historic royal palaces
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When the need to immediately pretend to be a royal presents itself, most people have difficulty recovering, as their natural humble surroundings are not adequate to fulfill the fantasy. The only obvious solution is to travel to a substantially more royal destination than your native environment. Travel is not only a spiritually freeing act that allows pretend princesses to step out of the shadows and be themselves, I mean, themselves pretending to be someone else, you know, but it has the potential to show them what it really means to pretend to be a princess. Embrace the fantasy, pack a tiara, and whisk your fabulous self away to a destination as enchanting as your imagination, a real royal residence of a real life princess.

Here are nine of the best royal palaces you need to visit!

1. Tokyo Imperial Palace / Princess Masako of Japan

royal palaces

Photo via Flickr/Kevin Poh

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