It’s a simple truth that people love weird stuff, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the feedback we’ve received on our WTF travel photo galleries. What started off as a fun way to commemorate the 124th anniversary of the first Kodak camera has become something of a regular series on Travel Freak, so we’ve decided to make it official with WTF Wednesday – a midweek post devoted to all the funny travel pictures from around the world that we’ve gathered on the web. Consider it a hump day treat.

And for the main course… gerbil!

wtf travel 9


And they never asked to stop at the next rest stop again…


wtf travel 8


The support system isn’t stable, but it’s all we got.


wtf travel 7


Has anyone seen Mikey?


wtf travel 5


When we begin our ascent, be sure to keep all limbs inside the plane.


wtf travel 2


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