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10 Coolest Campervan Rentals in Kauai

Kauai’s waterfalls, mountains, and hidden beaches are perfect for nature lovers. RV rentals in Kauai will get you deep into the heart of the Garden Island!

10 Coolest Campervan Rentals in Kauai

With its cascading waterfalls and rolling green mountains, Kauai is the perfect setting for an adventurous road trip. With an RV or camper rental in Kauai, you can easily explore all of the lush jungles and secret beaches that make the Garden Island famous.

Whether you’re spending the night stargazing on the beach or camping in the rainforest, Kauai camper rentals make it easy for you to get off-the-beaten-path and deep into nature.

If you’re wondering how to rent an RV or campervan and what vehicle options you have in Kauai, you’ve come to the right place!

Where to Find a Kauai Camper Rental

Before you plan your Kauai road trip, there are things you need to know before renting a campervan or RV.

The key to the perfect road trip is choosing the right campervan rental company for your trip. So, you’ll need to look for a reliable company that rents campervans and RVs to travelers.

In Kauai, there are a number of RV rental companies that lease out vehicles to drivers. However, most of them work in much the same way as a car rental service where the vehicles are owned by the company.

Another option is to use a peer-to-peer booking website, which allows you to rent the campervan directly from the vehicle owner.

When it comes to rental websites, I love Outdoorsy, one of the leading rental sites for RVs and campervans. They have tons of options for rentals in Kauai. Besides connecting you with the RV owner, Outdoorsy also provides comprehensive insurance for each rental.

Just use the form below to search for RVs and campervans in Kauai.


What to Do Before You Rent a Camper in Kauai

Your first step is to decide who will be driving the RV or campervan. With a valid US driver’s license, you can rent most RVs and campervans in Kauai. Most rental companies will also accept an international driving license.

Before you arrive in Kauai, you’ll need to determine where to pick up your campervan. Some RV owners will meet you at the airport to exchange the keys in person, or you can arrange for a place to meet them. Other companies or owners might charge an extra fee for delivery.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to review the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line. There may be certain restrictions on where you can drive and the number of passengers you can take.

Campervan vs. RV Rentals in Kauai

Choosing the right vehicle is one of the most important decisions to make about your trip. From luxury motorhomes to vintage campervans, you’ll have thousands of choices for rentals in Kauai. But first, it’s crucial to understand the main differences between the types of vehicles. That’s why I’m here to tell you how to rent an RV or a campervan.

An RV or motorhome is essentially a home on wheels. It usually has a bed, kitchen, and bathroom on board. Larger RVs may also have living rooms and spare bedrooms for extra guests.

Campervans, on the other hand, are much smaller. While they may have a bed and a cooking space, they might not have other facilities like bathrooms or living rooms. They’re like oversized vans.

Your budget and travel style can help you determine which vehicle to choose.

If you are traveling alone or with one other person, a campervan might be sufficient for your trip. They might not have all the bells and whistles, but they’re easier to park and they usually get better mileage compared to a larger RV.

But if you’re traveling with many people, an RV is a better fit. They have more space and tend to be more comfortable for multiple passengers.

On the downside, RVs can be more difficult to drive and park.

The Cost of Camper Rentals in Kauai

In Kauai, you can rent a campervan or RV for a reasonable price. And in many cases, camper rentals in Kauai may actually be cheaper than staying in a hotel or resort in Kauai.

The rental price is set by the owner and varies from vehicle to vehicle. But on average, RV rentals in Kauai range from $150 to $170 per night.

Campervans are usually more affordable. The basic no-frills campervan will cost around $110 per night. However, vintage campervans and classic airstream trailers are more expensive and can cost over $200 per night.

If you’re camping in an official state or county site, you’ll need to purchase a camping pass. County campsites are $3 per person per day, while state campsites are between $12 – $20 per campsite.

You’ll also need to take into consideration cleaning fees, taxes, and refueling charges on top of the total cost (as you would with any rental). And if you bring pets or rent sporting equipment, you can also expect to pay a little bit extra.

10 Best RV and Camper Rentals in Kauai

If you want to explore the island at your own pace, a campervan rental in Kauai is a must.  Not only will you be able to travel to remote parts of the island, but you’ll also get to see more places if you’re short on time.

Best of all, you can spend the night outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of having a bed and kitchen.

For the best RV and campervan rentals in Kauai, I recommend booking with Outdoorsy. This Airbnb for RVs has tons of rentals for every type of trip and budget.

Camper Rentals on the North Shore

Home to some of the most picturesque beaches on the island, Kauai’s North Shore is an excellent destination for renting a campervan. Head to the historic Koloa Town for shopping and dining, explore Princeville, or make your way to Poipu Beach for a day of snorkeling and diving.

  • 2010 Nissan Path Finder

    Upgrade your car camping experience with the recreational Nissan Path Finder. This 4×4 vehicle allows you to get off the beaten path to explore some of Kauai’s most beautiful beaches.

    It comes with an easy to set-up rooftop tent where you can spend the night stargazing. There are also a few extra amenities like a cooking stove, cookware, towels, and a portable table so you can have the best experience ever.

    • Technical Specs
    TypeTruck Camper
    Sleeps2 people
    AmenitiesA/C, Camp stove and cookware included, Extra storage
    MileageUnlimited miles
  • 1990 VW Campervan Kauai

    Catch the sunrise (or sunset) from the open windows of your 1990 Volkswagen campervan. It sleeps four people comfortably with two beds, while the pop-up rooftop tent provides extra room for admiring the view.

    You’ll get a fully stocked kitchen with cooking supplies, a stove, and coolers. The best part? The owners throw in surfboards, snorkel gear, beach chairs, and a shade tent at no extra cost to you!

    You can pick up this campervan in Princeville, which is a great jumping-off point for exploring Halelea Forest Reserve and Moloaa Forest Reserve.

    • Technical Specs
    Sleeps4 people
    AmenitiesPets allowed, Festival-friendly, Lots of beach extras included
    MileageUnlimited miles

Camper Rentals in Lihue

If you’re flying into Kauai, you’ll land at Lihue Airport. You can pick up your RV or campervan rental at the airport once you arrive (or arrange an alternative plan with the owners). From there, you’ll be able to explore the island’s magnificent canyons, beaches, and rainforests.

  • 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia

    Although it may not look like much from the outside, this Kauai campervan has everything you need for a fun road trip. Between the pop-up tent and convertible interior, there’s enough room to sleep four people.

    It’s stocked with all the essentials like towels, coolers, and kitchen pots and pans. The Westfalia also comes with a propane tank and stove so that you can whip up a hearty dinner at one of the state parks.

    • Technical Specs
    Sleeps2 people
    AmenitiesDelivery within 5 miles, Heater, Dining table, stove, Audio inputs
    MileageUnlimited miles
  • EuroPanda - 1997 Volkswagen Westfalia

    Enjoy a relaxing “van-cation” with EuroPanda, the 1997 Volkswagen Westfalia. On the inside, you’ll find everything you need for your road trip, including a stove, outside shower, and pull-out dining table.

    Your Kauai camper rental also comes with all the bedding and camping equipment you mean, making this one of the best no-fuss campervans on the island.

    • Technical Specs
    Sleeps2 people
    AmenitiesPet friendly, Extra storage, Audio inputs
    MileageUnlimited miles
  • Kauai Camper Truck - 2006 Toyota Tacoma

    This 2006 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck can take you to the hidden gems around Kauai. With 4WD, you’ll be able to travel to less accessible places like PoliHale or Waikoali easily.

    It comes equipped with a tent, gas burner, BBQ, and chairs. The owners are also super eager to give you recommendations on the best beaches, activities, hikes, sights, and eats around Kauai.

    • Technical Specs
    TypeTruck Camper
    Sleeps4 people
    AmenitiesA/C, heater, Dining table, stove, Extra storage
    MileageUnlimited miles

Camper Rentals in Wailua

Wailua and its surrounding area are flush with magnificent waterfalls, palm groves, beaches, and rainforests.

Once you move away from the busy coast, you’ll find plenty of solitude and big nature to explore, whether you’re hanging out by the Wailua River or hiking some of the many trails.

  • 2018 Toyota Tacoma

    This modern truck camper is ideal for off-roaders and explorers. With multiple terrain settings, you can tackle the unpaved roads to discover the exclusive Polihale Beach.

    At night, you’ll sleep comfortably on the 3-inch memory foam mattress in the rooftop tent. While there isn’t a built-in bathroom or kitchen, the Tacoma does come with a portable stove and cooler.

  • Liza the EuroVan

    This cozy Volkswagen Westfalia is ideal for exploring Kauai with a few of your best friends or a small family. It’s small, compact, and easy to drive in most places around the island.

    The built-in pop-up is breezy and perfect for listening to the ocean as you’re lying in bed at night. There’s also a sink and stovetop so you can cook while hanging out on one of Kauai’s famous beaches.

    • Technical Specs
    Sleeps3 people
    AmenitiesHeater/ceiling fan, Kitchen sink, stove, dining table, Audio inputs
    MileageUnlimited miles
  • Noa Manu Toyota Tacoma

    Hitch a ride on the Noa Manu Toyota Tacoma, a completely retrofitted truck built for adventure. There’s a roomy rooftop tent with a comfy memory foam mattress, and lots of extra storage if you want to bring some extra gear (and even an extra ground tent).

    The truck also comes stocked with a cooler, camping stove, cookware, camping chairs, snorkel gear, and even a tree hammock. You’ll have everything you need for your Kauai adventure!

    • Technical Specs
    TypeTruck Camper
    Sleeps4 people
    AmenitiesA/C, Cooler, camping stove, Festival-friendly
    MileageUnlimited mileage
  • 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road Camper

    This is your ultimate off-roading truck on Kauai, equipped with four-wheel drive, Active Traction Control (A-TRAC), Hill Start Assist Control (HAC), Crawl Control (CRAWL), Multi-Terrain Select, and more.

    Two people can sleep in the rooftop tent, while another two can take the ground tent. Light a bonfire or cook dinner on the dual-burner stove—this truck camper lets you enjoy Kauai’s natural beauty with all the amenities you need.

    • Technical Specs
    TypeTruck Camper
    Sleeps4 people
    AmenitiesA/C, heater
    MileageUnlimited miles
  • 2019 Ford Transit Van Camper

    This 2019 Ford Transit Van Camper is ready to take you on the road! There’s a large queen-sized bed that folds down and an extra ground tent if you’d like to bring along a few extra people.

    This campervan also comes fully stocked with towels, linens, cookware, a stove, camp chairs, a cooler, and more. Plus there’s an inverter to keep fresh air circulating, even while you sleep at night.

    • Technical Specs
    Sleeps6 people
    AmenitiesA/C, heater, Extra tent provided, Stove included

Whether you’re cruising through the Waimea Canyon or winding through Kuhio Highway, Kauai is best explored by RV or campervan. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a beach-front resort when you can park on the coast and have the ocean right outside your driver’s window?

After all, you’re on one of the greenest islands in Hawaii. It’s worth being in nature as much as you can. Pick out your favorite campervan, grab a few close friends, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Kauai!


Kauai Camper Rental FAQs.

  • Can you rent a camper in Kauai?

    Yes, there are plenty of great companies for camper rentals in Kauai.

  • Is there camping in Kauai?

    Yes, there is a great range of awesome camping in Kauai. You may need reservations for some locations.

  • What is the best type of camper rental for Kauai?

    If you’re renting a camper in Kauai, a smaller class-C motorhome, campervan, or truck camper is the best option.

  • What is the best camper rental platform?

    Outdoorsy is the best platform for finding a camper to rent.

  • How much does a camper rental in Kauai cost?

    RV rentals in Kauai range from $150 to $170 per night.

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  1. These are not legal to camp in on Kauai except at 2 private campgrounds. They are NOT legal at County campgrounds which are for tent (on the ground) camping only.

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