11 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Argentina

With cascading waterfalls, red-sand deserts, and icy glaciers, Argentina is a geographic wonderland of unrivaled beauty. If you want to know the best places to visit in Argentina, the truth is, you won’t have to look very far.

That’s because this sprawling country has every type of landscape imaginable. And if you plan on visiting Argentina, you can make the most of your visit by exploring these beautiful places.

1. Ushuaia

Referred to as the “End of the World,” Ushuaia is located on the southernmost tip of Argentina and South America. This sleepy, charming town is dotted with colorful houses, cozy restaurants and bars, and miles of rugged beauty.

As the gateway to Antartica, you’ll also find plenty of cruise ships and boats stopping in Ushuaia before heading down south. But even if you aren’t planning to venture to the arctic, you can still experience the glaciers and mountains with a cruise of the Beagle Channel. With nothing but open waters surrounding you, you’ll understand how Ushuaia earned its well-deserved nickname.

2. Aconcagua

Standing 22,000 feet tall, the snow-capped mountain of Aconcagua has one of the highest peaks in the world, only coming second to Mt. Everest. And if you’re up for the adventure, you can make the Aconcagua climb for an extraordinary way to see Argentina from an entirely different perspective.

On average, the expedition to the peak takes 15-18 days. Not for the faint of heart, you’ll trek up steep inclines in high altitudes, with temperatures dipping as low as -22°F. Trekkers should be fit, well trained, and mentally prepared for this extreme adventure!

And from the top, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most stunning views in all of Argentina.

3. Los Glaciares National Park

Los Glacieres National Park is home to some of the largest ice caps outside Greenland and Antartica. Located near the Chilean border in the Austral Andes, Los Glacieres is filled with steep, dramatic glaciers and mountainous peaks stretching as far as the eye can see.

Don’t miss Perito Moreno, the most stunning of the 50 bright blue, frozen glaciers. Here, you can walk on the top of the iceberg, or trek through the inside of the glowing ice caves.

But in our opinion, it’s the milky blue lakes with the granite mountain peaks in the background that make Los Glacieres one of the most beautiful places to visit in Argentina.

4. Bariloche

One step in Bariloche and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to the Swiss Alps! With alpine-style architecture, chocolate and cheese shops, and unparalleled natural beauty, Bariloche attracts tourists from all over the world.

In the winter, come to ski at Cerro Catedral, one of the most popular ski resorts in Argentina. If you happen to visit Bariloche during the summer, you’ll still have plenty of outdoor activities to participate in. Playa Bonita and Villa Tacul are just two of the pebble-lined beaches in Bariloche where you can sunbathe and swim.

5. Iguazu Falls

As one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders, Iguazu Falls is one of the best places to visit in Argentina. This landmark is formed by hundreds of cascading waterfalls, making it the largest and most powerful waterfall complex on the planet. 

Dividing Argentina from Brazil, the falls cascade almost 2 miles down into the Iguazu River Basin. Once you’re in the park, you can also hike on one of the trails, or take a boat ride directly underneath the falls.

The sheer size of Iguazu Falls is something that needs to seen in person to believe! That’s why we consider Iguazu Falls to be a must-see destination around the world.

6. Buenos Aires

No trip to Argentina would be complete without visiting the eclectic capital of Buenos Aires. As one of the biggest multicultural cities in South America, Buenos Aires blends European architecture with ancient heritage.

Spend the morning admiring the colorful, colonial streets of the old town before heading to La Boca for a gourmet cup coffee. And in the evening, make your way to Palermo, a trendy neighborhood filled with chic cocktail bars and boutique stores.

And for a bit of culture, stop by one of Buenos Aires’ many museums, markets, and landmarks. You could easily spend your entire vacation exploring the back streets and alleys of this vibrant city.

7. Mendoza

As Argentina’s largest producer of olive oil and wine, Mendoza is a gorgeous region where you can enjoy ecotourism at it’s finest. Although the clean, art-deco city center is worth visiting, it’s the outskirts of Mendoza that really make this city shine.

Head to the foothills of the Andes mountains to visit Argentina’s rolling vineyards. Maipu Valley, Lujan de Cuyo, and Uco Vallery are three of the largest wine-producing areas, with thousands of wineries scattered throughout the hills.

To experience Mendoza like a local, travel down the Argentinian Wine Route and stop by the different wineries for tastings and cellar tours.

8. Talampaya National Park

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Talampaya National Park is unlike anything you’ll ever see in Argentina! This breathtaking desert may be dry and barren, but it’s scattered with giant rock formations and steep gorges. The sedimentary rock patterns and canyon cliffs are bright red, making one of the most unique places to visit in Argentina.

But that’s not all! The dry beds of Talampaya National Park are filled with fossils from dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago. It’s also a great spot for spotting other wildlife, like foxes, condors, and guanacos!

9. Tilcara

Take a step back in time with a visit to Tilcara, a city in northern Argentina. It’s one of the oldest places to visit in Argentina, with traces of human life dating back over 10,000 years. 

To get the full impact on this historically significant city, visit the pre-Inca fortress of Pucará de Tilcara. Built by the Omaguaca tribe, this settlement contains over 5,000 artifacts and objects from the 12th century. Since the fort is built on a hill, you can enjoy sweeping views of the Rio Grande from the top.

10. Mar del Plata

If you need some sun and relaxation during your visit, then Mar del Plata is for you. Situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Mar del Plata is the country’s most famous beach town. With miles of sandy beaches and jagged coastlines, it’s the ultimate vacation destination every season of the year.

Besides swimming, sunbathing, and surfing, Mar del Plata has plenty of other activities for every interest. Indulge in fresh seafood, shop for souvenirs, or even visit the aquarium and zoo located nearby.

11. El Bolson

Located in the Patagonian mountains, the small, rural village of El Bolson is the perfect retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. Surrounded by lush forests, turquoise lakes, and towering mountainous peaks, this hidden gem is worth a relaxing visit for a few days.

Once you leave the town, you can enjoy a variety of activities, like fly fishing, rafting, and rock climbing. And in the summer, you can hike or cycle around the entire village. You’re also just a stone’s throw away from the waterfalls of Cascada Escondida, and the flowing river of Rio Azul.

Final Thoughts

There are few places in the world as geological diverse as Argentina. You can be hiking up a glacier one day, floating down a river the next, and trekking through the desert soon after that!

In reality, it’s almost impossible to fit every landmark, mountain, and river into your Argentina itinerary. And even if you barely scratch the surface of what this stunning country offers, don’t worry. We know you’ll be back to Argentina soon!

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