17 Best Travel Clothing Brands for Men and Women

Imagine apparel that crosses continents with you, made by brands that prioritize sustainability and durability, essential for the modern adventurer.

Are you looking to revamp your packing list for an upcoming hiking trip? Maybe shopping for some winter gear for a journey up north? Or perhaps you’re simply on the hunt for standard cotton tees to add to your travel wardrobe.

Buying from a reputable clothing brand means you won’t have to replace the clothes you own year over year. I believe in investing in quality gear that will last a lifetime.

I know that looking for travel clothes can be a little overwhelming. Not only that, but it’s easy for outdoor and travel gear to get expensive quickly.

Biting the bullet and dropping some cash on that shirt or dress can feel daunting. Just remember: buying the right travel clothing now means not having to do so again for a long, long time.

I want to help you make your search for new travel clothes easier. In this list, I’m covering my favorite travel clothing brands of all kinds, to help you find the best quality gear. I personally wear these brands all the time.

Here is a list of the best travel clothing brands for both men and women.


One Golden Thread: Best Travel Clothes Overall

One Golden Thread

One Golden Thread makes functional, fashionable clothing with feeling. Made from a blend of regenerative Beech Tree fiber and combed ring-spun Cotton, the OGT lineup has perhaps the most comfortable threads I’ve ever worn. Seriously. After I got my Crew Neck Tree Shirt and the Tree Pant, I wore the set for three days straight.

Equally functional and stylish, these clothes will work just as well on a long-haul flight, a light hike, a day at the beach or a night out in a new city. They’re highly versatile and seriously soft. I’ll never wear another set of clothes on a flight ever again.

Alongside the cut, it’s the Beech Tree fiber that really makes the OGT lineup stand out. As far as I know, no other company is producing clothing from this material. That means there’s a good chance you haven’t felt the level of comfort these threads provide. With a 30-day return policy, you might as well try—you’ve got nothing to lose.

Their versatility allows for more minimalist travel. You can bring fewer things for more possibility.

From their 5-pocket Tree Pant, to the 98% five-star review Tree Shirt, wear the feeling of home wherever you roam. And for every item you purchase, One Golden Thread plants a tree. So, as you travel, you are a part of, as they say, re-generosity. It’s so golden.


Columbia: Best Budget Travel Clothes

Columbia fleece clothing

Columbia has been a household name for travel clothes in North America for a long time and continues to earn that distinction. Most of you have probably owned Columbia gear at one time or another. If not, you absolutely should. Everything is reasonably priced, and you can wear it for every stage of your trip, even to chillier destinations.

Columbia’s Omni-Heat fabric is perfect for colder climates, and I’ve found this technology to be especially useful when applied to their pants. I personally own a pair of Omni-Heat pants, and I wear them all the time for winter and snow-related activities.

Columbia also produces a large selection of standard cotton shirts that you can wear for just about any occasion. They’re very budget-friendly and the cotton is lightweight, breathable, and cozy for long days on the road. They also make one of the best rain jackets out there, and it doesn’t break the bank.

On a broader scale, all of Columbia’s fabrics are comfortable and adequately durable. Take note, however, that I’ve found the lower price equals slightly less durability for some of their products. While I love how Columbia clothes fit and function, I’ve also found them to wear out earlier than other brands.


Arc'teryx: Best Adventure Travel Clothes

Arc'teryx gear

If you’re interested in the most up-to-date technological innovations in outdoor gear and travel clothing, consider Arc’teryx. More than other travel clothing brands, they focus on the performance of their clothes, along with a ruggedly practical design.

Their bread and butter is technical adventure gear for sports, like climbing and mountaineering. Therefore, you’re guaranteed durable and performance-driven garb designed to be put through the wringer.

While all their technical information can be daunting, Arc’teryx does its best to deliver easy-to-understand details about its features. You should be able to make the most informed decision about the best travel clothes to buy.

Plus, their selection is hardly limited to extreme sports. They also have a large variety of general outdoor clothing—everything from trail running pants to innovative hiking boots—making Arc’teryx one of the best outdoor clothing brands on the market. I love this company for this reason, along with the fact that they tend to inject very snappy colors into their clothing designs.

Arc’teryx is also a fantastic resource for cold-weather gear, and their incredibly warm snow pants and jackets are phenomenal. They also offer an array of bags for city and backcountry adventures.


Patagonia: Best Ethically Sourced Travel Clothes

Patagonia Men and Women

My packing list for anywhere will forever and always include Patagonia, and so should yours. In terms of travel clothing, Patagonia has just about every essential item you could need. Their clothes are an integral part of my travel wardrobe, whether I’m transiting an airport or hiking up a mountain on a chilly morning to catch a sunrise.

Patagonia uses a variety of high-quality fabrics while staying committed to fair business practices. What’s more, they are incredibly active in nature and wildlife conservation efforts around the world.

Patagonia’s quality is unparalleled. They use the highest quality fabric and manufacturing processes available for their gear (which is why they make some of the best midlayers out there). Furthermore, they’re very transparent about where they source those materials, and it’s all ethical.

In terms of style, Patagonia likes to use bright patterns and colors in their designs, making each item very distinguishable and snazzy. Both men and women will also have plenty of choices in Patagonia’s massive catalog. I’ve found the colors and wide range of options fit my style perfectly, and many of my favorite clothes come from here.

One of those favorites includes a pair of durable pants that I’ve used for both sleeper trains and long days on the trail. I wear these travel pants (along with my other favorite Patagonia clothing items) all the time. They’re durable, they look great, and they carry well.

Amongst all the labels listed here, I have to say that Patagonia is definitely one of the best for stylish travel clothing combined with high durability and a great warranty. Plus their charitable program, Patagonia Action Works, has been supporting conservation efforts for over 40 years. Their brand ethically sources all its materials and labor, so you can feel good about where your money is going.


Bluffworks: Best Business Travel Clothes

A couple wearing business Bluffworks clothes

Bluffworks combines high fashion with durable travel clothing that can be worn anywhere, especially at the office. They aim to unite your travel wardrobe with your everyday wardrobe to make lasting yet fashionable clothing.

They successfully combine performance, style and fabric quality. I’d wear their clothes just about anywhere in the world. If you need stylish clothing for travel and everyday wear, Bluffworks’ travel clothing line is a great option.

You should note that they have a small catalog, but the quality more than makes up for the lack of choices.

Bluffworks is perfect for traveling in cities because they use moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant fabrics, so you can explore for hours while still looking presentable. Their aesthetic isn’t flashy by any means, but their clothes are well-made and high-class.

Bluffworks certainly takes no shortcuts when it comes to their materials. In my opinion, it’s the style and quality inherent in every one of their products that distinguishes Bluffworks and earns them a slot on this list as being one of the best travel clothing brands.


prAna: Best Athletic Travel Clothes

PrAna Clothes

If you’re packing lightweight and looking for stylish but athletic travel clothing, look to prAna! They specialize in sustainable yoga clothing that’s also fantastic for travel and outdoor use. They’ve been doing so for years. They also place a premium on durability and quality, both of which are essential attributes for travel-friendly clothing.

You might have heard the buzz about their leggings and pants—they’re comfy, moisture-wicking, they have an athletic fit, and they last forever. Although prAna clothing has plenty of styles (they have an incredible selection of patterns and colors), their most significant focus is on performance.

First of all, prAna’s clothing has tons of comfort. prAna uses super-soft fabrics and smart designs to keep you comfortable during almost any activity by wicking away excess perspiration and providing ample breathability in warm climates. For example, they make excellent travel dresses for women featuring very lightweight cotton fabric that’s perfect for a night out or a day exploring nature.

Like many of the top travel clothing brands, prAna places a big emphasis on sustainability. They use recycled and natural fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester, and they make timeless pieces that are designed to last.

They also have a performance-oriented cut that promotes a full range of motion and an athletic fit. If you’re looking for comfortable yet durable travel clothes that can keep up with you wherever you go, whether it’s a hiking trail or a new city, Prana is an excellent choice.


ExOfficio: Best Travel Underwear

ExOfficio bug repellant clothing

I would wear almost anything from the ExOfficio lineup. They have been part of the outdoor community since 1987, and their primary market is insect and sun-repellent clothing. For that reason, hiking and backpacking travelers should check out ExOfficio for all their active gear.

ExOfficio also offers an excellent array of travel clothing accessories like bug-repellent hats and bandanas and underwear utilizing comfortable fabrics built specifically for travel. It’s all in the details, and I think that’s where ExOfficio shines.

They also use a range of eco-friendly materials in their underwear and base layers.

ExOfficio is very passionate about the science behind their products. They used advanced fabrics like merino wool clothing and high-tech anti-microbial treatments. I highly encourage you to look at ExOfficio for practical outdoor travel clothing—especially their underwear!


Unbound Merino: Best Merino Wool Selection

Unbound Merino Side

Unbound Merino is a brand that takes advantage of one of the best clothing materials available out there—merino wool. They’re one of the best merino wool brands on the market, using very high-quality merino wool, which further boosts the quality of their final products—spectacular travel clothes, especially when it comes to shirts and tops.

But let’s talk fabric for a moment. Merino wool is a particular type of wool with spectacular temperature regulation and anti-bacterial properties. It is a wrinkle-resistant fabric that keeps you comfortable in warm or cold weather. It’s also a natural material and is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there!

Unbound Merino has harnessed this merino wool perfectly. They keep fashion in mind when designing simple garments with all the power of this glorious fabric. One shirt can take you from the airport to a city tour to a nice dinner on the town, and still look and smell great at every stage of the day thanks to the anti-bacterial properties.

Unbound Merino has become my go-to for merino wool clothing, largely because of their versatility. They pack in a great travel style that’s ready for everything from urban travel to lounging in the hotel room.

Unbound Merino also pledges to use high-quality fabrics and to avoid fast fashion tactics. In terms of spectacular textile and lightweight clothing, Unbound Merino is undoubtedly one of my favorites for comfortable travel.


Ably: Best Stain-Resistant Clothes

Ably stain-proof shirt

Ably is another one of those brands that value smart and practical clothing for people who are often on the road. They are a Seattle-based brand whose mission is to design odor-, sweat-, water-, and wrinkle-resistant clothing that will be your go-to for any situation.

That’s a tall order, so how do they do it? Ably uses a unique lightweight fabric called Filium. It’s moisture-resistant, odor-blocking, and fast-drying. Together, these attributes work together to form stunning travel clothing, especially for those of you prone to spilling drinks on your clothing (guilty as charged).

I’m particularly fond of the neutral style of Ably clothing—you can mix and match most items. This easy pairing allows you to pack fewer pieces of clothing so you can fill up your suitcase with souvenirs instead!

Furthermore, unlike many mainstream clothing companies, Ably truly cares about quality, and their clothing shows it. Ably has high-quality items that resist spills, sweat, stains, and nearly all other travel-related unpleasantness.


Athleta: Best Women's Travel Clothes

Athleta Clothes

Athleta is one of the more mainstream websites on this list and boasts an extensive catalog to match. This brand is consequently one of my top recommendations for the casual female traveler (and my female team members agree!).

From bottoms to jackets and t-shirts to dresses, Athleta undoubtedly has something for everyone. Athleta also uses durable materials in tandem with quality manufacturing, so you’ll get the same level of comfort in a maxi-dress as you would with a pair of yoga pants.

The aesthetically pleasing yet subtle style is best deployed in cities—taking in the sights, catching a show, having relaxing evenings out, or just chilling in everyday life. However, Athleta’s performance-focused apparel easily earns its place on more adventurous excursions or simple trips to the hotel gym.

Athleta seems to have chiseled out a strong following amongst yoga aficionados thanks to their durable, comfortable, and breathable active leggings and tops. The apparel doesn’t come cheap, but it’s still an excellent travel clothing brand that covers the entire field from casual to activewear.


Vessi Footwear: Best Travel Shoes

Vessi Everyday

Vessi Footwear is an innovative brand that took the typical sneaker model and made it four-season. Their travel shoes are designed for rainy or snowy weather thanks to remarkable waterproofing technology. And yes, I do mean waterproof⁠—I’ve tested Vessi shoes myself, and they’re remarkably watertight.

What’s more, the unique knit material has all the comfort of your favorite pair of slippers for unparalleled foot comfort while traveling. You have three types of sneakers to choose from: the Everyday Sneaker, the Cityscape, and the Everyday Slip-On. All three versions come in both men’s and women’s versions, and each has particular strengths.

Check out my complete review of Vessi footwear if you want to know more.

Vessi literally designed these shoes from scratch as a startup and funded their project through a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. The science behind the waterproof knit pattern is incredible, and the shoe cushion is anti-bacterial. No stinky feet!

These travel shoes are perfect for just about everyone out there. From snow to rain and casual to classy, these shoes do everything.


Icebreaker: Best For Travel Baselayers

Icebreaker Baselayer Women

Icebreaker is another excellent company that uses merino wool for the vast majority of their products. While they have a broad range of general clothing that’s perfect for travel days, they also produce a very intriguing line of performance clothing aimed at hiking and adventure.

This diversity means that Icebreaker can be your one-stop-shop for all your travel clothing, casual or otherwise. Merino wool is their material of choice because it naturally inhibits bacterial growth and thereby reduces odor while at the same time providing excellent temperature regulation.

The properties of Icebreaker’s high-tech fabrics will keep you warm in colder weather but also help cool you down in the heat by staying breathable and wicking sweat away from your body. This is a huge advantage over cotton t-shirts, which absorb sweat and don’t dry quickly. They also offer great sun protection for long days outside.

Merino is genuinely a fabric unlike any other, and any brand that focuses on wool clothing is a prime target for your wardrobe. I’m particularly fond of Icebreaker’s wool baselayers. They’re great for staying warm on chilly planes or layering up for a colder day exploring a new city or landscape. I include a pair of wool pants for just about every trip I take, and I never regret bringing them.

Overall, Icebreaker makes high-quality travel clothes designed to roll with the punches and stick with you wherever you go. Trust me, merino wool will change your entire outlook on travel clothes. There’s no other material out there that will look so stylish and suitable for any occasion, and yet work so hard to keep you comfortable and smelling great. In fact, they make several of our favorite travel shirts.


Western Rise: Best Men's Travel Clothes

Western Rise clothing for men

Western Rise is a perfect brand for the minimalist male travelers out there. They focus on neutral and durable clothing that will work in many different capacities. While you won’t see many bright colors or patterns, you will get high-quality clothing that will match with anything else in your wardrobe.

Though their clothing may be simple, it has so many different uses and benefits to make so much more than your standard tee. For example, Western Rise cotton shirts include odor and wrinkle-resistant technology, allowing you to dress with confidence for every situation.

The secret behind this odor and wrinkle-free material? Merino wool! Did I mention that I love merino wool? Recall that wool fabric is naturally odor-resistant and less prone to wrinkles than plain cotton. Western Rise, therefore, produces an excellent blend of the two materials that allow you to wear their products just about anywhere.

Their pants are just as impressive, with a nylon-elastane blend for ultimate comfort and durability. Western Rise is a brand that genuinely allows you to go from the city to outdoors in the same outfit.

Their basic design approach also helps with overall travel outfitting, allowing you to easily dress up their clothing without having to include separate fashion outfits while packing.

So remember, Western Rise is absolute wardrobe basics, but the nicest basics you can buy. I’m also a sucker for a company that cares deeply about its material quality, and Western Rise makes a definite point of addressing its design and material selection process on its website.

The company is also very interested in social responsibility and is working to become a net-zero carbon emissions company. Western Rise is perfect for travelers who need minimalist clothing that will work in many different scenarios for many trips to come.


KÜHL: Best Travel Pants

KUHL clothing

KÜHL is one of my favorite travel clothing brands. They produce clothes for men and women that are well-made with a particular focus on hiking. They’re well known for their travel and hiking pants, which feature a trim yet rugged design that’s durable enough for any trail but minimalist enough for a day navigating city streets.

What I mean by “minimalist” is that these travel pants don’t feature any overt logos, bulkiness, or patterns. Just a simple, well-made design that extends to all KÜHL products. That makes them perfect travel pants.

For all you women out there, KÜHL even has an exciting activewear dress collection. The fabric ranges from mighty merino wool to standard cotton, but each one is incredibly cozy and perfect to wear on the road.

I also love that KÜHL has many products that combine all the benefits of technical fabrics with understated designs that can fit your personal style. That’s great for anyone who likes to pack light for one-bag travel and needs travel clothing that can fill multiple purposes, from hiking to dressing up to go out for the night.

All in all, KÜHL is ideal if you need some simple, well-made pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. Also, because the clothing isn’t bulky, it won’t take up too much room as you’re packing. These travel clothes are ideal for anyone who likes well-made clothing designed by an independent company that will fit perfectly in their suitcase!


Darn Tough Socks: Best Travel Socks

Darn Tough Socks

Socks are essential, and Darn Tough is a well-known sock brand from Vermont, USA. Without a doubt, these are my go-to socks for any occasion, and I love them. I’ve owned at least five pairs, and I never leave home without them.

These merino wool socks genuinely live up to the company name, and they’ll last trip after trip and season after season with hardly any signs of wear and tear. They are durable, warm, and breathable, and they feature merino wool’s natural odor resistance. Merino is the best material for base layers, and that includes your socks!

The natural temperature-regulating properties of wool also makes these socks ideal for both cold and hot weather. Their designed to keep your feet comfortable no matter the temperature. They also sell a wide range of sock thicknesses, from super lightweight running socks to thick, cushy winter ones.

Darn Tough invests a tremendous amount of effort in sourcing high-quality natural fabrics and craftsmanship for these socks. They’re not limited to outdoor adventure either⁠—the comfortable, moisture-wicking, and durable design is just as useful for airports, cities, and museums.

Simply search on their website, and I’m sure you’ll find a pair you love. Darn Toughs has a considerable array of sock styles and designs, but they all feature merino wool’s signalture soft feel and comfort.

The best part of Darn Tough is their warranty. Unlike many brands, they really stand behind their products. If you ever wear out your socks, send them back and they’ll ship you a new pair. No questions asked, no receipt needed. While these socks seem expensive, that extra cost is actually quite affordable pricing considering you are buying a pair of socks that will last the rest of your life!

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am a huge fan of Darn Tough socks. Get some! You might even be able to pass them down to your grandkids.


Eddie Bauer: Best Travel Jackets

Eddie Bauer pants

Eddie Bauer is an extremely well-known travel clothing brand with plenty of options for both men and women. For my part, I love their travel pants think they’re one of the best jacket brands out there. Their Guide Pro pants are water-resistant, stretchy, and very swish. Meanwhile, the jackets are lightweight, breathable, stylish, and perfect for men or women.

I also have an Eddie Bauer down parka that I love. I can wear it during the day and stay comfortable without overheating. Meanwhile, my favorite pair of Guide Pro pants look at home on the trail, in a restaurant, or just lounging around.

My emphasis on their pants and jackets is not to imply that I’m not a fan of Eddie Bauer shirts, however. They offer a wide variety in both technical and cotton that are appropriate for casual or activewear. Take note that I feel that their shirts are a little on the boxy side, and they wouldn’t be my first choice to dress to impress, but they’re functional nevertheless. In particular, I think Eddie Bauer makes great shirts for sun protection while hiking in warmer weather.

Eddie Bauer designs all their clothing with versatility in mind. Their clothing is ideal for camping, fishing, hiking, and general travel. You can wear their clothes anywhere, anytime.

Eddie Bauer also believes in sourcing the raw materials for their clothing responsibly, and so they partner with other associations to make sure they’re doing their part for conservation efforts. By and large they use eco-friendly fabrics and ethical manufacturing.

Let’s review the basics: Eddie Bauer is an outdoor and travel clothing brand has comfortable, stylish clothing that’s perfect for men and women travelers for a vast range of activities, and they also focus on conservation efforts! Who doesn’t want to shop there?


Mountain Hardwear: Most Durable Travel Clothes

Two people hiking in the mountains wearing Mountain Hardwear Clothing

Mountain Hardwear is one of those cool brands that craft tough gear that you’ll want to wear forever, and it will last just as long. Seriously, I have a fleece from Mountain Hardwear that I’ve worn up mountains on four continents over five years, and it’s still on the top of my packing list for every trip.

Generally speaking, Mountain Hardwear has a wide range of impressive clothing that will fit just about any traveling dress code. Their travel clothing line includes casual shirts for run-of-the-mill use, heavy-duty adventure gear crafted from exceptionally durable fabrics, travel pants suitable for mountains or museums, and more stylish tops and button-up shirts to dress up for a night out.

Mountain Hardwear’s usefulness for travelers extends beyond clothes. They make an impressive line of backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags to fully equip the adventurous folks out there.

Finally, their fabrics are designed to last in the long run (just like my traveling fleece). Every piece of clothing exhibits excellent construction and quality, making Mountain Hardwear a trustworthy purveyor of all things travel clothing related.

There you go, travelers! We’ve covered the very best travel clothing brands out there to make sure you’re fully kitted out for your next adventure, wherever that may be.

There are plenty of durable and reliable choices, no matter if you’re visiting a city or a remote backcountry trail. We’ve likewise covered plenty of style options ranging from subtle and minimalist to more flashy and snazzy, depending on your taste.

So go ahead, browse our suggestions and pick out your new travel clothes, and get after those worldwide travels.

Travel Clothing Brand FAQs

What are the best clothes to travel in?

The best clothes to travel in are loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that are light and packable.

What is the best antimicrobial travel clothing?

Merino wool is the best solution for antimicrobial travel clothing.

How can I look stylish while traveling?

Looking stylish while traveling is all about finding versatile clothing pieces that work well in many situations.

What is the most comfortable clothes to wear on a plane?

The most comfortable clothes to wear on a plane are soft and stretchy clothes like sweats, leggings, or athletic clothing.

Is it better to wear leggings or jeans on a plane?

Leggings are definitely a better choice than jeans on a plane.

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