5 Ways “Bikepacking” Around Europe Will Change Your Life

5 Ways

For a long time, the best way to travel Europe was by train. While some travelers still prefer this method (I do love a good train journey), many others are trying something a little new.

Bikepacking is exactly what it sounds like—backpacking by bike. Nowhere else in the world can you see more countries by bike than Europe, so no matter your age or ability, it might be time to break out that old (or new) bike again and see exactly what bikepacking has to offer.

1. You’ll Never Use the Word “Beautiful” Ever Again

By cycling through places versus seeing them from a train or car, you have time to really take in the views. You won’t be looking through a window blurred with the scenery, you’re actually in it…a part of it.

After cycling the east coast of Malta, or making your way around Tuscany, you’ll never be able to use the word “beautiful” to describe a place ever again. You’ll totally redefine the word. Heck, you might not be able to use other adjectives either, since much of what you’ll see is indescribable.

2. You’ll Be the Coolest Family This Side of World

Bikepacking with your family across Europe has never been easier. That being said, once you do it, you’ll win the title of “Coolest Family Ever.” Taking your kids on a trip to another country is one thing. But, letting them experience it from their bicycle is something they’ll never forget. Try the Southern Islands of Croatia or the Loire Valley in France for excellent, family-friendly biking routes.

3. Suggesting Holiday Spots Will Be Impossible

After seeing so many stunning places on your bikepacking tour of Europe, you’ll have a hard time suggesting anywhere else for people should go on their holiday. Everyone will want to ask your advice because they know you’ve seen it all, including the “roads less traveled.” But, you know deep down that you can’t just recommend one place, and you’ll end up dishing out a list of suggestions that the asker can’t even comprehend. Sorry, but it’s a lost cause.

You know deep down that you can’t recommend just one place, and you’ll dish out a list of suggestions that most sane people would never be able to comprehend. Sorry, but at this stage, it might be a lost cause.

4. You’ll Never Think the Countryside is Boring

In fact, you’ll think quite the opposite. Many people head to the countryside for a slower pace, or to see a side of a country they don’t normally see. You don’t need the hustle and bustle of the city life anymore. You’ll know from now on that there’s just as much, if not more, to see in the parts unknown.

5. You’ll Be In Amazing Shape

Some people gain weight when they travel (cough, cough). But, not you! All those miles will get you in the best shape of your life.

No more trying to squeeze in a run or a Zumba class while you’re on the go—just grab your bike, head for the open road, and feel free to eat as much junk food as you want (don’t forget your vegetables, though)! You’ll burn it off in no time with the daily seven-hour biking routes.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Don’t want to take the train? Try a bikepacking trip around Europe. Get in on it now, while the routes are still fresh.