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What You Need to Know about the New Rimowa Classic Cabin

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Rimowa is one of the most highly acclaimed luggage manufacturing brands on the planet. With pieces that blend luxury, breathtaking designs, and functionality, this company has produced top-tier quality since hitting the consumer market in the early 90s.

From the iconic Rimowa Original Cabin suitcase to the now famous, new Rimowa Classic Cabin-S, the range of products from this brand is nothing short of true classics.

Here are some critical things you should know about the Rimowa Classic Cabin, and why it is the best solution for short-term travel.

What You Need To Know

Brand quality is one of the most critical considerations when buying a product. It determines functionality, material quality, and effectiveness. The quality of the brand also contributes to a company’s reputation and the level of product reliability.

Rimowa is an iconic aluminum luggage company that has established a reputation for top-tier products since its inception in 1898. These suitcases have several excellent features, such as multi-wheel and lock systems.

All Rimowa suitcases are handmade and fitted to suit specific customer needs. Rimowa suitcases offer value for money in every regard.

The New Rimowa Classic Cabin: Exterior and Interior Improvements

The first observation is the retention of top leather handles that give you a feeling of elegance and quality.

You will also observe the outer aluminum shell that has been a symbol of the Rimowa brand since its inception. The suitcase looks expensive and produces more of an impression.

The Rimowa logo is larger and more conspicuous. This feature adds to the beauty of the design and gives out a statement of intent.

The outer aluminum shell on the upgraded Rimowa Classic Cabin also looks more vibrant and expensive compared to previous brands.

The locks on the new Classic Cabin have also been improved substantially. Unlike previous versions, where the metal locks would slam against the outer shell, the new system includes a rubber wedge that makes it easier to use and more efficient.

The new structure makes the locking mechanism less noisy and increases durability. The latches are also quite sturdy and less vulnerable to damage compared to other similar specification suitcases. This feature uses a pen inside the suitcase to guide the locking mechanism into place.

The interior compartments feature two flex dividers for added better organization. It has a better look and more room for your toiletries and belongings. It also has an easy-to-understand booklet that explains the most effective way to use the suitcase.

The booklet outlines how to maximize space and organizational capacity. You also get the advantage of a dust bag not included in previous versions of this suitcase.

This suitcase has plenty of new upgrades that make it worth every penny.

Take Away

The new Rimowa Classic Cabin is truly a work of art. It blends quality, convenience, and functionality as a short-term carry-on suitcase. As the peak travel season approaches, this handmade Classic Cabin suitcase guarantees utility value at the peak of its powers. 

Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster
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