5 Ways Your Phone Can Optimize Your Travels

Our smartphones are continually attached to us nowadays. We use them for everything; making calls, buying train tickets and even planning our routes to the airport. Yet as soon as we touch down abroad, we seem to refuse to make the most of them.

The travel apps on our smartphone can be one of the most useful tools to have in a foreign land and it can really enhance your travels. So, next time you’re switching it off or overly worrying about your data—WiFi, guys!—think of these five fantastic ways to improve your travels with your smartphone.

1. Find Food via Deliver Apps

Most of us will be familiar with Deliveroo these days, and most of us will understand that it’s a great way to get food from your favorite local restaurants. Yes, restaurants. Not budget takeaways on the corner.

Using the likes of Deliveroo as a research tool is a great way to discover good places to eat out as well as the areas in which you’ll find a good selection of bars and restaurants. If you’re struggling to know where to eat, it’s the perfect solution. Of course, you can always order takeout if you fancy a night in too!

2. Use a VPN

Not want to miss out on your favorite shows while you’re away? A VPN will allow you to access content on the likes of iPlayer and Netflix that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access in a foreign country due to Geoblocking.

There are tons of great VPNs out there for mobile, with the NordVPN one of the more popular. You can visit NordVPN review sites, there are a number out there, but it really is ideal if you want to access something from back home. Which could well be likely if you’re facing inclement weather or long delays at the airport.

3. Google Maps

We’re sure you won’t need telling this, but forget the map you picked up at Tourist Information and use the Google Maps app on your smartphone. You’ll find all the info you need, with a route even planned for you if you’re looking to get from A to B.

Travel options will be at the click of a button, while you’ll also be offered opening times, website information and even reviews.

4. Getting Around

As well as using Google Maps to understand how you might need to get around, downloading apps for local taxi firms (even Uber is international nowadays!) and metro services will make life so much easier, especially if you don’t understand the language.

Taxi services will pick you up and drop you off at a location you’ve already entered into your app, and you’ll avoid the need to flag one down. Equally, navigating the language barrier on a ticket machine can also sometimes be tricky, but an app makes life so much easier.

5. Live Blog

And then of course you can use social media to the max and blog and stream aspects of your entire adventure. What better way to keep in touch with your friends and let the world know all the amazing sights you’re currently seeing?!

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