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Sometimes you need to leave the selfie stick at home. A true challenge for many, especially the youths, who have adapted to the lifestyle of constantly photographing themselves. Hey I get it, that’s a for reals kind of vulnerability, to put your profile pic literally in someone else’s hands, but just like in olden times, there are some places where if you want a memorable picture of your travels, evidence for your internet friends that you did in fact step away from the computer, you need to hand off the camera. Here are eight locations where you shouldn’t pack your selfie stick.

1. The Forbidden City, China

Chinese authorities are concerned that The Palace Museum, or the Forbidden City of Beijing, will be damaged by the reckless wielding of selfie sticks left and right, so they have been banned as a safety precaution.

selfie stick ban

Photo via Flickr/Baron Reznik

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