Pick Your Poison: 36 National Liquors Around the World

This handy little map of official national liquors around the world is giving me all sorts of ideas. For instance, I’m seriously considering pitching a reality show to Travel Channel in which I gallivant around to every country in the world, get drunk on their national liquor, and then see what shenanigans ensue while the cameras roll. Do you think anyone would watch that? Or, perhaps more importantly, do you think Travel Channel would pay my tab and provide me with a handsome salary. A guy’s gotta drink, but a guy also has to eat, people.

This tangent could go on for endless paragraphs, so before I lose you (the prospective audience for my new show!) here’s the infographic. It should be noted that some countries like whiskey-loving Canada and Ireland share a patriotic hooch, and that Australia is fraudulently trying to pass off beer as a national liquor. Foster’s may be “Australian for beer,” but it is not liquor you lying Aussie crooks!

Again, a tangent to be saved for another time and place. So without further interruption, the national liquors around the world:

photo credit: MarcelGermain via photopin cc

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