This, Not That: Best Travel Snacks

You’ve got to get your snack on pretty regularly if you’re going to be able to keep up with your crazy fun packed travel itinerary. After plane tickets, accommodation, tours and all of the events and adventures you’ve signed up for, the budget might be tight, which means packing snacks instead of eating out every time might be kind of helpful, and you also won’t have to worry about making time to stop either. You know that there is a variety of categories of snackery that you must fill to keep up your happy camper attitude, but when you’re noming on the go, certain foods make much more sense than others. You always have to pack logically when traveling, and snacks are no exception. These comparisons are brought to you by years of extensive research from, yours truly… and by research I of course mean feastin’ and frolickin’ all day every day.


At home when the salty cravings kick in you might be inclined to down a whole bag of potato chips, but when you’re out wandering, nuts are a way better option. First of all, they’re higher in protein so you’ll need less of them to fill up, leaving more time for exploring, where as with chips you’ll probably be chomping onwards all the live long day. Second of all, they’re so bitty. Which do you think it’s easier to make room for in your backpack? A case of mixed nuts or a big old bag of chips that is like 70% puffed up air. Think about it.

This: Nuts


Photo via NBC News

Not That: Chips


Photo via BRAC


Believe me, just like you I’m a strong survivor of the sweet tooth struggle. It’s a one day at a time kind of crisis, I know. Something to think about though when you’re going to be trotting all over town is the fact that candy, while delicious, will hit the spot for a moment but then you’ll inevitably crash off your sugar high and risk being too tired to go do that thing that isn’t a nap. Natural sugary goodness, on the other hand, like fruit will give you energy to keep moving. Leave the naps to Nana.

This: Fruit

grape variety

Photo via Mom Endeavors

Not That: Candy


Photo via Red Orbit


The only thing worse than being trapped in a tight squeeze with strangers, like on a plane or on a tour bus, is having to meet and greet all of your new found travel buds with an embarrassing case of the cheesy fingers. And just imagine it getting all over your map and your camera. No thanks. Goldfish or other cheese crackers will give you your fix without the mess of powder cheese snacks like Cheetos or Doritos.

This: Goldfish Crackers


Photo via Goodbye Goldfish

Not That: Cheese Puffs / Anything with powder

Cheeto messy Fingers

Photo via Rock Wood Wire

Lunch Break

So your budget probably allows you to go someplace epic for dinner, but you can’t just live off the little snack attacks for the rest of the day, there’s got to be something substantial in there. Good thing Nana was nice enough to pack up a little lunch box for you and all your pals before you took off on that road trip. Whoever ordered the wrap instead of the sliced bread sandwich is going to have a much easier time multitasking eating while partaking in all the travely things… you know like driving, holding stuff, pointing at stuff or taking some selfies next to stuff.

This: Wrap


Photo via She Knows

Not That: Sandwich


Photo via The Guardian 


I could see how you’d be tempted to hop on the Diet Coke train if you’ve got a lot going on today. Sugar + caffeine = let’s do this. If you switch to iced tea though, whether you buy a bottle or go green and make it at home and pack it up in a reusable container, you’ll get that caffeine boost you need, plus some sweetness but not literally twice the amount you’re supposed to have in like three weeks, plus hydration. Not to mention no unfortunate post carbonated drink bloating in all those pics you’re taking to show Nana.

This: Iced Tea

honest tea

Photo via Menin Hospitality 

Not That: Soda


Photo via Spartan Race

Emergency Snack

I know you never travel without a safety or emergency kit, even if it’s just a small one. A lot of people get confused here about the bar, a key element to your kit. Cereal bars, granola bars, and diet bars do not equal legit emergency status no food left protein bars. Yes some of those other bars are good for you and are good to have handy for an extra snack, but if life just got real and you need to straight up survive, trust me, those single digit protein bars will keep you satisfied for approximately 25 minutes.

This: Protein Bar (30g protein or more)

power bar

Photo via Amazon

Not That: Granola or Cereal Bars (under 30g protein)

special K

Photo via Averie Cooks

Which snacks will you pack on your next trip?

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