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Summer is almost here, and I can already taste the lobster rolls and clam chowder. It’s time to break out the seersucker, pastel crew-neck sweatshirts, and Top-Siders, and plan the perfect summer getaway. By “getaway,” I do not mean a resort in Phuket or an island in the Caribbean. No, not even domestic East Hampton or Santa Barbara will do. I’m talking about the classic American summer vacation, which means no place other than New England. If you have never been to New England, or need a new exciting destination in America’s North East jewel, check out this curated list of the best summer getaways New England has to offer.

1. Block Island, Rhode Island

block island rhode island

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Walk, bike, or moped around this 21-square-mile oasis south of Rhode Island’s mainland. Downtown offers a wonderful array of dining, shopping, and lodging, and the remainder of the island holds bragging rights for its bounty of uninhabited natural landscapes.

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Tucker is a junior at Fordham University studying Political Science and Art History. He enjoys food, historical nonfiction, and Netflix marathons.


  1. They all look so beautiful. I’d love to visit this region in Autumn one year. I just love the colours of trees loosing their leaves. It makes for some great viewing and amazing photos.


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