20 Killer Photos of Greece

Greece is world-famous for countless reasons: the food (ahem: CHEESE!), islands, beaches, architecture, and ruins. The history of Greece is just one example of the resilience of both the people and the country itself, and despite recent negative media attention, I believe Greece will continue to thrive as it has done for thousands of years.

After one month of traveling there, these are my 20 favorite pictures of Greece.


The Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis, Athens, Pictures of Greece

The Acropolis is, perhaps, one of Athens’ most iconic structures. Well known for its history and architecture, Greece is full of ruins, many of which are still standing today. They serve as an important reminder of where this country came from. I recommend you take a free walking tour in Athens.


Poolside in Santorini

Santorini Swimming Pool, Pictures of Greece

Few pools in the world could match this one. Located along the road to Akrotiri, this hotel will cost you a pretty penny, but the view has got to be worth every single one.


Table for Two, Plaka, Milos

Table for Two, Plaka, Milos, Pictures of Greece

There’s nothing quite as quaint as dining in Greece. This table for two was found in the old city of Plaka on the island of Milos. In typical fashion, bright whites, blues, and greens pervaded in every direction.

Pro Tip: Visiting Milos? Don’t miss Bariello, one of my favorite restaurants on the whole island.

The Island of Syros

Island of Syros, Pictures of Greece

A classic view of the port town of Ermoupoli on the island of Syros.


Aerial View of Athens

Aerial View of Athens, Pictures of Greece
Nothing to see here… Just a gorgeous ancient complex with views over Athens!

The Acropolis is perched high atop a hill in Athens and provides, without doubt, one of the best views of the city (and maybe one of the best pictures of Greece!). Don’t get too close to the edge, though—the security guards are all over it!

Pro Tip: Take a free, private tour of Athens (and the Acropolis) with This is MY Athens.

Sunset on Santorini

20 Killer Photos of Greece

The sunset on Santorini may be the most iconic of all pictures of Greece. Though crowded with tourists, the sunset was stunning, and is perfectly paired with a glass of red Greek wine.

Pro Tip: Get to the village of Oia early in the evening if you want a good seat for the sunset.

Stormy Days on Mykonos

Stormy in Mykonos, Pictures of Greece

I only had two days in Mykonos, one of which was plagued by a colossal storm! No worries, though—the photos were magnificent! Taken on Paradise Beach.

Pro Tip: If you like clubbing and international DJs, be sure to check out Cavo Paradiso.

Four-Wheeling on the Island of Ios

The Island of Ios, Pictures of Greece

One of the best things to do on the Greek island of Ios is rent a four-wheeler and go exploring! Of course, the rental companies tell you not to go off road, but rules were meant to be broken (also, it was totally worth it).

Pro Tip: Visiting Ios? Stay at Pavezzo.

Cheese, Cheese, and More Fried Cheese

Fried Cheese, Pictures of Greece

If there’s one thing the Greeks are famous for, it’s the cheese (and olives, to be fair). You’ll find cheese in just about every form, on just about any other type of food. This feta cheese was wrapped in filo, then friend, and topped with honey, sesame seeds, and raisins.


Sunset in Meteora

Sunset in Meteora, Pictures of Greece

Greece was host to some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. After climbing up the mountains in Meteora in the late hours of the evening, I perched myself atop a huge boulder and watched the sun come down over the ancient monasteries that this town is so well-known for.

Fun Fact: These monasteries were built on top of tall rocks for security reasons—there is no way to access them other than by climbing the cliff’s wall, meaning untrained attacking forces would be essentially unable to reach them.

Agios Antonios, Island of Paros

Agios Antonios, Island of Paros, Pictures of Greece

Arriving on the island of Paros, the first stop had to be the best view on the whole island. That view is, unquestionably, from Agios Antonios on Kefalos Hill. I think you can see why.

Pro Tip: If you’re visiting the island of Paros, Parosweb is your one-stop resource.

Thisseio, Athens

Thisseio, Athens, Pictures of Greece
The neighborhood of Thisseio, Athens.

Athens is home to some of the best walking streets I know of. The neighborhood of Thisseio is chock full of shops, street dining, and charming cafes to relax in.

Pro Tip: Use Booking.com to find the best rates on hotels in Athens.

Iconic Santorini

Stunning Santorini

Seen on postcards and billboards around the world, this iconic view might be the most famous of all. I bet you didn’t know there was a bathroom hiding behind that door 😉


Sunset on the Island of Milos

Sunset on the Island of Milos, Pictures of Greece

The best sunset on the island of Milos takes place in the traditional Greek village of Plaka. There’s a church there, overlooking the coast, which is the perfect setting for two special somebodies and a bottle of wine.

Pro Tip: Visiting Milos? Stay at Hotel Ippocampus Studios.

Old City of Naousa on the Island of Paros

Old City, Island of Paros, Pictures of Greece

A typical view of a traditional Greek village found on almost every Greek island in existence. The typical color scheme of Greece, blue and white, comes from the painted walls of the villages which contrast against the deep blues of the sea and sky. Most notably, these colors can be found on the country’s flag.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to Paros, don’t miss dining at Taverna Kolibithres, serving some of the best traditional Greek food I’ve ever had.

Prayer Candles in a Monastery, Meteora

Prayer Candles, Pictures of Greece

Religion runs deep in Greece, and the famous monasteries of Meteora are no exception. Seen here are two individuals lighting prayer candles inside the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron.

Pro Tip: Visiting Meteora? You definitely want to stay at Alsos House.

Sunset on the Island of Ios

Sunset on the Island of Ios, Pictures of Greece

One of my favorite islands in the Cyclades, Ios also provided me with some of my favorite pictures of Greece. Climbing to the top of the old city, a church overlooks the whole island and has, without a doubt, the best sunset view on the island.


Moonscapes of Sarakiniko, Island of Milos

Sarakiniko, Island of Milos, Pictures of Greece

Sarakiniko might be one of the most unique landscapes I’ve ever come across. More reminiscent of something one might find on the moon, Sarakiniko is actually a beach (water not visible in this picture) made of eroded white rocks.


Monastery Overlooking Kalabaka

Meteora, Overlooking Kalabaka, Pictures of Greece

Once home to more than 20 monasteries, Meteora, Greece has one of the most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in the whole country. All built on top of towering sandstone pillars, only six remain today. This is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity overlooking the village of Kalabaka.


Sunset in Ancient Olympia

Sunset in Ancient Olympia, Pictures of Greece

Ancient Olympia is the site of the first Olympic Games of the 8th century. Just outside the city center, Hotel Europa is not only the best hotel in the city, but they have stunning views from the restaurant (like this one) with some of the best Greek food I encountered in the whole country.

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  1. Meh… JK. Hot damn! What kind of camera are you using these days? We got to island hop a little bit around Greece a long time ago with NCL. Only gave us a taste, so we have to go back and stay longer this time for sure.

    1. Hey G–my full setup is on the gear page. I’m using a Canon SL1 (D700) with aftermarket lenses. I hope you can visit again sometime soon!

  2. Two words: Poolside and Santorini. You had us right there! Absolutely stunning photos and we can’t wait to see all of this for ourselves! Until then, we’ll be browsing these amazing photos whenever we need some motivation!

  3. Those sunsets are incredible and I’d love to visit Meteora. Did you find that most people speak a bit of English?

    1. Hey Suze–there were a few hiccups here and there, but it was a generally smooth experience as far as language barriers were concerned.

  4. Ah Jeremy, these are absolutely stunning photos. I’ve yet to visit Greece but can say that these are some of the most picturesque places on the planet. Even though the weather the weather didn’t cooperate, I loved the Mykonos shot most of all. I’m a cloud person when it comes to photos though, and the drama that a good shot of them can invoke. Thanks for sharing this wonderful collection of photos from your travels in Greece. Take care Jeremy!

  5. Damn, some amazing photos of Greece. I’m not familiar with some of these places, but would definitely visit them after seeing these pictures. Really cool post

  6. Loved the saganaki- the following is our blog from last summer’s trip to Istanbul and Greece.

  7. I am headed to Greece and these photos are inspiring – especially the ones in Meteora. It’s being added to my list!

    1. Hi Jerry! Please send me an email if you wish to inquire about purchasing photos for commercial use 🙂

  8. Absolutely stunning photos! I think I like most Table for two, Plaka, Milos. And Island of Syros.

  9. Im a huge lover of Greece and I love your post and images! But because I have traveled about 40 times or so to Greece I can definitely say that these are only the tip of the iceberg of Greece’s incredible beauty, breathtaking landscapes and so on.
    Greece has 80% mountains and incredible crystal clear seas and 6000 islands. From snow capped mountains all the way to the only natural palm forests in Europe, from virgin forested lands and islands all he way to volcanic islands and geological paradises. I could mention countless places and things, but really it’s the most beautiful place I have ever witnessed.

    Definetly check it out! It’s exactly why Im awe-struck by Greece!

  10. Greece has always been on my bucket list. Looking forward to exploring and taking dope pictures like this!

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