5 Essential Items Every Stylish Traveler Needs

It is not very often that you will hear the words stylish and traveler in the same sentence. But, that does not mean that stylish travelers do not exist. They do – I’ve seen them.

A lot of travelers forgo style in favor of practicality. That’s fine. But, the two are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to be comfortable and practical whilst also maintaining a decent level of style – and it’s not even that hard.

So, hold off before you chuck those same Velcro sandals you’ve had for years into your backpack. There might be an infinitely more stylish alternative available to you that will keep your feet comfy without offending the eyes of every other traveler you meet.

Do you want to be a stylish traveler? Consider adding some of this cool gear to your travel pack.

1. Birkenstock Sandals

Admittedly, these sandals are quite divisive – people either love them or hate them. However, I personally love them and most travelers I have met agree. Birkenstocks are super comfy, durable and, most importantly, they look good – especially with your travel attire.

While they cost a bit more than a your average pair of sandals from Wal-Mart, these shoes are worth the investment. They will last a lot longer and won’t leave your feet shredded after hours of walking.

2. A Luxury Watch

Buying a watch for your travels is a tricky procedure. You want something good quality that won’t break when you wear it to scuba dive or climb a mountain. On the other hand, you don’t want it to look clunky or ugly.

Chronoexpert is an online market place that sells pre-owned luxury watches at discounted prices. If you can bag yourself a bargain here, you will have a top quality timepiece at your disposal and won’t need to sacrifice an iota of style while you travel.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Nothing will win you friends quicker than having good quality Bluetooth speakers in a hostel/ on the beach/ in a campsite. Good speakers are virtually synonymous with cool dude (depending on what music you’re blasting of course). JBL, Ultimate Ears, and Bose all have fantastic portable Bluetooth speakers that won’t set you back too much.

Get a good-looking speaker with a great sound quality and watch your travel swag levels soar.

4. A Sarong

Yes boys I’m talking to you too. A sarong is the ultimate travel accessory even if you’re not heading to the beach. Sarongs are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry, useful, and stylish.

The most obvious use for a sarong is lying on it at the beach and wrapping around you on your way back. But sarongs have other uses. Heading to a temple and need to cover your shoulders? No problem! Whip out your sarong and drape it around the offending body parts. This way you don’t have to wear long sleeves in 90 degree heat.

5. A Tortuga Setout Backpack

We all know the importance of a good quality backpack when we travel. But, how often do we find a great backpack that lets us stay stylish while we use it? The Tortuga Setout backpack is sleek, attractive and super practical.

The backpack’s best feature is frontloading, meaning you can open the backpack up rather than packing everything in from the top. It is also carry-on size (just) so you can take it straight on the plane with you and not worry about wasting precious vacation time in baggage reclaim.

Traveling in style doesn’t mean forking out thousands of dollars on Louis Vuitton suitcases and ray ban shades. Add in a few snazzy accessories and you’ll immediately feel cooler than the average traveler.

Who knows, maybe with a bit more style you’ll have better luck next time you go on a bar crawl abroad.

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