Here’s Why You Should Not Overlook Durban, South Africa

Durban is somewhat of an overlooked destination in South Africa and most people don’t know much about its distinctive qualities and what makes it a special place to visit. If you are a tourist looking for beautiful beaches in the South African country, look no further than Durban. It hosts some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches and natural scenic spots. Another plus to Durban’s beaches is its warm waters, which makes it ideal for swimming at any part of the day, without getting worried about hypothermia. There are still other compelling reasons why you should include Durban in your South African destinations.

Durban is a Budget-Friendly Destination

Durban is in fact a cheaper destination than its sister cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town. You’ll find that flights to Durban are relatively cheap, especially if you are flying domestically. Internationally, flights to Durban are comparable to Johannesburg and Cape Town, and its new airport, King Shaka International Airport is more spacious than the older Louis Botha Airport, which allows for more international and domestic flights to this wonderful city.

One the Best Sunrise Views Are Here

Durban is one of the most perfect places to view the breathtaking orange-red sun rising from the horizon. It is situated on the East Coast of Africa, so you’ll surely be greeted by this wonderful sighting especially on the beach. Thus, Durban can be considered one of the best places to stay and relax on. One of the best experiences you’ll have in this city is to wake up and be greeted by the shining sun rising up from the calm blue ocean water.

The Biggest Mall in Africa is Found Here

In case you didn’t know, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping is actually located in Durban. This mall opened in 2001 and is considered one of the 50 largest malls in the world! If you intend to go on an international shopping spree, you’d better include Durban in your destinations. With a wide, airy and bright mall hosting 90 restaurants and 400 stores, this can be considered a shopaholic’s paradise.

The People Are as Warm as Its Weather

Durbanites are one of the most welcoming and friendly people you’ll ever meet. They are pretty laid back and easy going, which is a welcome thing considering the fast-paced and competitive bigger cities. People in Durban are more patient and family-oriented due to the slower pace of living, making tourists feel the best of both worlds – living in a big city while feeling like in the countryside.

I did mention about the weather, and this city is warm all year round. This means you never experience winter and feel like it’s summer all year long. It’s no wonder why the city is dubbed as “South Africa’s playground”. It’s almost always sunny in Durban and the warm ocean current keeps the land warm, so even if it’s winter season around the continent, the lowest temperature drop in this sunny city is just around 18°C, which is still manageable for most tourists. Locals may find this drop very cold already, but you can still do outdoor activities as a tourist.

The City is Culturally Diverse

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, and Durban shows a clear example of it. You’ll find local Zulus, Indians from south and north India, white people of Dutch and British descent and other cultures and different religions. This city showcases the best of cultural harmony where you can find churches, temples and mosques built adjacent to each other. Here’s a geographical pop quiz: did you know that Durban has the largest Indian population outside of India? This is a little-known fact to people outside of South Africa. Indentured laborers from India were once brought to Durban by the British to work in sugarcane fields. Now, Indians are a part of Durban’s culture, with their influence identifiable in everything, from local fashion to food flavors.

There is an exhaustive list of reasons why you should explore Durban. It is a city that is still waiting to be fully explored and experienced. It is a premiere beach destination of South African locals, and you’ll definitely have to go there to experience the warm beaches and waters first-hand. It isn’t just a one-attraction city, it’s a multi-faceted city you’ll want to immerse on to truly appreciate its enchanting beauty.