10 of Our Best WTF for Awkward Moments Day

As you know, we usually save our roundups of crazy travel photos for Wednesday afternoons. However, after hearing that today is National Awkward Moments Day, we figured waiting til then would be downright embarrassing. You’ll still get a fresh batch of the web’s best WTF travel pictures later this week, but a meaningless glorious holiday such as today calls for a little retrospection – so below you’ll find the ten most awkward photos that have been published in our long-running WTF Wednesday series.

Going through the hundreds of bizarre photos in our archive was… well, bizarre. It’s crazy to think that something that started as an ode to the 124th anniversary of the Kodak camera has grown into this giant collection of strange ass pictures. And yet, like that slightly worrisome mole that keeps growing on our abdomen, we couldn’t imagine our lives without it despite the nagging fears it’ll only spell disaster down the road.

But who cares about the future, right?


That awkward moment when you start to look like your motorcycle.

That awkward moment when it’s just too big.

That awkward moment when you didn’t get the memo.

That awkward moment when you tell your friends you can do a cartwheel.

That awkward moment when the hunter becomes the hunted.

That awkward moment when you realize you’re in Russia.

That awkward moment when you just wanna get turnt up.

That awkward moment when mom and dad start “the talk.”

That awkward moment when you’re not in on the joke.

That awkward moment when… this happens:

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