The 10 Best Sleeping Bag Brands on the Market Today

Big Agnes earned our top pick for the best sleeping bag brand, but there are some great alternatives, too.

I remember when I bought my first sleeping bag. The sheer amount of information out there made me feel like I was in way over my head for such a seemingly simple purchase.

Did I need the warmest bag? The lightest? What temperature rating did I need? Mummy or rectangle? Was the newest $500 bag really that much better than the $100 one I got an ad for on Instagram? How many bag brands even are there?!


Nowadays, there’s a sleeping bag for just about everything, all ranging in quality, material, and price.

I’ve been in the outdoors industry for over a decade, and have gotten to know each of these sleeping bag brands quite well. Between car camping, backpacking, and laying out under the stars in places like Joshua Tree, Bryce Canyon, and Glacier National Park, I’ve had the incredible fortune to spend many nights sleeping comfortably—and quite uncomfortably—in some pretty remarkable places.

Needless to say, I’ve tried my fair share of sleeping bags along the way. Some I loved. Some, not so much. And the truth is, the smallest feature can make the biggest difference.

With so many different sleeping bag brands and models to choose from, it might seem overwhelming to find that perfect sleeping bag for your next outdoor adventure.

While they’re all excellent, each brand typically excels at one specific thing. Hopefully this list helps you better understand what’s out there so you can have a solid grasp of what sleeping bags you want to invest in for all your adventures.

In my opinion, these are the top ten best sleeping bag brands on the market today.


Big Agnes: Best Overall Sleeping Bag Brand

Big Agnes Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes was founded 20 years ago, with just one goal in mind: To create the best equipment for sleeping outdoors. They are the top brand I’d recommend to someone shopping for their very first sleeping bag.

In the past two years we’ve seen a rise in the number of people who are going on hikes and getting outside. The desire to be out in nature has never been greater.

This inspired sleeping bag brands like Big Agnes to get even more innovative with their products and technologies—maintaining their mission of providing outdoor adventurers with the most comfortable night’s rest.

Their sleeping bag range is incredible. They have intricately crafted each of their sleeping bags and designed them to fit almost every need and preference.

The team at Big Agnes prides themselves on their innovative designs that tap into the science behind insulation. Their mummy bags are designed to maximize a user’s insulation and comfort when they sleep.

In fact, one of their mummy bag designs is so high-tech that these sleeping bags are actually called “system bags.” These bags utilize what Big Agnes calls a Flex Pad Sleeve to hold your sleeping pad in place while you sleep. No more rolling off in the middle of the night!

Because of this design, the sleeping bags drop the weight of extra fill on the bottom—the insulation comes from the pad you’ll attach inside your bag.

Their two widely raved-about sleeping bags are the Diamond Park and Sunbeam series.

The Diamond Park series is their latest release and is catered to those who appreciate a bit more space when sleeping, or are bigger and taller than the average person.

This synthetic sleeping bag utilizes the pad sleeve design that was previously mentioned and is perfect for all forms of camping. It also comes with double zippers to either be used as a comforter or a mummy sleeping bag.

Their Sunbeam Series mummy bag is crafted for backcountry adventures, but is well-suited for any camping trip. Lined with their unique FireLine EXO synthetic insulation, this bag will keep you warm in various temperatures.

The Sunbeam Series is offered in 0F, 15F, and 30F and is catered towards women. It also has the novel Big Agnes Flex Pad Sleeve incorporated into its design.

If you are looking for no-frills, lightweight, high-end sleeping bags that maximize your comfort, while being extremely easy to pack and bring around as you go, then Big Agnes is one of the best sleeping bag brands out there for you.Be sure to check out their other outdoor gear as well, as they have an extremely wide variety of tents, sleeping pads, camp furniture, and even clothing apparel.


REI Co-Op: Best Budget Sleeping Bag Brand

REI Co-Op Sleeping Bag

The REI Co-Op is an outdoor gear retailer, but they also make their own gear, often at a much more accessible price point. REI is one of the best sleeping bag brands for those looking for a relatively inexpensive sleeping bag option. They’ve been producing high quality outdoor gear and equipment at attractive prices since 1938.

Their mission is for their customers to experience the joys of the outdoors without all the hassle, and they have built a strong community of outdoor enthusiasts around that.

The REI Co-Op Magma 30 Sleeping Bag ranks as one of the top affordable sleeping bags out there. It boasts an impressive amount of features for its lightweight body and construction. Its trapezoidal foot box is one such feature, keeping you comfortable in cold temperatures.

The Magma 30 Sleeping Bag’s shell is water-resistant, and its soft material invites a cozy night’s sleep. This wet sleeping bag is renowned for having the best warmth-to-weight ratio out of all REI Co-Op sleeping bags. And if you’ll be camping in colder weather, the Magma sleeping bag also comes in a 15 degree temperature rating.

Their Trailbreak 20 Sleeping Bag is a great budget friendly option for those getting into backpacking or looking for a lighter-weight sleeping bag. With a temperature rating fit for most weather, this warm sleeping bag is perfect for those wanting a comfortable night’s rest without the cost of the highest quality sleeping bags on the market. One of REI’s drawing factors is their membership that REI Co-Op members can take advantage of. You get 10% back on all eligible purchases made at REI, from hiking gear, to outdoor clothing, and, you guessed it, sleeping bags.


Therm-a-Rest: Best Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather

Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Bag

Therm-a-Rest is renowned for having produced the world’s first self-inflating sleeping pad. Since then, they have revolutionized the outdoor gear industry through their continuous innovation and new technologies, dawning solutions that maximize the comfort of their customers.

With 50 years of brand history, their sleeping bags are produced with the highest amount of thought and care and have gone through rigorous testing. Therm-a-Rest prides itself on its sleeping bags being able to keep you warm even in the most extreme cold conditions.

One of Therm-a-Rest’s latest highly-rated products is the Parsec Sleeping Bag, which comes in several temperature ratings. Their 0 degree bag will keep you warm and toasty even in the harshest winter conditions.

This down bag contains their new highly compressible Nikwax Hydrophobic Down that dries three times as quickly and absorbs 90% less water than other un-treated downs. You are definitely going to be warm and dry when you sleep!

What’s more, their GRS-certified shell is also made up of 100% recycled fabrics, making it eco-friendly while remaining high-quality and lightweight. This down sleeping bag also has good-quality connector straps that are essential to a sleeping bag to maximize comfort and warmth. And if you get cold feet (like, the literal kind), their Toe-asis foot pocket will most definitely be able to keep your feet warm on those cold nights.

Besides their sleeping bags, Therm-a-Rest also has a wide variety of other products that have been meticulously designed to maximize comfort. One such product is their backpacking quilts, which have received worldwide acclamation for their innovation and advanced technology.

Another product you should check out is Therm-a-Rest’s Trail Pro Sleeping Pad. This self-inflating pad offers three inches of cushion and is perfect for those who want to spend less time setting up camp and more time getting toasty by the fire.

If you’re still deciding what the best sleeping bag brand is for you, and you need a tried and true product that would help you through the cold winter months, then check out Therm-a-Rest!


Sea-to-Summit: Most Versatile Sleeping Bag Brand

Sea To Summit Sleeping Bag

If you’re someone who’s very involved in the outdoor activities scene, then you’ve probably heard about Sea to Summit before. Founded in Western Australia, the brand has exploded in popularity in recent years and is now a global one-stop-shop for all your outdoor needs.

Sea to Summit is currently located in more than 60 countries and the brand’s core motto is simple: to equip and inspire its customers. Sea to Summit is certainly a brand that is a jack of all trades, but they also seem to be the masters of all, due to their constant efforts to improve their technologies and materials they use, as well as their ways of production.

If you are looking for an extremely comfortable yet versatile sleeping bag, check out their Ascent Down Sleeping Bag. This award-winning bag is perfect if you are looking for a spacious, all-encompassing sleeping bag that can be used for any form of outdoor activity, especially backpacking.

If you are in a cold climate and need warmth, simply zip up your sleeping bag all the way and ensure that you pull the cord locks on tight to keep the cold air out. These rectangular bags are made to be extremely spacious without compromising warmth.

It also comes with oversized draft tubes that help to prevent heat from escaping. The tapered rectangular bag shape perfectly balances comfort, spaciousness, and warmth, ensuring that you get a comfortable night’s rest.

Their Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag is a multi-award winning bag for its warmth-to-weight ratio. This bag is the lightest and smallest compressed bag in their toolkit, and it offers backpackers the ultimate experience. And although these bags are ultralights, weigh in at only 12oz, they are still spacious, making them perfect for any camping trip.

Offered in four different temperature ratings, these sleeping bags boast 850 fill power and have a durable water repellent shell. You can choose from a regular or long shape to ensure the best fit for your body.

Even if you don’t shop their sleeping bags, definitely check out the other products they have in stock. From tents to camp kitchen appliances and even storage bags and packs, you can find anything and everything you need at Sea to Summit.


NEMO: Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Brand

Nemo Sleeping Bag

This one is for the backpackers, or those who want to get into more rugged outdoor activities. The adventure-seeking, hike 30 miles and pee in the woods kind of people.

NEMO was created by people who have an extreme love for adventure, and they designed their products with that passion in mind. Born and bred in Dover, New Hampshire, the team at NEMO wanted to spread the spirit of being fearless and daring, and willing to explore unknown paths, all in the effort to broaden horizons.

Their men’s and women’s Disco Down Sleeping Bag is highly regarded as one of the top sleeping bags, especially by backpackers. What makes this down bag so special is the additional effort put into its shape and design.

This sleeping bag is perfect for side sleepers due to its novel Classic Spoon shape which creates a spacious cut to accommodate various sleeping positions.

Its extra plush design provides additional comfort for those hikes and trails that span many days. I’ve slept many nights outdoors on hard ground, and let me tell you…having some extra cushion is a non-negotiable for me these days, especially after a long day on the trail.

Their Blanket Fold external draft collar and Thermo Gills help enhance the overall comfort levels of the sleeping bag by maximizing temperature regulation. They also come with a pillow pocket which can be used as additional storage! The Disco Down Sleeping Bag is offered in 15 degrees and 30 degrees to meet your specific needs.

NEMO’s Kayo men’s and women’s down mummy bags were created with ultralight adventures in mind. Careful tailoring of the bag shape and features shaves off any unnecessary additional weight and wasted space.With 800 fill power, this bag doesn’t compromise on warmth, either. And, as always, it is protected by NEMO’s Lifetime Warranty.

Apart from their sleeping bags, they also sell other products such as tents, pillows, and sleeping pads. NEMO is one of the best sleeping bag brands in the lightweight backpacking industry that is constantly innovating new products for backpackers.


Marmot: Best Sleeping Bags For Comfort And Durability

Marmot Sleeping Bag

Founded in 1971 in Alaskan Glacier, Marmot started off as a social club among mountain climbing enthusiasts. Imagine a college frat, but for super outdoorsy people.

Instead of hazing, new members were initiated by climbing the peak with another one of the more seasoned Marmot members. Once a member, they would automatically become President. The rule was that everyone that joined would experience being the president of the club.

The founders of the Marmot Club, Eric and Dave, then created Marmot Mountain Works and started creating their own parkas, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear.

Marmot is famed for many of their products, and they cater to a wide demographic, making them one of the most popular sleeping bag brands today. One of their top-rated sleeping bags is the Trestles Elite Eco 30 Sleeping Bag, which is ultralight, compact, and provides a spectacular amount of insulation.

Not only is this sleeping bag extremely durable, but it is also water-resistant. There is additional storage in the various compartments of the sleeping bag, which are designed to minimize the number of loose items in your backpack.

Marmot’s Sawtooth 15 Sleeping Bag is another crowd favorite. This sleeping bag is most suitable for men, especially for those who tend to get hot and stuffy at night.

The Sawtooth 15 Sleeping Bag comes with dual side zippers as well as an expandable foot box, making it a perfect way for you to keep in just the right amount of warmth you need. With a certified down fill power of 650, this synthetic sleeping bag ensures both warmth and water-resistance, and the down-filled collar with a draw cord adds extra warmth around your face and head on those colder nights.

If you are looking for a brand that produces high-quality, durable synthetic sleeping bags, Marmot definitely has you covered.


Kelty: Best Camping Sleeping Bag Brand

Kelty Sleeping Bag

For the camping enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect sleeping bag for those weekend adventures. You might have heard of Kelty’s highly raved-about backpacks, which are famous for their amazing quality; however, did you know that they’re also highly rated among sleeping bag brands?

Kelty’s mission is all about getting people outside for their more spontaneous and fun adventures. For the past 70 years, they’ve been making great tents, backpacks, and top notch sleeping bags.

Their award-winning Cosmic Down 20 Sleeping Bag is undoubtedly a winner if you are camping in an area with harsh winter conditions. The double bag has a trapezoidal baffle construction that allows for maximum heat retention, making it extremely thermally efficient in cold temperatures. Their nylon outer shell material is not only very durable, but also extremely soft, promising a very comfortable sleep.

If you are looking for a more budget friendly option but don’t want to compromise on quality, then check out the Catena Sleeping Bag. This double sleeping bag provides CloudLoft synthetic insulation that will protect against the cold and keep you comfortable all night with its 30 degree temperature rating.

Double sleeping bags are a great alternative for those who get claustrophobic, have someone to cuddle with (must be nice…), or just tend to take up all of the bed (don’t @ me). The anti-snag zipper can also transform these sleeping bags into a blanket as well. As far as warm, affordable, rectangular sleeping bags go, this one is a winner. Kelty is definitely one of the best sleeping bag brands to consider especially if you’re cost-conscious but aren’t willing to compromise on the quality of your sleeping bags. From mummy sleeping bags to rectangular sleeping bags, adventurers can choose from a wide variety of fills and temperature ratings for their new sleeping bag purchase.


Mountain Hardwear: Sleeping Bag Brand with Best Insulation

Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bag

Founded in 1993, Mountain Hardwear is one of the most well-known sleeping bag manufacturers among the outdoor community. As the popularity of hiking, car camping, and outdoor sports began to boom, Mountain Hardwear started innovating and creating versatile products that didn’t compromise on quality.

Being adventure enthusiasts themselves, the founders of Mountain Hardwear were determined to create products that made their excursions as painless as possible. Every product they design has intuitiveness and user-friendliness in mind, including their synthetic sleeping bags.

If you are looking for a no-frills, high quality, and highly insulated sleeping bag, then Mountain Hardwear’s Bishop Pass 0 Sleeping Bag should definitely be on your list. It packs very easily and is extremely light, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down on your adventures.

The Bishop Pass 0 Sleeping Bag has different shapes catered for both men and women, so you get the best fit possible! Having a down sleeping bag that fits your body is extremely important, so be sure to look at the different shapes, lengths, and widths of a bag when purchasing!

Their Phantom 30 Sleeping Bag is another premium, lightweight sleeping bag with 850 fill power goose down insulation for those seasonal temperature drops. Both of these top notch sleeping bags offer adventurers with high quality insulation that provides impressive temperature ratings to stay warm. Mountain Hardwear is definitely one of the best sleeping bag brands around for insulation. Be sure to check out Mountain Hardwear for more great insulated sleeping bags!


Feathered Friends: Best Mummy Bags

Feathered Friends Sleeping Bag

Peter and Carol created Feathered Friends in 1972 because they found the outdoor industry lacked quality products they could afford. Since then this family business has grown in popularity.

They focus on one thing: having simple designs with lasting quality. In particular, their mummy bags have received renowned attention for being the best ones on the market.

Their Swallow YF 20 Sleeping Bag has received recognition for its versatility and portability. It is lightweight, coming in at only 1.89 pounds, yet still offers an amazing amount of warmth. It is extremely well insulated, as the bag is stuffed with 900 down fill power.

A draft tube keeps cold air from getting through the zipper, and the water-resistant fabric aims to keep you dry in various weather conditions. No more worrying about those damp mornings!

Their Petrel 10 YF is another mummy shape bag specifically for women. It is filled with premium 900+ fill power goose down, and a full draft collar provides extra cushion and traps heat around the neck area. The hood opens wide for those warmer nights and cinches tight when you want to keep warm.

As someone who has camped in below freezing weather many times, I can assure you one of the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing a mummy bag is the ability to cinch the bag around your head. There’s nothing worse than a warm body but a freezing face!

Feathered Friends is a go-to if you are looking for a mummy bag with a great warmth-to-weight ratio!


Zpacks: Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags Brand

Zpacks Sleeping Bag

Joe Valesko, founder of Zpacks, was unable to find gear that met all of his needs, so he sought to solve this problem himself. Through constant development and innovation, he began to design his own gear. After years of research and refinement, Valesko managed to develop gear that finally worked for him.

Thanks to Valesko’s hard work and perseverance, Zpacks’ popularity has exploded. The brand’s sleeping bags in particular have gotten amazing reviews from customers for being ultralight and easy to carry around.

Zpacks’ Classic Sleeping Bag is a popular choice among campers. Given the product’s remarkable features, it’s easy to see why. Offered in 10F, 20F, and 30F, you can choose which temperature rating fits your needs best.

With the 10F weighing in at 20.3 ounces, and the 30F weighing only 12.2oz (yes you read that right!), it is one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market. This bag really combines the best of both worlds between backpacking quilts and down sleeping bags.

Their Twin Quilt, weighing in at only 19oz, offers the warmth and comfort of a sleeping bag without the hassle of a zipper. Perfect for car camping, this wider quilt is perfect for those who prefer to stretch out in the night and don’t care so much about having a fully insulated bag.

If you are particularly concerned about shedding that additional backpack weight when hiking, be sure to check out Zpacks sleeping bags.

Time to Get Shopping!

Hopefully this roundup of the best sleeping bag brands helped you in your quest for the perfect bag. Navigating the world of outdoor gear can come with a bit of overwhelm, and we’re here to help eliminate some of that for you.

We hope through this article you’re able to buy the highest quality sleeping bag for your needs, and maybe help a friend or two looking for a new sleeping bag one day.

Sleeping Bag Brands FAQs

What brand makes the best sleeping bags?

Big Agnes is our top pick for the best sleeping bag brand. They make very high-quality and high-performing bags for camping.

Which is the best sleeping bag to buy?

You can’t go wrong with a Big Agnes sleeping bag. They are warm, lightweight, and very well designed.

What is the best degree sleeping bag?

A 20-degree bag is the most versatile choice that balances warmth with weight.

How do you choose a good sleeping bag?

When picking a sleeping bag, look for a good temperature rating, goose down with a high fill power, and a reputable brand name.

How long does a good sleeping bag last?

If you take care of it, a high-quality sleeping bag can easily last 20 years or more.

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