5 Luggage Tips That Will Revolutionize The Way You Travel

You might think there’s not much that can go wrong with luggage—throw a few things in a suitcase and check it in at the airport. Easy, right?

But, there are ways you can change your luggage habits that will revolutionize the way you travel. These tips will help you streamline your travel, meaning you eliminate a lot of pre-holiday stress and arrive at your destination feeling fresh.

1. Choose the Right Kind of Bag

Let’s start at the beginning of the process. Choosing a bag is the first hurdle you need to jump over and getting this right is key. The type of bag you should take will depend on the type of trip you are taking.

Will you be moving from place to place a lot on your trip? Or going on multi-day treks? If you think either of these things are on the cards then you should be taking a big backpack with you.

Are you more likely to spend your whole trip in one place (this could be a beach resort or an eco-lodge somewhere)? In this case, then, a big suitcase with wheels will serve you best.

You are the best judge of what kind of luggage you need but remember to think about practicality. There’s no point in taking a giant suitcase that fits your entire wardrobe if it is a hassle to transport.

Also note that taking a suitcase that can be padlocked shut is a good way to keep your things safe.

2. Consider Just Taking Carry-On

If you are going away for a short period, there is a chance you might be able to squeeze everything you need into one piece of carry-on luggage. Most airlines charge you to check luggage in, so if you can avoid this you will save yourself some dollar.

Carry-on might not sound like much, but most airlines will let you take a small wheelie suitcase. It would also surprise you how much you can fit in one of those things!

3. Get Your Luggage Shipped

If you decide that you need more than just carry-on, you might want to consider getting it shipped. International luggage shipping means you don’t have to waste time waiting at the baggage carousel after a long flight. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about whether your bags will actually show up.

When your luggage is shipped straight to your destination, it also makes customs a lot easier. The result is that you can go straight from the plane to your taxi, without navigating the chaos of baggage reclaim.

4. Tag Your Bags

If you go the conventional route and check your bags on to the plane, make sure you tag them. I cannot stress this enough. Hundreds of pieces of luggage go missing every day. Tagging yours will make sure that someone can reunite you with your belongings quicker and also give you peace of mind.

Write your name, phone number and also your email address on every piece of luggage for the best chance of someone returning it to you. I am wary of putting my home address on my luggage – this can alert people to the fact your home is vacant.

5. Weigh Your Bags at Home

Every airline has a weight limit for luggage and charges extortionate prices for every pound exceeding this limit. Grab your bathroom scales at home and weigh your bags before you set off. This will save you from repacking your bags at the check-in desk or paying a hefty fee.

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