Travel to New York City Like One Direction

Boy band One Direction is currently in the midst of the North American leg of their world tour and frankly we’re a little jealous. These five young guys get to travel around the world to amazing city after amazing city and get paid to do what they love. That is living the dream and if only we could all see the world that way. Sure, they can’t leave their hotels without being mobbed and sometimes they are only in one city for one night, but it still seems like a pretty sweet deal.

At the beginning of July, One Direction played a couple dates at Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island and spent a pretty good chunk of time in New York City. However, they are no strangers to the Big Apple, so by now we would imagine that they have some sort of routine going. We got to thinking about what it would be like to travel to New York City like you were a member of one of the most popular boy bands in the world and we came up with an imagined itinerary for you in case you want to try it out.

1. Sleep like Zayn

Zayn Malik One Way or Another

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The 1D boys have been known to stay in fancy places like the Trump International Hotel or the London Hotel. However, back in December it was rumored that they stayed at the Ace Hotel located near the theatre district. This hip boutique hotel can be pretty pricey to stay–loft rooms can reach up to $1,100 a night–but they do have small rooms with twin-sized bunk beds that run about $240. Finding cheap accommodation in New York City, especially Manhattan, can be really tricky so ultimately we recommend staying with friends if possible. But if you want to stay in this hip hotel then you and a friend will pay about $150 each per night for one of the smaller rooms.

Ace Hotel new York

(photo via My Modern Met)

2. Hang like Liam

Liam Payne One Thing

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One thing we don’t envy about One Direction’s trips to NYC are the hordes of screaming girls that seem to follow them wherever they go. We imagine that all they want is a quiet place to just enjoy themselves outside of their hotel room. Even as just a normal visitor to the city, you may find you need to just get off the street, away from the honking traffic and just enjoy a nice view. High Line is the perfect place for something like that. Located on the West Side of Manhattan near the Meat Packing district, High Line is a park suspended above the streets of New York  on old railroad tracks. It is an awesome escape from the bustle of the city and has some great views. We don’t know if Liam has actually ever been here, but hey, Liam Payne if you are reading this go to High Line next time you’re in New York.

High Line Park New York City

(photo via The High Line)

3. Eat like Niall

Niall Horan Eating

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Niall is known as One Direction’s resident foodie. It is no secret that he loves to eat and he is constantly getting teased for it. We are not quite sure what Niall’s favorite restaurant to hit up while he is in New York City is but if we had to take a wild guess we would have to say the Meatball Shop. Meatball Shop has a few locations across the city and it is definitely not to be missed. You can probably guess that the main dish on the menu is meatball sandwiches, but they have more than just that. The specials menu changes daily featuring new fresh vegetables, delicious risotto and the “ball of the day” so every time you go to Meatball Shop it is sure to be different but always delicious.

Meatball Shop New York City

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4. Shop like Harry

harry styles marcel best song ever

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Every member of One Direction has pretty good style, but when it comes to shopping we have to take some cues from Harry. After all, his last name is Styles. Harry dresses in a lot of clothes from London based brand TopShop and luckily enough, their U.S. flagship store is in New York City. Located in the hip neighborhood of SoHo, you can shop like a celebrity up and down the boutique lined streets. Hit up TopShop and Madewell  as well as classics like H&M or Urban Outfitters. If you are looking for new clothes, you can definitely find something in SoHo.

Topshop Soho New York City

5. Drink like Louis

Louis Tomlinson You Generation One Direction

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Louis Tomlinson is the only member of One Direction that can legally drink in the United States and he probably rubs it in the other guys faces all the time. We would. Being so far away from home for long periods of time on tour must cause bouts of home sickness, so we imagine Louis might pop into one of New York’s many English pubs for a pint and maybe catch the score of whatever soccer game is on (sorry, whatever football game is on.) We recommend The Churchill Tavern for its authentic English pub feel. Stop in for a pint of cider and a full Sunday roast for the true English experience.

The Churchill Tavern New York City

(photo via timeout)

Where is your first stop in NYC?

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