7 Helpful Tips for Traveling With Contact Lenses

7 Helpful Tips for Traveling With Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, then you might be wondering how this all works out when you travel. While managing your eye care at home is one thing, managing it abroad is another. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hard. If you’re one of the special individuals that will need to travel with contact lenses on your holiday, then check out these tips.

Hint: You may not even need to bring anything at all!

1. Talk to Your Optometrist Before You Leave

Before you go away, talk to your optometrist at least a month before your travels. Let he or she know your plans, and find out which contacts lenses are best for you. They can offer advice on which contacts are ideal for traveling, and perhaps even provide you with some sample lenses before you go.

2. Travel With Contact Lenses in Your Carry On

Any medications or things you need daily should never be put in your checked luggage. Of course, if you’re going abroad for a year and you’re bringing a year’s supply of contact lenses, you might be okay putting some boxes in your suitcase. If you’re trying to pack light, though, that might not even be necessary. (See #4.)

3. Order Contact Lenses Wherever You Are

Buying contacts while you’re traveling doesn’t need to be a hassle. Vision Direct delivers your contact lenses at a cheap price, anywhere in the world. In most European destinations, they can have your lenses at your doorstep in two to three days. They have any brand you need in addition to accessories, and placing an order is simple. No, there’s no catch. Just a way to make the whole contact lens thing less of a headache when you travel.

4. Have Solution Handy

Bringing your contact solution can be a nuisance, as you can only bring a certain amount of liquid on an airplane (not to mention the risk of a bottle exploding mid-flight). There are two ways to go about this: One is to buy travel sized bottles of contact solution—easy. The other is to order them online and have them sent to you along the way—easier. Vision Direct not only delivers contacts but solution and other accessories as well.

5. Keep Your Contacts Organized and Labeled

Contacts can get mixed up, especially if you wear different prescriptions in each eye. Therefore, it’s really important to label your lenses. Things can also get lost easily when you travel, so keep everything in a safe spot while in transit or in your hotel.

6. Have a Copy of Your Prescription

This might be the most important thing on this list. Having a copy of your prescription can help tremendously if you lose your contacts while abroad. Whether you choose to order replacement lenses online or visit a doctor in the country you’re in, you don’t want to leave home without your script. You could also take a photo on your smartphone keep it backed up in the cloud.

7. Don’t Let Jetlag Mess Up Your Eyes

The exhaustion of flying can cause you to rub your eyes A LOT. Make sure when you travel to carry some hand sanitizer with you and try to keep your hands off your face. A good bottle of eye drops can help, too. Remember to take out your contact lenses before falling asleep on a plane. A comfy pair of glasses is a necessary accessory for any trip.

Just because you wear contact lenses doesn’t mean traveling with them has to be stressful. Utilize these tips to handle your eye care situation completely care-free!


  1. I like what you said about the potential for contacts to get mixed up on a vacation or even at home. I think organizing your contacts is just as important as finding the best contact lens for you. My wife and I are both glasses wearers so we’re contemplating getting contacts. We’ll be sure to find the best service available that offers comfortable contacts that we can organize easily.

  2. that’s is really useful tips that we get to read here which needs to be consider while traveling with contact lenses in order to take care of our eyes.

  3. I will be traveling with my sister this summer to different countries because we booked a trip with a cruise ship. I plan to buy contact lenses for my low-visioned eyes because I wanted to take good pictures of myself without my glasses during the trip. To help me choose my contact lenses, I appreciate that you explained that we can ask an optometrist about the best type of contact lenses for someone who will be traveling. Thanks a lot for the tips!

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