5 Best Places to Discover on Google Street View

I’ll be the first to admit it – my fear of, well… everything, may just outweigh my burning desire to travel the world. At the very least, I won’t be trekking through any jungles, hiking any mountains, spelunking in any weird caves, or exploring the depths of the ocean anytime soon. I’d like to avoid weird animals and dangerous escapades at all costs.

For as much as I’m paranoid about the unknown, I’m also fascinated by it, and that’s where the Internet comes in. If you’re like me and you spend hours staring at pictures of amazing places you’re too afraid to visit and giving yourself agita just thinking about what it would really be like to go there, Google Maps is your new best friend. I’m pretty sure I won’t be headed to Antarctica or the Amazon any time soon and I’d guess you won’t be either, but now thanks to Google Street View, you can pretend you’re there – sans panic attacks.

Here are 5 awesome places to visit virtually via Google Street View. Make sure you click the names to explore them for yourself!

Cape York Peninsula, Australia

Australia Cape York Peninsula Google Street View

The Cape York Peninsula is known for being a very remote part of Queensland, Australia and home to the largest untouched areas of wilderness in Australia. While it may not look like much at first glance, the more you drag your mouse down its seemingly unending, winding road, the more creeped out you’ll be when you think of all the critters wandering around the wilderness in the background.

Scott’s Discovery Hut, Antarctica

Scott's Hut, Antarctica Google Street View

The coolest part (pun intended) of Scott’s Discovery Hut is that you can explore the inside of the shack-like building as well, which is full of interesting artifacts all the way from 1902 when it was originally built by Royal Navy officer Robert Falcon Scott. It’s when you make your way to the outside and see how bare everything is for miles and miles that you start to shudder.

The Amazon Rainforest, South America

The Amazon Rainforest Google Street View

It’s easy to get lost in the view of the Amazon Rainforest when you don’t have to worry about actually getting lost. You can click your way through the forest looking for creepy crawlies caught on camera and admiring the view of nothing but exotic foliage around you – and the occasional happy sign attached to a tree. Weird.

The Rio NegroTributary of the Amazon River

Rio Negro Google Street View

The Rio Negro is the largest blackwater river (basically meaning it’s really deep, dark, slow-moving, and creepy) in the world, and now thanks to Google, you can take a boat tour of it – no need to actually go near the water to see the vast open river and the outskirts of the rainforest at the same time.

Okubo Shaft, Iwami Silver Mine, Japan

Okubo Shaft Iwami Silver Mine Google Street View

Perhaps the scariest of the Google Maps destinations, the Okubo Shaft of the Iwami Silver Mine is one weird cave. But, if you’ve always wanted to explore a drippy, wet, dark tunnel, now you can wander inside to your heart’s content without ever leaving your house.

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