12 Best Campervan Rental Companies for Your US Road Trip

You don't have to own a campervan to live your best #vanlife. Here are some of the best campervan rental companies for your next road trip.
12 Best Campervan Rental Companies for Your US Road Trip

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Keen to jump on the #vanlife and travel the off-beaten path? I’ve compiled a list of the best campervan rental companies to help you get started on your Great American road trip.

Each of these companies does things a little differently, and some will suit your needs better than others. So it’s key that you understand your options. With each company, I’ve included a summary of what makes them unique, as well as a list of pros and cons so you can compare them easily.

A camper van rental allows you to check off multiple cities without the hassle of hotel bookings, crashing at a motel, or setting up a tent every night. 

Campervans also tend to be more cost-effective than hotel rooms, depending on where you’re going and which company you choose. Moreover, touring the United States in a van provides a spontaneous vacation with lots of freedom and scenic views of picturesque landscapes.

Alongside campervans, most of these companies offer many different types of RVs. These include Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and more.

To get more comfortable with the jargon and the process, check out my post on how to rent an RV. It breaks down the difference between all these travel van accommodations and should give you a good foundation.

And with that said, these are my top three picks for the best campervan rental companies out there today.

What to Know Before Renting a Campervan

Before we dive into the list of the best camper van rental companies, you should know there are two different types.

The first is when campervan rental companies use a peer-to-peer model where you can rent an RV from a private RV owner (much like Airbnb). Some of these platforms also allow you to be a renter and list your RV on their site (should you have one hiding in the garage).

The second is a company fleet where companies buy and convert cars into RVs or construct their own RVs, and you can rent directly from the company. This method is, of course, a bit more reliable and professional than the previous model, but it can also be pricier. Plus, review systems on peer-to-peer sites can help you make your choice with confidence.

1. Outdoorsy


Outdoorsy is the Airbnb of campervan rentals. It’s a well-established company that provides an online platform where rentees connect with campervan and RV owners. ​​Not only is it the most trusted RV rental marketplace around, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly. 

On Outdoorsy’s site, you’ll find an extensive range of RVs. From luxurious Class A motorhomes to compact campervans, with Class B, Class C, campers, and everything van-related in-between.

The site is easy to navigate. Just type in your destination, and Outdoorsy displays all the available RV rentals. You can also filter your search to display campervan-only results or any other motorhome type you wish to browse.

They also offer comprehensive insurance as well as a review feature that makes choosing a breeze.

The platform is a peer-to-peer marketplace, meaning rentees rent from private owners instead of a fleet of companies. So, you can easily hire a campervan from one of the owners. Or, if you have one sleeping in your garage, you can list it on Outdoorsy and earn some extra cash.

Reckon it’s a good deal? Read my detailed Outdoorsy review for more info!

Pros and Cons of Outdoorsy

Since Outdoorsy’s RV rental model is peer-to-peer, its advantages and disadvantages slightly differ from traditional travel van rental companies.


  • The company is the most trusted online RV rental marketplace. SimilarWeb ranked Outdoorsy on the Digital 100 (an annual ranking of the fastest-growing companies) as the ninth place in the Travel Experiences category.
  • Outdoorsy operates in 14 countries, including the USA. So if you happen to be in Canada, Australia, the UK, France, or Italy, you can still use Outdoorsy’s services.
  • RV owners wanting to rent their vehicles on Outdoorsy can join the site for free, and there are no membership fees either.
  • The site features detailed, personal reviews. You can find customer reviews on their rented RVs and also reviews on their experience with the RV owners. Furthermore, RV owners also post about their experiences with Outdoorsy ‒ which you can check out if you’re interested in listing your RV for rent on the site.
  • Outdoorsy has an impressive insurance protection package that comes with complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance. Coverage begins as soon as you have the keys and ends when you return them.


  • We know that Outdoorsy is the most trusted RV rental marketplace in the world. However, due to the company’s peer-to-peer model, it can still be a victim to fraudsters preying on RV owners or rentees. So always keep reviews in mind.
  • By the same token (of the peer-to-peer model), not all the RVs will be in immaculate condition. Thus, it’s crucial that you also check the reviews and ratings for indications of the quality before booking a campervan.

2. RVezy


If Outdoorsy is the Airbnb of RVs, RVezy is its younger cousin who just recently entered the market. But RVezy is already giving Outdoorsy direct competition. 

The company first launched in Canada back in 2017, where it quickly became the King of RVs. It recently crossed the border to enter the US market, bringing along its best selection of RVs and first-class customer support services.

Just like Outdoorsy, RVezy is an online van rental platform that uses a peer-to-peer model to link RV owners with rentees. Renting a camper van from RVezy is as ezy as typing your destination into their site and then choosing one from a list of impressive and verified RVs.

While the company has a huge RV selection and is well-known in Canada, it’s still gaining momentum in the US. Compared to Outdoorsy, RVezy in the US lacks in reviews and its selection of camper van rentals. But this deficit is likely temporary since the company is determined to establish a strong foundation here. 

For a detailed breakdown and comparison of these two companies, you can check out my RVezy review or this post comparing Outdoorsy vs. RVezy

Pros and Cons of RVezy

Even though RVezy is relatively new in the US, it’s the most trusted RV rental platform in North America, so we know that the company is definitely reliable. Here’s a list of some of its pros and cons.


  • RVezy provides outdoor fanatics in Canada and the US an affordable way to rent RVs, offering lower service costs than Outdoorsy.
  • Every RVezy rental is pre-screened for verification and is fully insured.
  • The company has received tons of positive customer reviews and provides excellent customer service. As opposed to just pointing you to their site’s help center, their staff is friendly, quick to respond, and offers meaningful suggestions and solutions.
  • It’s completely free to list your RV on RVezy if you’re up to making a quick buck.


  • RVezy in the US has a limited selection of RV rentals since the company only arrived here recently, in 2020.
  • RVezy also lacks reviews in the US since the company is still establishing a footing here and is yet to gain popularity on this side of the border.
  • The company doesn’t offer free roadside assistance, and this essential add-on may prove to be pricey for some.

3. Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans is one of the largest van rental companies in the USA, offering their own converted vans to rent. It was founded by three surfers in 2003 in New Zealand and then they expanded to the United States in 2009. 

They now operate in more than thirteen cities, with Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Denver on the list. If you’re in Canada, no worries. The company’s rentals are also accessible through Vancouver and Calgary.

The highlight of Escape’s camper vans is that they are hand-painted by local artists. Think, gram-worthy pictures and aesthetically pleasing postcards…if you don’t mind all the attention you’ll be attracting.

Their vans can shelter two to five people. One of their most popular models is the Maverick—spacious on the inside but still small enough to fit through narrow spaces.

Rental rates begin at $33 per day but pick up during peak season. These rates are also dependent on the RV model, pick-up or drop-off location, and the duration of your trip. The longer you rent an RV, the lower the cost.

The mileage restriction for Escape’s vans is 100 miles per day, and exceeding this limit means you have to pay an additional fee at the rate that corresponds to your vehicle’s model. If you have driven less than the mileage limit, you’ll receive a refund for the unused kilometers.

Pros and Cons of Escape Campervans

Being one of the leading van rental firms in the US, it should come as no surprise that Escape Campervans’ pros greatly outweigh its cons.


  • The company offers 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • The hand-painted designs make you stand out on the road and act as unique backdrops for pictures.
  • The company is operational in most of the USA’s biggest cities and two Canadian cities, so there’s a high chance that there’s an Escape campervan for rent near you.
  • Their vast collection of rentals are built and customized using tried-and-true methods and modern designs. This greatly lowers the risk of flaws and failure, making Escape Campervans another trustworthy company on this list.
  • All the campervans include a dual battery system with solar panel, refrigerator, stove, and sink. 


  • While you can choose customizable options, like bedding, camping equipment, and kitchen kits, these come at an additional charge.
  • The Maverick, Big Sur, and Santa Cruz models don’t have bathrooms so renters of these vehicles have no choice but to use public restrooms or campground facilities. If sharing a bathroom isn’t your vibe, you may want to skip this option.

4. Cruise America


Established in 1972 by Robert Smalley Sr., Cruise America is one of the biggest RV rental companies today. Unlike Outdoorsy and RVezy, Cruise America is a corporate rental company with one of the largest fleets in North America. 

Chances are, you’ve probably seen one of their rentals on the road. With unique, elaborate designs on the exterior (including the quintessential photo of a dog in the door’s window), it’s impossible to forget a Cruise America RV. With one of their rentals, you can easily cruise America in style.

Their fleet comprises four models that can sleep anywhere from two to seven travelers:

  1. Large RV: fit for a family of up to seven people.
  2. Standard RV: perfect for a maximum of five people.
  3. Compact RV: holds a maximum of three people. 
  4. Truck Camper: can sleep a maximum of two people—ideal for a couple or someone who’s still a rookie in the RV game.

Along with renting out RVs, Cruise America also sells pre-owned RVs at a reduced cost.

Pros and Cons of Cruise America

Cruise America possesses a strong customer-focused culture. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of renting from Cruise America.


  • Due to the company possessing a large fleet, they have a wide range of availability for their RVs.
  • Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, their vans are custom-built to rent in over 132 locations in the US and Canada.
  • Since Cruise America is one of the leading RV rental companies, it can afford to offer a better price than most of its competitors. The company also has promotions at certain times of the year as well as special offers if you book early.
  • Cruise America offers free insurance, along with one-way and two-way travel options.
  • Their cancellation policy covers a full refund if you cancel your two-way booking at least a week before the start of your trip.


  • Cruise America only has four RV models on offer.
  • With their massive inventory, customer service isn’t always top-notch and can fall short during peak times.
  • Often, their rental prices don’t include additional costs. For instance, the company has a right to bill you a charge of about $250 if the van’s interior isn’t clean. There’s a generator fee of approximately $3.50 per hour collected at the end of your trip. Other extra charges include an environmental cost and paying about $50 if you don’t empty the holding tank before returning the rental.

5. RVshare


Like Outdoorsy, RVShare is a peer-to-peer marketplace that has received thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Another similarity is RVShare’s site which, like Outdoorsy, is easy to navigate. It’s as simple as entering your destination and then filtering the results if you like. You can do so based on the type of travel van, price, delivery, and pet-friendly options.

For more information on the differences between the two titans of peer-to-peer campervan rentals, you can read my post on Outdoorsy vs RVShare.

It’s interesting to know that RVShare was actually the first to enter the RV rental marketplace with a peer-to-peer model in 2012. 

The company is mostly focused on operating in the U.S., with more than 100,000 RVs across the country. From high-end Class A motorhomes to Class B campervans, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, you can find a wide collection on RVShare’s site.

Pros and Cons of RVShare

A variety of factors affect RVShare’s trustworthiness and reliability status.


  • A peer-to-peer marketplace that allows RVShare to boast a huge collection of different RV types, unique options, and competitive prices.
  • If you’re a skeptic when it comes to making online payments, it’s good to know that the site has a secure payment system. RVShare verifies accounts and executes fraud checks, making your transactions safer and more reliable.
  • Every rental comes with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and they also offer insurance protection.
  • Aspiring van dwellers who plan to hit the road more often may be delighted to know that the company’s customers get a 5% cashback on future trips.
  • There are no membership fees, and it’s free for RV owners to join RVShare.


  • Personally-owned vehicles on RVShare’s marketplace means they might not always uphold the quality that the company promises. It’s best to check the rentee’s reviews before deciding which campervan you would like to rent.
  • The company doesn’t require RV owners to get an annual inspection of their vehicle by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Thus, the quality of some of these travel vans may not be up to par.
  • Some may find it suspicious that RVShare doesn’t disclose which insurance company they’ve partnered with. However, the company does hold an A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It’s up to you to decide if RVShare is really trustworthy or not.
  • Compared to Outdoorsy, RVShare doesn’t emphasize owners’ profiles much. So, finding owners’ profiles for reviews and contact info is sometimes tricky.

6. Native Campervans

Native Campervans

Denver-based company, Native Campervans, is a local company that offers fully-equipped, customized campervans for long and short-term journeys. You can rent their vans from Denver, Salt Lake City, or Las Vegas for a West American road trip.

Choosing a van from Native Campermans is so simple. They have three types of vans: the “Smalls,” the “Biggie,” and the “Squad.”

The “Smalls” is a remodeled Dodge Grand Caravan, and the “Biggie” is a ram PropMaster HighRoof. Both these vans sleep two, but Biggie is, obviously, more spacious and can seat up to three people.

If you’re a group of four, go for the “Squad.” With a bed and waterproof rooftop tent, all four of your squad members can comfortably sleep in/on this van.

Besides a convertible bed, rentals also include bedding, camping chairs, a foldaway table, and a small kitchen with a gas stove, sink, and cooking essentials. Basically, all the necessary amenities you would need on a campervan trip.

Rates depend on the season and trip duration but range between $80-140 per day in the off-season and $110-240 per day during peak season. Rentals have a mileage limit of 100 miles per night, and any excess mileage is charged at a rate of $0.25 per mile.

Pros and Cons of Native Campervans

Luckily, Native Campervans has many pros with just a few cons.


  • Each rental includes basic insurance coverage.
  • You can add additional drivers for no extra fee.
  • Spacious interiors enable a comfortable sitting and sleeping situation.
  • Cruise through the entire US and Canada without worrying about out-of-state penalties.
  • Pickup locations are in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas, but the company also offers one-way drop-offs if you don’t want to travel the same road twice.
  • If you care about the planet (and you really should), it’s nice to know that Native Campermans is an environmentally friendly company. They’re making an effort to offset their carbon footprint and have already reduced it by 550 metric tons.


  • There is a three-night minimum for rentals.
  • Each rental requires a $60 preparation fee.
  • With only three types of campervans, customers’ selection is limited.

7. Peace Vans

Peace Vans

If you love those aesthetic old-school VWs, Peace Vans might just be your favorite option from this list.

Based in Seattle, WA, Peace Vans offers their retro camper rentals across the Pacific Northwest. They also specialize in the repair and maintenance of VW campers. After all, they’re the largest VW campervan shop in North America.

Once, a couple drove from Alabama all the way to the company’s shop in Seattle so their precious VW could get a winter makeover. That’s some real dedication, folks!

The company caters to the hip and cool. They spice up their travel vans with cookware, wine glasses, freshly-ground coffee, and more thoughtful and surprising additions. It’s like boutique #vanlife.

Peace Vans has a way of charming its customers. They also provide itineraries or help you plan yours. Harley Sitner, the owner of Peace Vans and Microsoft alumni, says he has worked with families and their photos from the ‘70s to recreate childhood trips. Heartwarming, right? 

Just in case you’re not a fan of this iconic brand or the groovy Vanagon vibe doesn’t appeal to you, the company also rents out stylish Mercedes campers.

Pros and Cons of Peace Vans

Peace Vans has many pros, especially since the owner and workforce are immensely dedicated to the company’s mission and are exceptionally generous with their customers. But, there’s an equal number of cons too.


  • Revamped VW campervans to rent for insta-worthy pictures.
  • Rentals are more personalized and many times come with surprise additions.
  • Along with camping van rentals, they offer gift cards, detailed itineraries, and access to secret camping spots.
  • Most vans come fitted with a refrigerator and a complete set of cooking and eating utensils for four people.
  • You can enjoy the views while belting the lyrics to your favorite songs, thanks to the premium sound system.
  • The company also provides fashionable Mercedes Metris pop-up campers to rent.


  • Since the vehicles are old and require a lot of care, the rental pool is constantly changing. For the same reason, the vans you see on site and the vans available at the time of booking may differ.
  • During the high season, Peace Vans has a six-night minimum, and during the shoulder season, a four-night minimum.
  • Complete linen packages with pillows, sheets, sleeping blankets, and towels are available but for an extra cost.
  • The company has only one depot in Seattle, Washington.
  • VW’s Vanagons do not have AC, keeping in line with the “vintage” vibe.
  • The Weekender model doesn’t have a kitchen.

8. Vintage Surfari Wagons

Surfari Wagons

Vintage Surfari Wagons is similar to Peace Vans in that they also offer a range of classic Volkswagen camper vans for rent—as fans of the brand may have gathered from the name.

The company is, however, closer to Southern California. Its location makes it a better option for Californians seeking an old-school VW van.

Time travel back to the ‘70s era with their wide range of Vanagones, Eurovans, and buses for rent. Rates range between $129 and $169 per day during the low season and between $149 and 189 per day during the high season.

Pros and Cons of Vintage Surfari Wagons

Some pros match that of Peace Vans’ since both companies have almost the same type of van offerings.


  • The company is located in Los Angeles, which is an amazing road trip start point.
  • Group trips are available to book for places like California’s Death Valley.
  • The ‘70s and ‘80s-styled VW camper vans make for stunning pictures and embody the Cali vibe.
  • All the funky vans include a stove, refrigerator, dining table, sink, sleeping bunks, and other amenities necessary for camping.


  • The company only offers vintage rental vans. Slow cruising and a retro feel may not be your cup of tea.
  • During mid-summer, rates can go beyond $200 a night with a three-day minimum requirement for renting.

9. Voyager Campervans

Voyager Campervans

Voyager Campervans are nicely spread out across the United States, with rental locations in Los Angeles, Portland, Nashville, Phoenix, Austin, and Minneapolis. One of my favorite things about this company is that you can plan a one-way road trip and drop off your van at any of their locations!

Each van comes with a large bed, off-grid power, a stove with cooking fuel, linens, cookware, and a water source. If you’re an eco-friendly kind of person, you’ll appreciate that these vans have extra sustainable touches, like solar-powered coolers.

It’s also super convenient to travel with Voyager Campervans: you can use self check-in to save yourself some time, and you’ll get up to 175 miles per day included in your daily rate. You’re all set to go without worrying about too much about mileage.

Pros and Cons of Voyager Campervans

Truthfully, Voyager Campervans is mostly pros. But we’ll run through the handful of cons as well.


  • Voyager Campervans are fitted with everything you need to live on the road and cook up a storm. Additional amenities are available, like lines, towels, and camping gear.
  • You can take advantage of their one-way service instead of doing a round trip. 
  • They’re eco-friendly, with solar-powered coolers and electric outlets with LED lighting that works even when the van is off. 
  • Rentals can range anywhere from about $99 to $150 per day, depending on the season. Prices increase during the peak season, but you’ll get great discounts when you book longer trips. For example, a peak season rental from Austin is about $149/night for a three-day rental, while it’ll only cost you $111/night if you rent for 10+ days.
  • 175 miles per day is covered in your daily rate, which is much higher compared to most other companies.
  • You can use Voyager Campervan’s self check-in option when you pick up your rig so you can save time (and deal with fewer people, if that’s your thing).


  • Groups of three or more adults may find these vans to be too confined and compact.
  • There’s not a ton of variety in the design of these campervans—they’re all pretty standard. 
  • You’re allowed to bring your dog, but it’ll cost you an extra $30 for cleaning fees.  
  • You have to make a minimal booking of three nights. 

10. Moterra Campervans

Moterra Campervans

Ok, enough about old-school, vintage campervans that belong in grandma’s yard. It’s not always “old is gold.” Sometimes, it’s about the fine luxuries and comfort.

Moterra Campervans is a locally-owned company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They offer three types of campervans, all of which are 4WD Diesel Sprinters. These include pop-tops and high-roof Sprinters.

The all-inclusive luxury Sprinter vehicles come fully equipped with everything you could possibly need for your trip as a standard. Moterra’s vehicles also feature a full kitchen with a stove, sink, and fridge, a thermostat heater, a solar electric system, and a porta-potty toilet. 

To accommodate up to four people, the pop-top vans have two double beds. The high-roof vans sleep two or a family of three with a small child, making them ideal for couples. High-roof vans also come with a full bathroom (a hot water shower and toilet).

In addition to the basic amenities, Moterra provides entirely customized itineraries, so you don’t have to spend hours planning your own. Rental rates for the “Pop Top Classic” and “High Roof Campervan” are at a fixed price of $339/day throughout the year. One-way rentals have an extra fee.

Pros and Cons of Moterra Campervans

The pros and cons of Moterra Campervans are listed below.


  • Moterra offers all-inclusive luxury with its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles.
  • The Sprinters are of premium quality—built by Sportsmobile and a maximum of three years old.
  • Personalized itineraries feature a plan for each day of your trip, along with booked campgrounds, activities, and a friendly Trip Expert.
  • The list of extras that can be added for an additional charge is quite extensive. From hammocks and bike racks to pre-bought groceries, tents, personal vehicle storage, entertainment packs for kids, and more.


  • There’s a five-night minimum during the peak season. The company may be willing to adjust this if you phone or email them. However, all rentals for less than five nights come with a nightly rate increase.
  • Since there are set pick-up and return times, you have to plan your departure and return around these times.
  • Unfortunately for youngsters, you have to be 25 or older to rent a Moterra camper van.

11. Roamerica


With Roamerica, you can rent a camper van from Portland and travel anywhere in the United States and Canada with your family.

The company offers Ford Econolines and Ford Transits, with 2WD and 4WD. Their vans come fully equipped with everything you could need for a campervan trip. 

Each vehicle comfortably accommodates four individuals or a family of five with small children. Along with standing room inside, vehicles have two beds, a full kitchen, cooking essentials, and camping gear. They also include a set of Gazetteer Maps for Oregon, Washington, and California and a deck of cards for an easy and entertaining road trip.

Daily rates begin at around $200 per night. During low season, the 4WD costs around $230 per night, and during high season, nightly rates increase to $325. The 2WD is a bit more affordable, with low season rates starting at $200 and high season rates at $285. 

Pros and Cons of Roamerica

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of renting from Roamerica. 


  • Free roadside assistance so you can travel stress-free.
  • Adventure sports enthusiasts can rent paddleboards and bicycles.
  • Vehicles are car seat friendly, providing a safe space for your precious cargo.
  • Got a furry friend? Bring them too—Roamerica’s vehicles are also dog friendly.
  • When the camper vans are parked, a “pop-up” rooftop raises to give you more standing space inside.
  • Roamerica is closely located to the Portland International Airport and offers free airport pick-up, so you can start cruising the Pacific Northwest as soon as you touch ground.


  • The fuel tank must be full when returning the vehicle or it will be charged against your security deposit at a rate of $5 per gallon.
  • Pick-up and returns can be done by appointment only (except major holidays), so you have to plan your trip around your appointment’s timings. The specific pick-up and drop-off times also have to be booked several days in advance, usually between 10 am and 3 pm, from Monday to Friday.
  • While dogs are allowed, they require approval prior to booking and must travel in a soft crate or something similar. The company has a strict rule about keeping dogs off seats at all times. 

12. Campervan North America Rental

North America Campervans

Focused more on convenience and efficiency than luxury or aesthetics, Campervan North America offers five different campervan models. These include the likes of a converted Nissan NV, Dodge Promaster, a Mercedes Freightliner, and more. 

You can easily rent a campervan with this company from Bozeman, Denver, Las Vegas, or Seattle. Their vans sleep from two to five people depending on the model. Some models have kitchen equipment like a stove, sink, and fridge, while others don’t. Only the “Two4theRoad” and “Clanhauler” include a toilet with a shower.

For the low season, prices range between $48/night to $125/night. Rates in the shoulder season increase to between $68 and $177/night. 

Prices during the peak season are considerably higher and all rentals booked for less than seven nights are still charged at the rate of a seven-night booking. Nightly rates during the high season range between $90 and $218, but discounts apply for bookings that go above 15 nights.

Pros and Cons of Campervan North America 

A few of the pros and cons of renting a North American campervan include.


  • The company focuses on small models, so prices aren’t too high.
  • Discounts apply to all rentals booked for more than 15 nights.
  • Campervan North America is an environmentally responsible company.
  • Most of their vehicles are new and converted into campervans, so they are fuel-efficient.
  • Some of their rentals are pet-friendly so your furry friend doesn’t get left behind.


  • They have a four-night minimum rental, but this increases to a seven-night minimum during the high season (May to September).
  • Pick-up and drop-off timings are fixed, with the pick-up time being 2:30 pm and the drop-off time being 10:30 am.
  • Rentals booked for less than seven nights during peak season are still charged at the rate of seven nights. 

Time to Pick Your Favorite Campervan Rental Company

Whether it’s the rugged backroads of Utah or a California road trip, renting a campervan is an ideal method for traveling the wide-open road. It offers freedom as well as the comfort of home. 

I hope this list of my favorite camper van rentals has given you some clarity on which one to choose for your next road trip. To get started on your new campervan journey right away, pick the company that appeals to your taste and offers you the convenience you need. 

Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster
Jeremy Scott Foster is an adventure-junkie, gear expert and travel photographer based in Southern California. Previously nomadic, he’s been to ~50 countries and loves spending time outdoors. You can usually find him on the trail, on the road, jumping from bridges or hustling on his laptop working to produce the best travel and outdoors content today.

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