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It’s summertime and what’s a better way to celebrate that school’s out than some good ol’ ice cream? Although I do think that it would be unfair to exclude the other three seasons, so it’s safe to say that ice cream is good for the autumn, winter, and spring as well. Thanks to TripAdvisor, we now have¬†America’s favorite places to cool down with a sweet treat and cone. Here’s a roundup of the best ice cream shops in America:

10.  Sunset Ice cream Parlor: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This place has history-inspired ice creams. TripAdvisor’s favorites are the Rebel Yell, which is chocolate and vanilla with chocolate syrup, malt, and peanut butter, and the Yankee Hurrah, which is coffee ice cream, malt, peanuts, and hot fudge.

top 10 ice cream parlors

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