8 Tips for Traveling in Eastern Europe

Are you planning a trip to Eastern Europe? Find the best tips on how to make your journey safe and unforgettable.
The Stone Bridge in Skopje, Macedonia, Travel in the Balkans

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Traveling is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons, relax, and have a great time. Eastern Europe is an excellent place to see – the countries have incredible cultural diversity and lots of amazing tourist spots to visit.

In case you are planning on traveling in Eastern Europe, this post is right for you. We’ll cover the best tips on how to schedule your journey, make it more enjoyable, and stay safe.

1. Prepare Beforehand

Buying tickets to Europe and jumping on a flight in the same day is adventurous but risky. I’m always keen for an adventure, but most travel experts recommend planning your trip in advance. This way, you will get enough time to choose the best accommodation and decide on what you want to do and where you want to go.

Moreover, if you’re a student, it is better to complete your academic assignments upfront so you can feel more relaxed and forget about your studies during your trip.

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So, what else should you know in order to have the best possible trip to Eastern Europe?

2. Don’t Drink Tap Water

In most American cities, you can easily drink tap water with no risk for your health. This rule does not hold up in most countries in Eastern Europe. The fact is that most water pipes are incredibly old and rusty in the majority of cities.

It is highly recommended to buy water in bottles and avoid drinking tap water at all costs. The price per 1 liter of bottled water is around 20 cents, so this simple measure shouldn’t affect your budget in any significant way.

3. Try the Local Food 

Eastern Europe boasts fantastic cuisine! To get the freshest and the most delicious food, I recommend trying the traditional dishes from each country in the most well-known restaurants around town.

You can easily find places to eat using travel apps like TripAdvisor. Feel free to experiment and try new things – some of the dishes might seem unusual, but they are really worth trying!

4. Book Accommodation In The City Centers

The truth is that public transport is not one of the strong points of most Eastern European cities.

While accommodation in remote parts of town might be significantly cheaper, using public transport each day might prove to be a real nightmare, especially for beginner travelers.

It is much better to book accommodation in the city center and avoid spending hours on the local trains and buses.

5. Make Sure To Carry Paper Money 

Credit cards are accepted in most crowded tourist places. However, if you are planning to visit small cities or remote places, make sure to have some cash on hand. Many little shops and local markets might not have a terminal to accept credit card payments.

Having cash is also a must for buying tickets on public transport.

6. Watch Out For Cars 

Even if you’re following all the rules when you cross the road, always make sure there are no cars around. Drivers in Eastern Europe can be a little reckless, and they might drive across the crosswalk at a high speed.

Therefore, as a pedestrian, take extra precaution when crossing the street. The safest way to cross the street in most Eastern European countries is by using an underpasses. 

7. Avoid Walking In Remote Areas At Nighttime 

Enjoying the nightlife can be one of the most fun parts of traveling. Clubs are usually crowded, well lit, and completely safe. Feel free to have fun at bowling, night clubs, and restaurants as long as you would like to.

However, it is better to avoid having a walk alone at night in remote districts. Moreover, it is always a good idea to take a night taxi to your hotel rather than reaching it on foot.

Even if only a short distance from the city center, always prioritize safety above all else.

8. Don’t Show Off Expensive Belongings 

Eastern Europe might appear to be less safe than the west. Although you will definitely feel secure in public places, it is still better not to flash your expensive belongings in public. It can easily make you more attractive to local thieves. Try to keep your money and credit cards close to your body and leave some of your luxury accessories at home. 

Eastern Europe is a great place to visit. Schedule your trip wisely, and you will definitely enjoy an amazing journey!

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams is a cat-loving curious wanderer. She left her UK home in 2010 and has been living abroad and exploring ever since. The urge to discover gets stronger year upon year!

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