5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Singapore You Shouldn’t Miss

Perched at the end of the Malaysian peninsula, Singapore is one of the most interesting places you may hope to visit in Southeast Asia. It offers so many tourist attractions that it should be on everyone’s bucket list, no matter what you’re into. Singapore is a heaven on earth for foodies, history buffs, fans of urban architecture and cultural eclecticism.

Coming here can be a great ice breaker for those travelers who are just getting to know the region. Experience a vibrant melting pot of Asian and Western cultures – so grab your Singapore visa, and come explore this complex and unique city. Here is a list of just a few of the many things to see:

1. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a small city-state that sprawled out over most of its territory. Unfortunately, this means that most of the native jungle has been replaced by buildings and skyscrapers. There was a desperate need for an urban green space where people could relax, recharge and congregate.

The Gardens by the Bay is an amazing green project that Singapore undertook in 2012. It covers over 250 waterfront acres and contains many different theme areas, plant habitats, and epic horticultural structures. This includes the world’s largest columnless greenhouses, built with a minimal environmental footprint.

If horticulture, city planning or architecture are your cup of tea, this is an amazing place to visit. The gardens also contain the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, a waterfront promenade, and gigantic man-made tree structures that also serve as vertical gardens. No wonder this amazing park received a nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage.

Greenhouses Singapore
Lush greenhouses with no columns in Singapore

2. River Safari and Night Safari

If you think a Safari can only be had in Africa, hold on to your hats. The River Safari and Night Safari can be experienced in Singapore, and they are next to each other. The amazing thing about having a Night Safari is that you can see the nocturnal animals that you would usually miss at any normal zoo.

The River Safari, located right next door, is Asia’s only water-themed Safari. Here you can see anything from pandas to a manatee. Many types of water habitats are recreated here. You are not likely to find anything like this again: it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Both Safari experiences are located next to the Singapore Zoo. If you are a nature lover and would like to experience all three of these attractions, it’s a good idea to reserve two days. Rushing through both Safaris and the Zoo is a bit like trying to rush through the Louvre and the British Museum at the same time.

3. Pulau Ubin

If you want a breather from all the excitement of the mainland, come to Pulau Ubin to explore remote villages and island hiking trails.

This little island just far enough away from Singapore to feel like it’s off the beaten path is a must-see. If you have a day, come enjoy the many footpaths or bike trails.

Enjoy being alone for a bit in this gorgeous tropical scenery. There are many birds, animals, and even opportunities to dive or snorkel. The best part of it? Pulau Ubin is literally just off the coast of Singapore. You can walk out of a restaurant and straight onto the ferry and find yourself in paradise in less than 20 minutes!

4. Marina Bay Sands

If you are looking for an experience that’s straight out of Vegas, look no further than Marina Bay Sands­. It is a namesake of the famous Sands casino in the Nevada desert, and it fits into the Singapore landscape surprisingly well.

The Marina Bay Sands “fits” here because it is so unique. It consists of three giant towers connected by a skyway. It also contains some of the most interesting museums that are well worth a visit.

Those who are used to the over-the-top opulence of Las Vegas will feel at home here. The Marina Bay Sands contains not only museums but swimming pools, casinos, fine dining, and many other attractions that can hold your interest for days.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

5. Sentosa Island

For an experience that is completely out of this world, try Sentosa Island. It is an amazing offshore theme park, connected to mainland Singapore by every means you can possibly imagine, including taxis, the monorail, ferry, and a cable car.

It has something for all kinds of travelers: from hostels to luxury resorts. You might as well stay here for a few days just to take in the variety of attractions. The Sentosa Island is home to Singapore’s Universal Studios, many attractive beaches, an aquarium, and a waterpark dedicated to your littlest toddlers. The whole island is a dream come true for families, with something to do for everyone.

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