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Don’t know where to take your significant other on Valentine’s Day? How does a trip to Paris or Venice sound? In honor of V-Day, here are the 14 most romantic cities in the world — see how these cities celebrate romance every day.

1. Paris, France

romantic cities

As clichĂ© as it is, Paris really is the city of love. Lovers from all around the world quite literally lock their vows on some of the bridges in Paris, such as, the Pont de l’ArchevĂȘchĂ©.

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Valerie Theofanis is a student at Marymount Manhattan College and is studying Communication and Media Arts. She's an adventure junkie and has a passion for traveling. The fastest way to her heart is anything dipped or smothered in chocolate.


  1. I am sitting by the beach in Mauritius just now and will take my girl friend for dinner on a jetty with view of the Isle de Cerfs on Saturday – Mauritius should be on the list, trust me! Even though it’s not a city…


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