The 59th Street Bridge, profiled in the famous poster for 'Manhattan.' via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
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It’s not always possible to get away – hotels are over-booked, the round-trip ticket to London shot from $189 to $329 in five minutes, and sometimes Mother Nature decides to interfere and snow/rain/scorch on your holiday parade. Hollywood is on your side, though, and today we’ve rounded up a list of the most motivating travel-centric films. We’ve done our best to cover every part of the world – Japan, India, the Middle East, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona, Chile, and of course, New York City. Line up these globe-trotting flicks for a holiday that doesn’t require you to leave the sofa.

10. Lost in Translation

lost in translation moie
Roaming Tokyo, Bill Murray is mournful angst personified in ‘Lost in Translation.’ via Soulish Exhortations

Director Sofia Coppola’s debut uses the eye ache-inducing glimmer of Tokyo as a backdrop for the burgeoning friendship between a lonely newlywed (Scarlett Johansson) and a disillusioned former movie star (Bill Murray). The city’s towering skyscrapers, screaming arcades and blinking billboards serve as the perfect scenery for two souls searching for meaning in a shallow world. But it’s not all fluorescent bulbs and clogged traffic; Johansson’s brief trip to Shinto shrines in the countryside is a nice reminder that Japan’s verdant countryside is worth a visit.

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Born in New Delhi, India; after nine years, I pit-stopped in Fort Worth, Texas (read: culture shock) for another nine years, and finally escaped the South to attend NYU and major in cinema studies. Friends include tea, sweets, all food (except beef/pork/almonds), sleep, books, the newspaper, television and Netflix (and a few real people). Enemies include chemistry/physics/science/math/numbers of any kind, lack of sweets, lack of sleep.


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