Travelpro vs. Samsonite: Which is Best in 2024?

Travelpro luggage wins in build quality and warranty, but that doesn’t mean Samsonite is out of the running.

Choosing the right luggage is all about finding the suitcase that lets you travel unhindered. You’re already on the right track if you’re picking between Travelpro and Samsonite, but that doesn’t make the choice any easier.

I’ve zigzagged across continents, navigating everything from bustling airports to cramped bus cabins, all while keeping a keen eye on how my luggage performs. My verdict comes from miles of real-world tests, not just specs on a screen.

Plus, the TravelFreak team has spent nearly 15 years testing and reviewing luggage. We created an in-depth luggage rating system, and we now have over 150 suitcases in our testing database. I had a wealth of information and expertise to draw on for this comparison.

Travelpro and Samsonite are two of the most well-known brands in the luggage world, and they have vastly different approaches.

You’ll find Samsonite suitcases in most big retail stores and every airport around the world, and they have a huge range of products with unique styles and designs to suit everyone.

Travelpro, on the other hand, is a common choice for flight crews and other frequent travelers. Travelpro leans into a function-first philosophy and has more conservative, practical designs.

Because they are so different, it’s important to understand where each brand excels so you can make the right choice. I promise you an honest, no-holds-barred comparison that digs into the details to help you decide which brand best fits your needs.

Why You Can Trust Us

The TravelFreak editorial team has tested dozens of suitcases over the years, and we’ve learned a lot about what separates a quality piece of luggage from an overpriced, overhyped piece of plastic. We’ve tested and reviewed budget luggage, luxury suitcases, and everything in between.

We know how hard it is to find the perfect suitcase, and we want to make the process easier for you. So we got our team of gear junkies and former product engineers together to develop the most comprehensive luggage test methodology possible.

We tested and rated 17 Travelpro suitcases and 15 Samsonite suitcases, including carry-ons and checked bags, hardshells and softshells from both brands.

We evaluated every one of these suitcases on 31 metrics across eight categories. We gave them all the same treatment and rated them on the same standardized scales. This makes it easy for us (and you) to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Travelpro vs Samsonite: Quick Answers

  • Durability: Travelpro builds stronger and more durable luggage than Samsonite overall.
  • Price: Both Travelpro and Samsonite offer luggage in a wide price range, from budget-friendly to premium.
  • Warranty: Travelpro has a much better lifetime warranty compared to Samsonite’s 10-year warranty.
  • Sustainability: Samsonite does more to reduce their carbon footprint, use sustainable materials, and support workers’ rights.
  • Materials: Travelpro uses better materials overall, while Samsonite bags are often made from cheaper ABS or polypropylene.
  • Design and Style: Travelpro luggage has a more classic, conservative style, while Samsonite has more modern, techy designs.
  • Interior Organization: Most Travelpro suitcases have better interior organization and pockets than comparable Samsonite models.
  • Expandability: Both brands offer expandable suitcases, but Travelpro has more options for expandable hardside luggage.
  • Wheels: Travelpro uses higher-quality, smoother spinner wheels overall. The MagnaTrac self-aligning spinner wheels on their higher-end models are particularly good.
  • Handle: Travelpro suitcase handles are a bit sturdier and more adjustable than the handles on most Samsonite suitcases.
  • Color Options: Travelpro generally has more color choices than most Samsonite models.

Travelpro vs. Samsonite: Which Should You Buy?

Buy Travelpro if you…

  • are a frequent flier.
  • travel for business.
  • are a digital nomad or long-term traveler.
  • often travel internationally.
  • want a suitcase that will last for years (or decades) of travel.
  • care about having a reliable lifetime warranty.

Buy Samsonite if you…

  • you are on a tight budget.
  • travel less frequently.
  • need luggage for cruises or summer vacations.
  • mainly take domestic flights within the US.
  • care about buying more sustainable products.

Materials & Quality

Travelpro Materials & Quality

The Travelpro models we tested scored an average of 8.3 for Build Quality, while Samsonite only scored 7.9 on average. Travelpro luggage is consistently well-built and durable across the board, while Samsonite’s durability is more hit-and-miss.

Travelpro doesn’t use many fancy high-tech materials. They stick with materials and components that are reliable and time-tested: high-density nylon and polyester for soft shell suitcases and polycarbonate for hardshells. Even their affordable Maxlite Air suitcases are made with high-quality polycarbonate hard shells.

Travelpro’s wheels, handles, and zippers are also solid, even on their more budget-friendly models.

On the other hand, Samsonite’s quality varies widely. Their high-end models (like the C-Lite) use high-quality components and cutting-edge materials that are impressively impact-resistant. At the other end of the spectrum, though, their budget-friendly suitcases use cheaper materials like ABS and just don’t measure up to the durability of similar-priced Travelpro models.

I’ve broken the wheels on a few cheap Samsonite bags, but I have yet to see that happen with Travelpro.

If you’re willing to spend a lot of money, Samsonite’s high-end models with the high-tech materials are some of the strongest suitcases on the market, but otherwise, Travelpro wins when it comes to durability.

Don’t get me wrong, Samsonite suitcases are still plenty durable for most trips, but if you’re a frequent traveler and want to get years of use out of your suitcase, Travelpro is a better choice.

Design & Features

Travelpro Design & Features

Travelpro luggage is much more traditional and conservative-looking than Samsonite luggage, which tends to have more modern, flashy designs.

If you want a professional-looking suitcase for business travel, Travelpro is a better choice. However, if you want luggage that will stand out and make a statement, you’ll have better luck with Samsonite.

Travelpro bags generally have more features and better organization than Samsonite, especially if you’re shopping at a lower price point.

Travelpro suitcases have great pocket layouts to keep everything organized, well-designed compression straps, and some even have folding garment holders to store suits or dresses. Their luggage is just really practical.

That’s why Travelpro scored 9.1 for functionality on average and Samsonite only scored 8.9.

However, that doesn’t mean all Samsonite suitcases are basic. They’re lower-end models don’t have any fancy features, but they also sell specialty models with innovative designs.

For example, the Essens Carry-On has two large packing cubes that are entirely removable so you can customize how you want to pack the case, and the Stryde 111 has built-in LED lights to keep you visible while walking city streets at night.

For most travelers, the no-nonsense practicality of Travelpro will be a better fit. If you want something innovative and unique, though, Samsonite has way more to offer.

Value for the Money

Samsonite Value for Money

Both Travelpro and Samsonite make luggage for a wide range of budgets, from affordable to luxury. They both scored 8.6 in our Price-to-Performance category on average, so you can find excellent bang for your buck from either brand.

Here’s the way I see it.

If you’re trying to find the cheapest suitcase that will do the job and not fall apart after a few trips, Samsonite is the way to go. Their budget models are cheaper than Travelpro, and you can often find great deals at brick and mortar stores or on Amazon. For what you pay, those suitcases will serve you very well.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a real high-quality suitcase that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll have better luck with Travelpro. Their entry level Maxlite 5 and Maxlite Air lines are great suitcases, and they are surprisingly affordable.

Honestly, the Maxlite 5 Carry-On with two wheels is one of the best-value carry-ons on the market.

It’s also pretty impressive that Travelpro offers their Maxlite Air polycarbonate luggage at a lower price than most of the popular polycarbonate suitcases—like, a lot cheaper. Just compare it to something like Away or Monos and you’ll see the price difference.

Warranty and Buying Experience

There’s really no comparison between Samsonite’s warranty and Travelpro’s. Samsonite’s 10-year isn’t bad, but Travelpro has one of the best lifetime warranties in the business.

Travelpro’s core collections come with their “Built for a Lifetime Warranty,” which covers any functional damage to your suitcase. If you break the wheels, handles, or zippers, they will repair or replace it for you.

Travelpro will even cover the costs of damage caused by an airline. Most luggage companies (including Samsonite) won’t do that. During the first 1-5 years (depending on the model) they will even pay for shipping to have your suitcase repaired.

If you are a frequent traveler, damaging your luggage (even well-made luggage) is a distinct possibility. Travelpro’s warranty offers great peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for a new suitcase if that happens.

Brand Impact and Sustainability

Our Brand Impact score awards brands that use recycled materials, take steps to reduce their environmental footprint, are transparent and accountable, and have 3rd-party certifications like Fair Trade manufacturing.

Samsonite scored 6.2 for Brand Impact, and Travelpro only scored 5.8.

Both brands use recycled materials in their products, but Travelpro only really uses recycled fabrics for inner linings. The outer shells are all made of virgin material.

Samsonite, on the other hand, introduced their “Recyclex” program a few years ago and is incorporating more recycled materials into their products, inside and out. Many Samsonite softside models (like the Elevation Plus) use 100% recycled internal and external fabrics.

Samsonite is also more transparent with their impact and sustainability. They release an annual report, and they have programs in place to improve their impact.

Honestly, if impact and sustainability are your top priorities, neither of these brands is doing anything out of the ordinary. Paravel luggage might be worth checking out; their whole business is based around sustainability (and they also scored the highest for Brand Impact in our testing).

Overall though, Samsonite is a better choice than Travelpro when it comes to sustainable products.

Final Thoughts

Travelpro and Samsonite are both great luggage brands, and choosing one will ultimately come down to your travel style.

Travelpro’s luggage styles are straightforward, practical, and very well-built. Plus, Travelpro has one of the best warranties in the business. This makes Travelpro ideal if you travel frequently and see your luggage as an essential tool to get where you need to go.

Samsonite suitcases tend to be a bit more flashy, and their higher-end bags have more innovative features. If Travelpro bags are more professional and practical, Samsonite bags are more fun.

Plus, you can often find Samsonite luggage on sale well below retail price, so it’s a great option if you’re pinching pennies for your next trip.

If you need a practical carry-on for business trips or frequent travel, pick Travelpro. If you need a fun checked bag for family vacations, pick Samsonite.

Travelpro vs Samsonite FAQ

Is Travelpro a good luggage brand?

Yes, Travelpro is one of the best luggage brands in the business.

Is Samsonite better than Travelpro?

Generally, Travelpro luggage is higher quality and more durable than comparable Samsonite models.

How long does Travelpro luggage last?

Travelpro luggage comes with a lifetime warranty and can last for years or decades of frequent travel.

Why do pilots use Travelpro?

Many pilots and flight crew members use Travelpro luggage because it is well-made, reliable, and practical.

Where is Samsonite Luggage made?

Samsonite luggage is made in China, India, and Hungary.

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