Take a Coffee Based Travel Trek and Make Gourmesso Taste even Sweeter

Coffee! Is there a finer drink?  You’ll be hard pushed to come up with one.  It is rich, smooth, rough, creamy, iced, and rich.  It is versatile, it is dark, it is magic, and thanks to caffeine, the fuel of humanity.  Excluding water, coffee is second only to tea as the world’s most popular beverage.

Coffee is not just a wonderful drink.  It is made in parts of the world that are awe-inspiring to visit.  With this in mind, why not pack your bags and visit the places that produce the drink that gets your brain in gear and is a delight to your taste buds?

Coffee Inspired Travel Ideas


In 2014, Brazil supplied 30% of the world’s coffee.  The South American country has 300,000 plantations spread over more than 10,000 square miles.  If coffee has a production home, then you would have to say that home is Brazil.

As a traveller, Brazil is packed with incredible places that give a flavour of Brazilian culture, inspire and overwhelm you with their scale and beauty, and show you how diverse the country is once you get off the beaten track.  Here are some ideas.

Foz do Iguaçu – One of the world’s largest waterfalls borders Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.  It is a naturally occurring phenomenon where 100 bodies of waterfall into fast moving waters below.  You can get an incredible view from the Devil’s Throat!

Amazon Rainforest – One of the most complex natural wonders of the world, no visit to Brazil is complete without experiencing the vast, awe-inspiring parts of the planet.  Home to countless species of animal and plant life and a far reaching river that is home to the elusive pink dolphins, visiting the rainforest will bring you closer to the essence of life and give you a profound appreciation of the world.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park – Venture north while in Brazil and you will come across the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.  It is a vast desert landscape made more interesting by the sand dunes that trap lagoons of rainwater.  Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Bonita are the largest lagoons.  The experience will keep your traveller soul satisfied.


Although new to the Coffee arena, Vietnam is second only to Brazil in coffee production.  The country bet its economy on coffee production and focused on the robusta bean, a high caffeine cheaper bean than its arabica counterpart.  It was a bet that rewarded handsomely.

Vietnam requires no introduction and you’d be hard pushed to meet another human being unaware of the Vietnam War.  The country, however, is a cultural wonder which embraces the future as well as acknowledging its past.  A trip to Vietnam will not just satisfy your traveller soul, but make you yearn to discover more of this wonderful place.

Cruise the Mekong Delta – By the time the Mekong River flows through Vietnam from the Tibertan Himalayer, much of the fierceness has subsided to a calm inviting body of water.  As such, a boat trip along the river is like seeing a snapshot of the past.  You will encounter islands, rice paddies, and stilted villages that show life how it was a hundred years ago.

You can either see the river by taking a cruise or hitching a ride on a cargo boat.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum – The best way to understand Vietnam’s past and the war is to visit the Ho Chi Minh City Museum in the city of the same name.  The exhibitions which include firsthand accounts and grizzly pictures of napalm burnt human beings are shown frankly but sensitively.  No visit to Vietnam is complete without a visit to this museum.

Enjoy a cup of ‘weasel coffee’ in Buon Ma Thuot – Buon Ma Thuot is the heart of coffee production in Vietnam.  The Trung Nguyen coffee company dominates the industrialised zone and paddy fields and in nearly every corner its logo can be seen.  Outside of this, however,  Buon Ma Thuot is a very beautiful part of Vietnam with natural waterfalls and rock formations.

This is also the home of ‘weasel’ coffee.  Here, civets, eat the coffee berries and pass them quickly.  The droppings are used to make the coffee which after civet treatment has an extraordinary bitter taste.  Coffee aficionados believe this to be the best coffee in the world and pay good money for it.  You can savour it at the source for a fraction of the cost.

Plan Your Own Coffee Tour

Coffee is grown in mostly second and third world nations that are by and large very interesting to visit.  This gives you a world of options when planning your trip.  While you ponder where you are going to go, enjoy a cup of Gourmesso, compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso.  The more you learn about your destinations the sweeter your coffee will taste!

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