17 of the Most Picturesque Places in Australia

17 of the Most Picturesque Places in Australia

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Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world, yet so much mystery remains to the rest of the world. The Land Down Under has no shortage of opulent beaches, sweeping deserts, dense forests, and endless valleys, but for travelers, these areas are just waiting to be uncovered.

Australia gets more of a reputation for her kangaroos, poisonous animals, and vast areas of uninhabited outback as opposed to her stunning landscapes. Lucky for you, the adventurous traveler, Australia has so much more to offer.

So grab your visa, whether it’s a Tourist Visa or a Working/Holiday Visa, and start exploring some of the best this country has to offer.

1. Lake McKenzie

Beautiful waters of Lake McKenzie at dusk. Fraser Island, Australia.
Beautiful waters of Lake McKenzie at dusk. Fraser Island, Australia.

Fraser Island is the largest sand dune in the world, and it is also home to one of the most opulent, pristine lakes in the world. This rare freshwater body is perched with unique, stand-out geological features, from the pure silica sand to the radiant blue color of the water. The views at Lake McKenzie are as tranquil as something out of a movie.

2. Adelaide Hills

Sunset Creek
A rural Adelaide Hills landscape.

Located in South Australia, this gorgeous wine region is a must-see if you love open hills and pretty trees. In fall and spring, Adelaide Hills is even more beautiful, quaint, and colorful that other times of the year, so plan your trip accordingly. Additionally, the German presence here will provide even more romantic imagery for your camera.

3. Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.
Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

If you’ve finished your visit in Adelaide and you still can’t get enough, then make a stop at Fleurieu Peninsula for endless photo ops. The sandy dunes along the electric blue coastlines, rolling hills, lively farms, and vibrant vineyards provide visitors with the perfect scenes for a memorable snapshot.

4. Daintree Rainforest

Daintree National Park, Australia.
Daintree National Park, Australia.

Although much of Australia is dominated by the beaches and the outback, there is also lush rainforests to see here, too. Lying along the Daintree River, the ecosystem of this rainforest is alive with so much for you and your lens to take in. Admire extensive flora, magical birds, striking waterfalls, and deep gorges all in one.

5. Cape Tribulation

View of Cape Tribulation.
View of Cape Tribulation.

The Daintree Rainforest and the Wet Tropics Heritage Area surrounds none other than Cape Tribulation. The scene of the cape looks like something right out of a photoshopped postcard, and you’ll discover that once you come here that the white sand and turquoise water is just too beautiful to put into words.

6. The Blue Mountains

Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains, Australia.
Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Located in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains are something of a geographic wonder. Raised well above sea level with rugged cliffs and luscious gardens, many people travel to this area to get away from it all. The gorgeous landscape provides a peaceful oasis, and any photos you take here will be food for your Instagram.

7. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park.
Kakadu National Park. Photo credit: Mike Howard of HoneyTrek.

Kakadu National Park is truly a natural wonder, and here you’ll see just why the Aboriginal people connected with it so closely for thousands of years. With amazing landforms including extensive river systems and basins occupied by hundreds of species of wildlife, one could easily spend an entire day here, or more!

8. Great Ocean Road

How to Spend 3 Days on Australia’s Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road along the southeastern coast is the most equally incredible and thrilling drive you’ll ever take. On this scenic route you’ll be able to see the famous 12 Apostles, numerous waterfalls, jagged cliffs, surf breaks, and the people down below enjoying it all the same. Take a picture of it all from Teddy’s Lookout.

9. Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley, Australia.
Kangaroo Valley, Australia.

For another scenic drive, come to Kangaroo Valley. Here, is just as much of a paradise for humans as it is for marsupials. While you’re waiting to catch a wallaby or two, you’ll be surrounded by what looks like a scene from a magical fairy tale.

10. Rottnest Island

Off the coast of Western Australia you’ll find a precious limestone island where rare species have made their homes more than 7,000 years ago. It’s a getaway from the mainland, especially if you’re coming from Perth. Come enjoy outdoors activities or relax on the beach with this as your backdrop.

Rottnest Island is also the perfect place for a day trip!

11. Broome

Photo credit: Camels on Cable Beach at Sunset
Camels on Cable Beach at Sunset. Photo credit: Flickr

Broome is thriving with culture and diversity and is the perfect mix of everything you need to capture the right scene. Whether you choose to ride camels along the Cable Beach, capture a sunset, or see “The Kimberley,” you’ll be happy you came, and so will your scrapbook.

12. The Bungle Bungle Range

Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles.
Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles. Photo credit: Flickr

The Bungle Bungles are very interesting rock formations located in Western Australia. The rocks are rounded at the top, resembling something like a giant beehive. Though it’s not just the rocks that make this visual so strikingly beautiful–it’s the backdrop of the endless sky above and golden plains below.

13. Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay Cape Le Grand
Overlooking Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance Western Australia

Lucky Bay is just one part of Cape Le Grande National Park, but it’s all you’ll need to see to fall in love. The sun literally gleams off the white sand, making it a perfect spot to rest and swim. Even kangaroos sometimes come to chill out, and if you look closely, you may even see whales migrating in the distance.

14. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Everyone should do the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk at least once in their life. While Bondi Beach itself is quite the picturesque place, the hike from Bondi to Coogee is even more rewarding. The walk takes place high up on the cliffs, where you’ll take in the view for miles in every direction.

15. Margaret River

Redgate Beach
Sunset at Redgate Beach near Margaret River Western Australia.

Margaret River is a surfer’s paradise for both the surfers as well as the spectators that come to watch. No where else will you catch huge waves in a pristine blue river, and when you’re done, explore caves or take a detour through famous wine country.

16. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands.
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands.

On Whitsunday Island, off the coast of Australia, come and explore Whitehaven Beach. While there are many beaches to see all over Australia, this one gets special recognition for being the cleanest. Maybe it’s because the sand and water are so clear that you can nearly see your own reflection in them. In fact, it’s been named one of the top ten beaches in the world!

17. Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires, Tasmania.
Bay of Fires, Tasmania.

Australia does a great job of finding fitting names for places that are hard to describe. The Bay of Fires is one of these places, where the bright orange, granite rocks surrounding the water are a symbol of the fires that the Aboriginal people made here. This is where I found my paradise. You never know–you might find yours here, too!

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Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster
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