Why Military Apparel and Gear are Actually Perfect for Your Next Trip

Military-style clothes and gear don’t only look great in khaki coolness, but they can actually be ideal for backpackers. Tactical-type clothing and accessories are especially great for camping and outdoor adventures.

Military items have undergone extensive testing. This means that gear is durable, reliable and comfortable. Clothes and equipment are easy to pack, wear, use and transport.

Military-style items benefit from years of experience. Apparel and equipment are made from high-quality materials. Additionally, they often have useful design features that are lacking in regular clothes and kits.

Dress Well for Outdoor Adventures

When it comes to packing light, camouflage and khaki clothes can often be mixed and matched together and with plain block colours. This can help to reduce the number of items you need to take with you. Team camouflage trousers with a brown t-shirt one day and a green t-shirt the next and still look great.

Military-type clothing is perfect for adventures in the great outdoors. Comfortable and versatile, your clothes will be suitable for various weather conditions and activities. Garments won’t tear or snag easily. You can get items that are suitable for hot or cold climates for optimum comfort and health.

Hikers may benefit from combat pants or cargo shorts when tackling rough terrain. High-quality and reliable waterproof jackets are ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Whether you love walking, fishing, sailing, or other active pursuits, a suitable jacket is essential. However, heavier coats and insulated outerwear are better for colder conditions.

You can be better equipped for time outdoors in different seasons with specially designed clothing. Complete your outfits with various accessories, such as gloves, socks and hats.

Cautionary note: think carefully before wearing military-style clothes on a trip. While they are great for outdoor adventures, they might make you a target in troubled destinations.

Protect Your Feet Like a Soldier

Any outdoor lover will surely spend a lot of time on their feet. Having proper footwear is vital for a successful trip. The best outcome of inappropriate footwear is sore feet and blisters. The worst, however, can lead to broken bones, sprains and strains.

Consider whether you need heavy-duty boots, walking shoes or lightweight summer shoes. All military footwear is designed to be practical, comfortable and tough. Think about water-proofing measures as well as additional items like spare laces and socks. Your feet couldn’t be better protected on your adventures.

Take Shelter Under the Stars

Fans of the great outdoors will benefit from the designs of military-style tents. They are lightweight, easy to assemble, and provide protection. Most campers can identify with the hassle of pitching a tent in a new spot. Or, of springing a leak in a downpour.

Military-type tents use the most suitable materials. It might not seem like there’s much difference between the weights of poles … until you’re actually carrying your tent for several days! Some materials weigh less than others, reducing the burden on your back. Tents designed for military use will protect you from the elements. Whether it’s windy, raining or humid you’ll still get a good night’s rest.

Investing in a good tent can be wise for avid outdoor explorers. People who love to go wild camping will especially benefit from a military tent.

Be Prepared for DIY Life Outdoors

Keen campers will often have a sizeable collection of camping gear.

Cooking equipment is essential for heading off the beaten path for days on end. However, even if you’re staying on a well-equipped campsite, cooking outdoors can be fun! Preparing your own meals can also be a great way for budget travelers to cut costs. Military-inspired burners and stoves are lightweight and safe. Plus, you should have no problems actually lighting them and cooking your meal!

You’ll also need pots, pans, crockery and cutlery if you plan to cook on your adventures. Keep weight and space to a minimum with military-style items.

Staying hydrated is paramount. A good-quality water bottle is a staple for all camping and hiking enthusiasts. If clean water supplies are abundant, opt for a simple refillable bottle. On the other hand, you may prefer a filtration system if you’re going to remote areas.

Whether you’re hiking or camping, you’ll want to protect your gear from the elements. Nobody wants to get caught in the rain unprepared! Dry bags and waterproof bags protect your possessions. They are also perfect for days at the beach and water sports.

Have Sweet Dreams in Nature

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, whether it’s under canvas or in a bed. Sleep is essential for energy and enjoying your adventures. Created to ensure military personnel get plenty of rest, army-style sleeping equipment can also help you to have sweet dreams.

A good sleeping bag will regulate your temperature while you sleep. It will also be breathable and comfortable. You will have to carry it though; military gear is less bulky and lighter than regular products. Sleeping mats or airbeds add to your overall comfort levels. You’ll also want a pillow and possibly an additional blanket. Depending on your style of camping and the weather conditions, a hammock may be perfect.

Spread the Load

Tactical and military-style backpacks and day packs have many positives. They are made from sturdy material and created to last. They are as light as possible. Army-type backpacks distribute the load evenly across your back and are ergonomically designed to be comfortable and better for your health. If you buy a waterproof bag you know it will do what it says and protect your gear inside. Available in various sizes, they suit all types of backpackers and camping enthusiasts.

Survive in the Wilderness

Soldiers in the field must be prepared for a range of situations. Heading off into the great outdoors also requires plenty of planning. You should always be prepared for the worst. Take your lead from the army and always carry a first-aid kit, torch, map and compass. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if reaching help would take a substantial amount of time. Don’t rely on cellphones; signals are easily lost and reception coverage can be scant.

There are many reasons to use military apparel and gear when camping, hiking and backpacking. Make the most of your adventures and invest in top-quality items that are especially designed by experts for outdoor use.

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