online and in print. These are the ones we can remember 😉

Contributions & Features

Freelance Writing

  1. Google: Travel Photography 101 with #teampixel
  2. Travelocity:
  3. Skyscanner: Why You Should Spend Six Months in a Brand New City
  4. Matador Network: I Turned Down My Dream Job to Travel the World. This Is the Decision I Faced
  5. Expedia: Turning National Mall into D.C.’s Best Gym: A 5-Mile Running Circuit
  6. Elite Daily: Traveling The World To Find Myself Only Made Me Feel More Lost
  7. Scuba Diving Magazine: 5 Best Places to Dive in Bali
  8. Passion Passport: Why Traveling Broke Isn’t All That Bad
  9. YHA: How to Save Money for Travel… Without Giving up Expensive Coffees
  10. Why Wait to See The World: Confessions of a Traveling Male
  11. Around the World in 80 Jobs: How I Made Bank Working in Australia as a Bartender
  12. ContikiEverything you need to know about teaching English abroad
  13. Scuba Diving Magazine:

Awards & Accolades

  1. FeedspotTop 100 Solo Travel Blogs and Top 20 Solo Male Travel Blogs
  2. The 50 Best Travel Blogs to Read in 2020
  3. FirstSiteGuide: 30+ Best Travel Blog Examples
  4. Everything Everywhere: The World’s Tops Travel Blogs
  5. Hello Travel: Top Soloman Travel Blogs
  6. Backpacker Banter: My Top 10 Travel Bloggers to Follow
  7. Zakynthos InsiderThe Ultimate Travel Blogs List
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