Want to Chill? Ice Bars from Around the World

Ice bars are a major tourist attraction in major cities all over the world. This bar is far from the typical bar you would go to when travelling – everything, including furniture, walls, sculptures, and decorations are entirely made of ice. The bar is kept at a chilling -5° C to keep anything from melting. Upon entering, you put on a parka provided by the bar that helps keep you warm in this freezing environment!

Icebarcelona – Barcelona, Spain


photo via Things to Do 

Icebarcelona opened in Condal City in 2007. Since then, it’s served as a huge tourist spot. After enjoying some time in the cold, you’ll be able to get cocktails near the Mediterranean afterwards.

Icebar by Icehotel – London, England

Icebar london

 photo via Below Zero London 

The ice for Icebar by Icehotel in London is  harvested especially from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden. Once a year the entire bar is completely redesigned with a new theme and layout by skilled ice designers and sculptors, using new ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden. This ice is known for its purity, and the new designs each year continue to make this one of the most popular icebars.

Minus5° Ice bar – Las Vegas, Nevada and New York, New York 


photo via blog.vegas.com

This icebar has locations in Las Vegas and a location in New York, with another location opening in Orlando, Florida. The bar and sculptures are changed every 6-8 weeks, which promises a new experience every time you visit. There is also a photographer that goes around the icebar, so after your tour you can purchase a picture that will capture the moment.

Freezelounge Ice Bar & Grill  – New Delhi, India 

freeze-lounge-photo8 (1)

 photo via c.meraparty.com 

Freeze Lounge is the only ice bar in New Delhi made up of crystal clear ice. This is a huge spot for tourism, and this location specializes in vodka shots, mocktails, and has an extensive list of cocktails that can be enjoyed out of a glass made entirely of ice. This location is also set at a chilling – 10°C.

Chillout – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


photo via Strangeline

Chillout is the first ice bar in the Middle East. They have chandeliers, walls, and sculptures made entirely out of ice in this -6°C ice bar. Here, they offer an assortment of mocktails for any guest to enjoy and is appropriate for all ages. This bar is also the first to serve hot food and beverages at an ice bar, which can be a relief when sitting in such a cold atmosphere!

Which ice bar do you want to visit?

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