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7 Reasons to Go to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your itinerary to Japan. From July 24th to August 9th, the city of Tokyo will transform into one of the most spectacular and international sporting events the world will ever see.

If you still haven’t booked your tickets yet, here are a few reasons why you should visit the Land of the Rising Sun during the Olympics.

1. Explore Centuries of History

When you’re not cheering on your favorite athlete, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the ancient city of Tokyo. And while this bustling metropolis is known for its modern skyscrapers and neon lights, there’s an entire world of history waiting to be discovered.

Learn about shoguns at the imperial Edo Castle, say a prayer at the 1,400-year-old Senso-ji Temple, or simply stroll through the blooming cherry trees in Ueno Park. As one of the oldest countries on the planet, Japan is full of unique and fascinating landmarks.

2. Attend New Olympic Sports

Five new sports have been added to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Now, you can watch baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and even surfing.

There will also be new events for several existing sports. These new competitions include 3×3 basketball and freestyle BMX cycling.

3. See Gender-Inclusive Events

Tokyo will also be the first country to host nine new mixed-gender events for seven different sports. That means you’ll see equal representation in archery, judo, shooting, and table tennis. There will even be mixed-gender triathlons and track and field events.

4. Stay in Award Winning Accommodation

After a full day of entertaining sports, you’ll want to unwind in the comfort of your hotel room. And thankfully, there are more than a few relaxing Tokyo hotels to choose from.

Whether you’re staying in the luxury suites at the Tokyo Prince Hotel or catching some late-night Z’s in an infamous pod hotel, Tokyo has accommodation for every type of traveler.

5. Get Help From a Robot

In a country as technologically advanced as Japan, it should come as no surprise that the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will involve high-tech robots.

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you’ll be welcomed by hospitality robots that can point you where you need to go. They will also be at the games themselves. These friendly robots can help you find your seat and even carry your snacks!

And don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese. These robots are trained to speak multiple languages depending on which country you are from.

6. Dine on Delectable Cuisine

From freshly rolled sushi to steaming bowls of hot ramen, Tokyo is known for its mouthwatering cuisine. And during your trip to the Olympics, you’ll have endless opportunities to dine on as many traditional Japanese foods and snacks that you can get your hands on.

7. Easily Get Around by Bullet Train

Japan is known for its efficient public transportation system, and the bullet train is no exception. Also known as the Shinkansen, bullet trains in Tokyo are some of the fastest in the world, reaching up to an astounding 375 miles per hour.

After the Olympic Games, you can venture to other cities in Japan in the blink of an eye. With the bullet train, you can reach Osaka in the south or Aomori in the north in just under three hours.