Globally Inspired Cannabis Edibles for your 4/20 Celebration

We should all be big proponents of edibles. Eating pot as adverse to smoking it is much better for your lungs, doesn’t require swapping saliva, and can really trip you out in the right situations. I once ate a couple laced peanut butter cookies while driving my friends 92′ Volvo station wagon through a blizzard in Lake Tahoe. When the windshield wipers stopped working, I stuck my head out the window to see the cliff we were riding along. Imagine every lucid dream you’ve ever had, except the threat of death is completely real. Another time I ate a brownie and ended up in a magic show.

Would these things have happened if I hadn’t eaten edibles? I like to think they wouldn’t.

Your local pot shop usually has some crafty creations on-sale (lollipops, laced Cap’n Crunch berries), but it’s good fun to experiment with different tastes and ingredients in cannabis edibles. It’s a somewhat tumultuous process concentrating THC oil or hash butter, but once you got it, the sky’s the limit. Here are some incredible recipes for international cannabis edibles that will knock the socks off your 4/20 celebration.

Okay, they’re not really international, but you’re probably stoned so just pretend they’re exotic.

Peanut Butter-Stuffed, Roasted Jalapeno Cannabis Poppers
From: Mexico maybe?

 (Full recipe here)

I always thought doing peanut butter with jalapenos seemed like a gross idea, but it makes more sense with a touch of herb. The peanut butter mitigates the spiciness and mixes easily with THC oil. Suddenly you’ve got a tasty, semi-sweet Mexican-ish snack that’s almost too easy to make.

Tangy BBQ Cannabis Sauce
From: Texas or something

(Full recipe here)

Oh man, the possibilities! Short ribs, chicken strips, buffalo pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, suddenly all of these can get ya’ toasty. Ashley Boudreaux’s recipe is surprisingly complex and well-thought out, but the work involved would probably work best with a sober hand. Make sure you make enough to save. 

 Cream Cannabis Coffee (Lon Lon Milk)
From: Japan (kinda-sorta-not at all)

 (Full recipe here)

File this one under “Holy shit, this exists”. Some Redditor came up with this recipe that marries two substances that many love to combine: caffeine and THC. Bonus points for calling the recipe Lon Lon Milk, a shoutout to the Legend of Zelda games.

Cannabis Pesto Pasta
From: Italy-ish

(Full recipe here)

Pesto is another ingredient that seems ripe for combining with marijuana. I mean, it’s just basil leaves, pine nuts, and olive oil. Pesto can actually be made with any leafy herb and nut, it works really well with spinach and walnuts. When you drop a nugget in the food processor, you’re a step closer to this appetizing Italian(?) dish.

Chocolate Red Velvet Cannabis Cupcakes
From: America, not gonna lie

(Full recipe here)

Look at those. 

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