New Year, New Fees

Happy new year! You made it through New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day and now you have a whole year of traveling ahead of you. However, you may need to rework your travel budgets a bit for the new year because guess what? Yep, that’s right: airline fees are going up.

If you’re flying Virgin, they are supposedly going to start charging almost $50 just for you to pick your seat, so we hope you don’t care where you sit that much. This may mean learning to love the middle seat (groan.) United is going to start charging $100 for checked bags over 50lbs. So if you are flying United, definitely weigh your bags before you leave for the airport, and leave a few extra pounds for all the things you plan on bringing back. This is better than Spirit Airlines charging for carry-ons. Because,

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2014 may be the year you get really good at packing everything you need in a purse.

Last year United, American and Delta all announced that they were upping their ticket change fee, which could be another popular trend in 2014. You just have to make sure you are committed to you arrival and departure dates. Spontaneity is a dying art.

We’re sure that airlines will keep coming up with ways to charge extra fees. But the good news? The base price for tickets shouldn’t change that much. And with more budget flights being offered between the States and Europe, the extra fees may not break the bank if you are careful.

Just make sure to do your research beforehand you don’t get snagged by hidden fees. And pack light. You don’t need that hair dryer, the voltage won’t convert well anyway. We promise.

How do you avoid airline fees?

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