Top Tips for Family Camping Trips

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Family camping trips are for many of us the best memories we have. From getting excited as the adults pitched the tent, to exploring the surrounding areas like little adventurers, there is something wonderful about sleeping under the stars. This is no doubt a key driver in why there are so many great campsites around the world.

As parents, we still haven’t lost his magic, but whereas when we were kids, we didn’t have to think about putting up the tent, now we have to be the responsible ones.

With this in mind, let’s look at some practical trips when exploring the great outdoors.

Ensure you Have the Right Kit

To get the not so exciting tips out of the way first, make sure you have a decent first aid kit that includes emergency contact numbers. A good repair kit including gaffer tape, spare guy ropes, tent pegs, and tent rods. Ensure you include superglue, preferably a waterproof variant. This has a wide range of uses including repairing tents to the boots of your little outdoor helpers, not to mention it can come in handy when trekking out and about.

Make sure your backpack and other practical equipment are of decent quality and suitable for requirements.

Now you have your gear sorted, what else?

Explore Explore Explore

One of the great things about family camping trips is the sense of adventure. A trek through the woods is like exploring a new world if your children are at the right age. There are things to find from sticks to pinecones and other wonderful things that fall from trees. Depending on where you are, you may find or want to build a swing.

Exploration is a great thing to do with young children, and it is a great way to teach them about the world. You can pack food and have an explorer’s lunch. Your children will love it.

Get the Kids Helping

If you give your children jobs to do around your campsite, they will feel part of the process and this to, can be a game. Some can help prepare food, others can check the guy ropes are ok. You may want them to carry their own gear when out and about.

When you first pitch the tent get the older kids to help with unloading gear and setting up. The more involved you can get them, the better.


If you can start a campfire on your site, then collecting firewood is another great activity they can do. Once the wood is collected and cut to size, you can introduce matches and firelighters to them, or if you’re feeling bold, you might want to try and start a fire using sticks caveman style. Either way, this will be a very exciting part of the trip for them.


Once you have your campfire going, you can then have a great family storytime. Anything that makes for a good book will do, perhaps something dramatic will be a perfect choice. Kids love adventure, after all.

Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster is a travel writer, photographer, and professional adventurer. He has been traveling the world since 2010, asking the hard questions, and learning about both the world and himself in the process.

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