One Day in Berlin? Here’s How to Spend It

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. With a bit of glamor, a bit of grit, tons of history, and a funky subculture, Berlin is a favorite destination for many travelers. Ideally, you’d spend a few days in the city.  If travel plans are tight though, even one day in Berlin is worth it.

If you only have one day in Berlin, the first thing you need to do is maximize your time by cutting down on unnecessary travel time.

If you are flying into the city or flying out at the end of the day, save yourself some time by considering Berlin airport transfers. Berlin has a great metro system but if you are flying into the older Tegel airport, the metro doesn’t connect to the airport. Grabbing an airport transfer will save you precious time on your short visit.

Once you are in the city, you can save more time by using the city’s S-Bahn and U-Bahn train system. Berlin is big and while many of the sights are centrally located, if you want to jump around the city, the metro will save you lots of time walking from place to place.

Berlin is a huge city and around 9 times larger than Paris. There are over 400 museums and galleries in the city alone. You simply can’t see it all in a day.

With one day in Berlin, you’re best bet is to narrow down the options and pick just a few must-see sights. That way, you can leave yourself a bit of time to grab food and to wander a bit in the city as well.

Here are a few of Berlin’s top sights you should consider adding to your list.

1. Brandenburg Gate

Built in the 18th century, this neoclassic monument in Berlin has become a symbol of the city. It has also been the site of many of Berlin’s most important events and historic moments. The adjacent Tiergarten park is also worth a quick visit.

2. Berlin Wall

Even with one day in Berlin, your trip isn’t complete without a stop to see the Berlin wall. Twenty-five years since the fall of the wall, a few small sections still stand. The best section to visit would be the East Side Gallery. This 1.3 km long section is decorated with murals by many international artists.

3. Holocaust Memorial

Also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, this powerful site stands in honor of the millions of people killed during the Holocaust. The site, covered in 2,711 concrete pillars of varying heights, is incredibly moving and leaves many visitors in tears.

4. Museum Island

Picking just one museum for a quick one day visit to Berlin is incredibly difficult. If you really don’t want to narrow it down to one, check out Museum Island. Sitting in the middle of Berlin’s Spree River, the island is home to five different museums and also the Berlin Cathedral.

One day in Berlin is truly not enough time to see the city. If it’s between a one day visit though and no visit at all, Berlin really shouldn’t be missed.

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