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For many of us, traveling is a must—a necessity that stems from a desire to escape the humdrum of our daily routines and head off into the blue yonder.

Whether it’s for a short weekend break, an annual family holiday, or packing it all in and hitting the open road with nothing but a backpack and a map, traveling can be a life-changing, soul-altering experience and one that leaves lasting and unforgettable memories.

When it comes to planning a trip, however, trying to decide when to go, how to get there, where to stay, and all the other minutia of traveling can take the wind out of your sails.

The advent of the Internet has helped the world become a global village and made traveling so much easier with a plethora of travel booking websites offering information on everything from transport and accommodation to guided tours.

But the flip side of the coin is that it can also present information overload, bombarding you with so many choices, you have no idea where to start.

Enter Omio. Formerly known as GoEuro, Omio is an independent search platform that simplifies the travel planning process. The global multi-mode search engine uses advanced mapping technology to search all major forms of transport and compares and combines air, bus, and rail journeys for all types of routes.

The search engine finds the closest airport, train, or bus station to your chosen location and presents a selection of the most efficient routes to your desired destination.

Omio Searches All Possible Combinations for Your Route

The concept of Omio is brilliantly simple. To find the best routes and cheapest rates for your journey, put the route that you want to travel into the search boxes. Omio will search, find and display results for all the options available for trains, buses, and flights.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to see all the schedules and don’t have a preference for a certain mode of transport, this can be incredibly helpful. One of the benefits of the platform is that it displays the cheapest times and routes at the top and tells you if a mobile ticket is sufficient for the journey.

Pay for Everything With a Single Checkout

Once you’ve decided on the route you would like to take, you simply select the option and you’ll be taken to the ‘Ticket Options’ screen where you will enter your personal and payment details. Omio does charge a small service fee which is added to the price of the ticket and this is shown at this stage.

Why the service fee? It may be possible to book bus and train tickets directly, however, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Many websites have very poor interfaces and do not offer comfortable and easy customer experiences. Some websites do not take foreign cards and trying to make a payment can end up being a major hassle. So, for the convenience and ease of finding a great price on a route, booking, and paying for it in one easy move, the small fee on the Omio website is well worth it.

Once you have entered your personal details, make sure to review your trip information and read the terms and conditions of the fare you’re booking so you know what your rights are in terms of getting a refund or changing your ticket if your plans change.

All that’s left is to make payment and your tickets will be emailed to you!

Omio Has a Vast Network of Trusted Transport Partners Around the Globe

Omio has direct relationships with many of the major train and bus companies in Europe and the United States, enabling them to search a broader database of routes and rates to offer customers the best options.

Omio has a network of more than 800 trusted transport partners around the globe, including industry heavyweights Amtrak, Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, Trenitalia, Renfe, Via Rail Canada, Alsa, Eurolines, RedCoach, EasyJet, and JetBlue.

This gives the search engine a vast variety of options from which to find the best route and rates, which, in turn, helps you to find the cheapest rates possible for a variety of routes.

Final Thoughts

We all need a bit of help when it comes to planning a trip and finding the best routes and cheapest rates for both regional and international travel.

Omio can help you plan your journey and find the cheapest rates by offering an easy-to-use platform with super search capabilities, a huge network of transport partners that allows for the best rates to be offered, and a fast and efficient ticketing service.

Mia Russell
Mia Russell
Mia is a freelance travel writer with a passion for adventure, wildlife, and water (not necessarily in that order.) She has traveled the globe to follow her dreams, fight for the environment, and swim in some of the world’s most beautiful places.

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