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Part of what makes the holidays so magical and exciting are the incredible light displays illuminating cities around the world. Created with thousands of lights, these entertaining and sparkly creations are a tradition of the holiday season. Some people create their own elaborate light decorations in their backyards, but the massive holiday ┬ádisplays take curb appeal to the next level. Light shows add to┬áthe holiday spirit and are a fun, laid-back tradition during the season. That’s why we’re asking you to bundle up and venture out to see what light displays and shows are in your town. But first, get inspired and mesmerized all at the same time at these light displays from around the globe.

Tokyo, Japan

These blue and white LED lights cover Tokyo’s Midtown in the Roppongi Hills district. The light display is called the “Starlight Garden.”

christmas lights tokyo japan

Photo via Conde Nast Traveler

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