Nude or No: 8 Best Nudist Hotels

There is no need to lie. We all know that we would rather be in the buff than where clothing, but we have grown so accustomed to wearing something to cover our bodies that we don’t even question the comfort of  it anymore. We think nudists are the exception and we call them obscene or immodest, but really, are they the crazy ones? Wouldn’t life by much easier if you didn’t have to wake up and pick out an outfit, let alone one that matches?

Well, it looks like the nudists might be coming onto the scene stronger than us conformists had anticipated. A hot button topic in travel at the moment is nudist hotels and where to sign up and strip down for them. Of course, these nudist resorts and hotels are mostly in the sunny climates so as not to freeze anything… um… off, but the easy weather and warm temperatures typically makes us want to take it off anyway.

Nudist hotels allow their guests to disrobe either fully or to a certain extent within the parameters of their resort grounds, which means that the people around you won’t mind (hopefully not in a creepy way) that you are going commando for a few days. You may have to look at a few unsightly things for a few days, but bearing it all, even among strangers, could be quite a freeing experience. Still not sold on the idea of a nudist hotel? Think of what a pain packing is…

We aren’t saying you have to jump on the trend, but we are saying maybe you should at least take a peek (bad wording) at a few of the world’s best nudist hotels. Check out a list of 8 of the top ranked nudist hotels in the world below!

1. Vritomartis

Sfakia, Crete


2. The Natural



3. Ventana Inn

Big Sur, California


4. Desire Resort and Spa

Puerto Morelos, Mexico


5. Hedonism II

Negril, Jamaica


6. Club Orient 

St. Maarten, French West Indies


7. boBRENE on Tamborine

Queensland, Australia


8. Chan Resort

Pattaya, Thailand


Will you vacation in the buff?

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