Get $20 off Your First Ride Free With This Uber Promo Code

No, it’s not a cruel joke. Free Uber rides are your ticket to anywhere! Just use this Uber promo code to get $20 off your next ride.

Get $20 off Your First Ride Free With This Uber Promo Code
By Agata Pona ·

Need a ride but low on funds? If you’ve never used Uber before then I have an Uber promo code that could make your first five rides either free or delightfully cheap.

You might have noticed by now, I’m a huge fan of promo codes in all shapes and sizes.

That said, I don’t have a lot of space on my phone so I have to be selective with what I download. Podcasts have had to go to make room for Agoda, a travel-booking platform, which I’ve since deleted so I could take more photos. You get the picture.

But, there is one app that will always have a special place on my phone and that is Uber.

If you haven’t already joined the world of Uber users then you seriously need to do so.

And if you use this link or the coupon code CAESARSWEB, you’ll get $20 off your first Uber ride free!


The app lets you order a taxi, get an estimate of how much the journey will cost, track how far away your car is and split the bill with anyone else with whom you’re riding.

You can even select the Uber pool option, which allows you to make your journey with others traveling in the same direction; your trip may take a bit longer, as you may have to pick up and drop off other passengers along the way, but the fare will be split amongst all of you.

More crazy nights than I care to admit have ended with me unceremoniously pouring my heart out to some poor Uber driver who just wanted to do their job and get home to their partner.

At least I’ve tipped them a few extra bucks for being my psychologist for the evening. In fact, tipping isn’t so bad with free Uber codes, since that gratuity would be the only money you’d spend.

And now you can start your Uber experience with a bang thanks to a free Uber ride once you plug in the promo code for Uber I’m going to give you.

Get your Uber first ride free when you sign up to Uber using this link or with the invite code CAESARSWEB.

Consider it an Uber coupon, as you will get $20 off your first ride! Depending on how far you go, this could mean a completely free Uber ride.

How to Get an Uber Promo Code

Here is a breakdown of how to apply for your Uber free ride when you sign up for an account.

  • Download the Uber app on your phone (or just click here to sign up)
  • When you sign up and log in, find the Payment section where you’ll “Add Promo/Gift Code” and plug in the Uber promo code CAESARSWEB.
  • That’s it! Your Uber free ride code is automatically applied when you take your first four Uber rides.

Once you’ve used the first four discounted rides you will then have to start paying full price for your Uber rides—unless you spread the word.

When you sign up for Uber you’re given your very own invite code. You can then use this promo code for Uber to do exactly what I am doing. Get people to sign up using your Uber promo code and, not only do they get a free Uber ride (of up to $5), but so do you.

The app may also happen to offer another free Uber ride code for a special occasion, which it often will.

Join the virtuous circle of receiving and giving free Uber rides—your friends will love you for it, and so will your bank account.


  • How to get a free $20 Uber?

    You can get $20 off your first Uber ride by using the coupon code CAESARSWEB.

  • Where can I find promo code in Uber?

    You can add an Uber promo code in the Payment section of the app under “Add Promo/Gift Code.”

  • How to get a discount for Uber?

    You can use our discount code CAESARSWEB to get $20 off Uber.

  • Is Uber worth it?

    Uber is a great alternative to taxis and is definitely worth it if you travel frequently.

  • Is Uber or Lyft better?

    Uber and Lyft are very similar, and one might be cheaper than the other depending on the time and location. It’s worth checking both to find the best price.

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