Guide to the Best Restaurants for Large Groups in New York City

Getting around New York City with a group is challenging enough. Add in finding a restaurant to accommodate everyone, plus keeping your group organized on the way to said restaurant, and you’ve got a bit of a logistical headache on your plate. Will the restaurant have enough space for your group? How will everyone arrive on time? Will some group members get lost? 

The next time you find yourself scrambling to find an accommodating restaurant for your family or friends in NYC, refer to our guide below so you can ease your worries and enjoy your trip! We’ve put together some tips on how to get around and where to go so that every group journey through New York City can be safe, efficient, and low-stress. 

Private Group Transportation in NYC

Taking the subway or a taxi is an essential part of an NYC trip, but when you’re trying to get around with a group, neither of these is an efficient travel option. Instead of relying on transportation meant for small groups, book a private minibus in NYC with GOGO Charters to keep your group organized throughout your trip! You’ll enjoy WiFi, climate controls, a personal driver, and comfortable seating as you’re shuttled to your restaurant. Travel on your own time and leave the transportation to a professional. 

Where to Eat with a Group in NYC

Le Fanfare

Le Fanfare’s casual italian dining draws guests who are looking for an intimate wedding reception venue or a simple gathering with friends and family. Up to 70 guests can enjoy a private dining experience, complete with cocktails and family-style dining! 

Need a private shuttle to help transport wedding guests to your restaurant of choice from your ceremony? Book a 20-passenger minibus from GOGO Charters for an easy and efficient way to shuttle attendees throughout the city! 

Borough: Brooklyn
Capacity: 70
Cuisine: Italian


Whether you’re hosting an event or just stopping by with your family, Celestine has plenty of space. Full-restaurant buy-outs can accommodate 100 standing guests or 84 seated guests; however, if you’re just looking to enjoy wine, cocktails, and contemporary Mediterreanean and Middle-Eastern fare with your group, the restaurant can accommodate a group booking of up to 28 guests. Downtown skyline views make this a perfect spot for your instagram-worthy NYC city shots. 

Ensure that your group arrives at Celestine together and on-time with a private minibus rental. Your personal driver will ensure that you’re dropped off and picked up without missing a beat, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your meal and move on with your trip instead of worrying about how you’ll get around. 

Borough: Brooklyn
Capacity: Up to 100+ standing; up to 84 seated
Cuisine: Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern


In the mood for some Italian-American classics? Rubirosa serves up pizza, pasta, paninis, and more in a private room designed to hold up to 20 guests. Desserts like cannoli and zeppoli can also be enjoyed alongside beer, wine, and cocktails in a cozy and intimate setting. 

Borough: Manhattan
Capacity: 20
Cuisine: Italian-American