The Best Places to Find Fossils in The US

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The United States is a great place to go fossil hunting. Many different types of fossils can be found there, from the remains of dinosaurs to ancient human beings. Some places are better than others when it comes to searching for fossils in the U.S, so you should do your research before going.

By doing your research, you will be able to ensure that you get the most out of your trip and take home some fossils.

This article will tell you about four of the United States’ most exciting fossil hunting locations: 

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is located in Utah, near the Unita Mountain range. It is one of the U.S’s best fossil hunting spots. You can find lots of different fossils there that you can take home, or buy them online, which is considerably easier and doesn’t require you to leave your home and scrape around in the mud. Some of the fossils that have been found in the park include the allosaurus, stegosaurus, and apatosaurus. Many specimens that have been found in Dinosaur National Monument are now housed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and New York’s Museum of Natural History.

Westmoreland State Park

Westmoreland State Park is a great place to go fossil hunting. People regularly find megalodon teeth there. The reason for this is that the area, millions of years ago, was an ocean, where megalodon swam. With that said, remember it is possible to also purchase megalodon teeth online, so it isn’t necessary to visit just to get them. Megalodons have been extinct for at least 2.6 million years, but their teeth and bones were fossilized and exist in large quantities in a number of different places. Westmoreland State Park is just one of the places where you can find them. There are also good hiking trails through the park.

Purse State Park

Purse State Park also offers megalodon teeth in abundance, as well as other fossils, such as Cibicides shells. The downside to Purse State Park is that there are no facilities on-site, unlike in the other two parks mentioned. There is, however, free admission, which means that you can turn up whenever you want and start searching. There are lots of very nice hiking trails running through the park for you to explore. Whatever you find, you can keep.

Big Brook Park

Finally, we arrive at Big Brook Park, a hotbed for fossil finds. Big Brook Park is located in New Jersey. There’s a lot that can be found there, from the teeth of goblin sharks to sabre-tooth salmon. It’s also entirely possible to find Mososaurs there, which were marine lizards from the Cretaceous period. There are many other fossils that can be found there. There’s an abundance of fossils, so it won’t take you very long to find them. Make sure that you bring the proper equipment and learn how to handle fossils so that you don’t damage them.

Fossil hunting is a lot of fun. If you want to build your collection, then you need only visit one of the parks that we have mentioned here, or alternatively, order them online.

Agata Pona
Agata Pona

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