20 Must-Have Apps for Traveling

These days, there are smartphone applications that are extremely useful and can sometimes come in handy when you really need them. On this page, we will be taking a closer look at 20 must-have mobile apps that are absolutely essential for when you next go traveling, either at home or abroad.

What are the top 20 must-have mobile apps for traveling?

There are many different smartphone apps that people use in a variety of situations. Some are a lot more useful than others, especially when it comes to traveling.

Mobile travel apps can be used to help find the nearest and most affordable accommodation, reserve tickets, find the latest deals on flights, track flights, and so much more. Some apps can even be used to find the nearest public restroom. They all have their own useful functions.

Some apps may lose functionality while traveling; indeed, in some countries, some apps may be blocked or need a VPN to work. For example, You may not be able to use your favorite betting app when traveling abroad, but you can use all of these other reliable travel apps.

The following top 20 must-have apps for traveling are listed in no particular order:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Booking.com
  3. TripAdvisor
  4. XE Currency Converter
  5. Spotify
  6. Netflix
  7. Hotels.com
  8. Hotwire
  9. Google Maps
  10. Google Translate
  11. Wise
  12. Vrbo
  13. Lonely Planet
  14. LuckyTrip
  15. Hopper
  16. Skyscanner
  17. Headout
  18. Zomato
  19. Eatwith
  20. Surfshark VPN

Which apps should you download?

If you’re going to try and visit as many top-rated restaurants as possible when you go away, then you need an app that can tell you where all the great places to eat are.

If you’re going to be hopping on one flight after another, then a flight booking app would be ideal for you. The apps you download should be based on your specific needs and what you plan to do on your travels.

There are many other similar apps out there today that are also great for traveling. You don’t have to download and install every single mobile app onto your smartphone, but downloading several can be very helpful.

Before downloading for free, find out what each of these apps does to see which would be more convenient for you. When you decide which apps you want, remember to add them to your device well before traveling. Also, take a few minutes to browse through and familiarise yourself with them and get used to using them.

More useful apps

Having a weather app that’s easy to use can also be extremely helpful. Examples of today’s best weather applications include the Weather app, AccuWeather, The Weather channel, RadarScope, CARROT Weather, Met Office Weather Forecast, Yahoo Weather, and NOAA Weather Radar, to name a few.

If you plan on taking trips to museums, theatres, music concerts, art galleries, and sports venues, you may want to download the Smartify app. Similar apps include Google Arts & Culture, Yelp, and Bloomberg Connects.

Final note

Some of these smartphone apps can help us stay in touch with our friends and family. Others can make our trip hassle-free. Others are designed to entertain us and keep our minds occupied while we go on long journeys or have to wait around for the next flight, bus or train, and others can help us get the most out of our travel experience. 

Some apps can be downloaded and installed for free onto almost any modern smartphone or tablet device with Wi-Fi connectivity, and others are designed for specific devices only (e.g., Android or iOS devices).

Most of today’s best apps that are ideal for traveling, especially the ones mentioned above, can easily be added to your smartphone or tablet device in just a few simple taps or clicks. The entire process should take less than a minute, provided you follow the instructions when installing any of these apps onto your preferred device.

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