Magnetic Island is Beautiful, You Should Go

Magnetic Island Will Draw You

Well I’ve made it to Cairns, my final stop along the east coast of Australia…but I’m all out of money! If you’ve been following you may remember my post from Brisbane in which I listed the various activities I would be partaking in. Yes, I’ve completed most of them and my bank account ain’t too happy about it.

Since my arrival I have gone skydiving, scuba diving, white water rafting, camping on Fraser Island and I took a cruise around the Whitsunday Islands. I’ve spent about everything I have, but I can’t say I regret it.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island was magnificent. It has become, quite possibly, my favorite place on the face of this planet. My time there was, by far, one of the best segments of my trip. As soon as I set foot on that island I knew, with absolute certainty, that I was not supposed to be anywhere else in the world. I met some incredible people there and had just about the best time of my life.

Magnetic Island

It’s a beautiful island, small yet steaming with life. It has stunning beaches, quaint towns and dense rainforests alike. Be sure to give yourself a few days on Magnetic. You’ll definitely want some time on the sand as well as in the wilderness. Make sure you do the Forts Walk, a beaten path through some leftover WWII bunkers. You might even see some wild koalas.

Koala on Magnetic Island
Koala on Magnetic Island

Having reached Cairns, my final destination along the east coast (and that of many others), I’m forced to say goodbye to many people who are now going home or continuing their travels elsewhere. I am not, of course, the only person backpacking up the east coast of Australia and I have met some truly amazing people since I have arrived.

I will never see many of these people again but I can guarantee that I will never forget them.

The Boys
Magnetic Island

Meeting these people has also stimulated my thirst to continue traveling around the world. England was never on my list of places to visit but it has quickly risen to the top. Germany, Bali, Thailand, Sweden and Denmark have been added to the roster as well.

I could do this for the rest of my life.

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