Get $30 off Your Next Hotel Stay with this Coupon Code

Get $30 off Your Next Hotel Stay with this Coupon Code

Surely you’ve heard of It’d be crazy if you hadn’t. And we’ve got a coupon code that will take $30 off your next booking!

The online booking site is one of the biggest companies when it comes to booking accommodation, and it’s not hard to see why. With literally thousands of places to stay in hundreds of different counties, it’s pretty much the go-to place to book accommodation.

But the thing with travel is it can get expensive. Yes, deals can be pretty good, and you can bag yourself some last minute bargains, but there’s nothing better than actually getting money off, is there?

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Just click this link and a $30 promo code will be automatically applied to your next booking. You’ll see a refund to your credit card after your stay.

How to Get Your $30 Coupon Code

It’s actually really simple. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. First, click this link .
  2. Sign in or make an account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Click the pop-up that confirms $30 off.
  4. That’s it! You’re done.

The coupon will show up at the bottom right of the screen once it’s added. Go ahead and search for the place you want to travel to, book the accommodation, and you will get $30 off!

It’s important to know, though, that the $30 won’t be taken off immediately. After you complete your stay, you’ll get a $30 refund back onto the card you booked with.

So, you’ll actually see the $30 rebate after your stay at a hotel, not before.

⚠️ Activate your promo code by using this link . Yeah, that one . Right here .

The Best Way to Use Your Promo Code

Go ahead and treat yourself to that trip you’ve been thinking of taking for ages. You’ll get a discount on, which means there are endless places to explore and discover.

Even if it’s just a staycation in your city for a night, $30 can make a big difference to your budget. You could even use the money you save to go out for a nice meal or take a day trip, which means that ends up being totally free!

That discount can go a long way in different locations around the world, too. Whether you’re looking at booking hostels on the Thai islands or searching for a place to stay in Bali, $30 is more than just money off. It could cover the whole cost of the accommodation for the night—maybe more.

Stay in a place with views like this using your coupon code!
Imagine waking up to views like this in Thailand!

Just remember, the $30 coupon code doesn’t apply when at the time when you pay for your accommodation. You will get the money refunded to your card after you stay at the hotel.

But, often doesn’t require payment up front—they let you pay once you arrive at the hotel. So you’d pay the full price upon arrival but you’ll see the refund on your card once you check out.

And the support team is A+, so they’ll help you if you run into any issues. The full FAQ section about this promo can be found here.

Does this Discount Ever Expire?

Apart from the money off, the best thing about the $30 coupon code is that it doesn’t expire.

That’s right—you can use it whenever and wherever you like. It’s up to you.

Why Should I Use

They make booking a last minute trip away pretty tempting. has a massive selection of accommodation listed on their site, from basic beds all the way to luxe private villas.

Download the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you might spend hours scrolling through all the fantastic places to stay.

The app and site are super user-friendly, making it easy for you to find accommodation according to your budget.

Ok, so all the choice on offer can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s very straightforward to book a hotel room. Within a minute of finding a place, you can have a room reserved. The confirmation will go straight to your inbox. Easy.

There’s usually a ton of reviews for you to judge a place by and they offer free cancellation, too. So if you’re not 100%, you can usually cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before you check in.

How to Get More Discounts

If the $30 promo code didn’t make it tempting enough to book yourself a trip away, there are usually last-minute price cuts, as well. Make sure to keep an eye out and set up an email alert to bag yourself the best deals.

Another bonus of using is that once you’ve used them to book accommodation a few times, you become a Genius. Yep, you might already think you’re a genius, but Booking will actually crown you a Genius after you use them a number of times.

Being a Genius gives you access to perks and insider deals. Sometimes you can qualify for treats like a drink at check-in, other times it’s late check-out. You often even get secret deals that nobody else has access to.

Most of the time, it’s cold hard money off—and that’s not such a bad thing.

On top of that, also operates a Refer-a-Friend program. You and your buddies can share codes to get money off, just like this voucher! So the next time your friend is traveling, share your code with them, you’ll get another $30 rebate and your friend will, too!

Where are the Best Places to use a Promo Code?

So you’re thinking about heading off on a vacation or want a backpacking adventure, but where should you actually go? There’s no point in having a promo code if you don’t know where to use it.

You could use your coupon code anywhere you like, but it could offer more value at different places. For example, some business hotels in Japan go for as little as $35 a night, so you could land yourself a hotel for as little as $5!

Use the voucher to really splash out and treat yourself. Book a room in a super swanky hotel that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise, and live your best life sipping champagne in your plush robe.

There’s even the option to book luxury lodges in the actual Amazon!

But What if I Want to Go Somewhere Off the Beaten Path?

Honestly, there are so many different types of places to use your coupon code, it’s easy to stay somewhere off the beaten path. It might not be completely ‘untraveled’ if it’s on, but there’s a whole load of authentic accommodation listed on there too.

There are small home-stays in Cambodia – where you can stay in a local family’s B&B – countryside cottages in the Cotswords, and humble beach huts in Honduras.

Now you’ve got some travel inspo, you can use the coupon code. Get ready to head off on your next adventure!

Don’t forget: book via this link and get ready to save.